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After The First Wedding Meet

After The First Wedding Meet

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Often said and heard is a notion,

That medical books and love never make a combo,

Yet, they seemed rhyming in a perfect way,

When a doctor began getting close to a lawyer day by day!

There were some emotional strings,

Or maybe violins and guitars playing inside,

To a cold-hearted doctor who was now changing,

For the love he had started praying!

So, it was neither a rejection nor an acceptance,

Though our first wedding meet went so well,

Post which an answer was being earnestly awaited,

From the beautiful lawyer, I wished to get mated!

This girl had truly brought spring to my cold winters,

As each day I texted her for some reason,

She amazingly ignored them all in a wink,

And innocently wiped her hands off, saying ‘I couldn’t get time to think’!

And don’t you dare wonder if I’m some despo,

Or a random guy chasing an elegant woman,

But this was so much for the first time to me when love happened,

That I just didn’t want it to leave me saddened!

Yet, I believe there’s nothing more than fate you get,

And exactly the same was coming on my way,

When finally provoked by anger of a month-long wait,

I called her up to ask if there was anything she wished to reciprocate!

But to my astonishment were her strange answers,

That neither she remembered to think about our future,

Nor she had time to at least give it some bother,

Simply disregarding even the immense love of my mother!

This was enough for me to calm my anxiety,

And to grasp that love can never be compelled,

Having faith in miracles and fate turning upside down,

I’m only left with hopes of a big 'YES' to bring her as a wife in my town!

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