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How To Know If You Are Grieving Holy Spirit?
How To Know If You Are Grieving Holy Spirit?

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Do our Father, Christ our Lord and Holy Spirit ever weep?

Yes, even though Christ sits in His kingly chair, He weeps. Even His angels weep.

Why do Angels weep?

Sometimes, Angels feel the sorrow that Christ feels and they cry with Him.

HOLY SPIRIT : We (Father/Christ/Holy Spirit) feel much joy and peace, but we also feel sadness and sorrow. I (HS) know that you are not surprised by this statement for you have read the Bible many times about how Jesus wept when He stood at the tomb of His friend, Lazarus. In this message, our Father wants you to learn something about grieving Me, Holy Spirit.

ME : As a pastor of two churches (Jesus Is Lord Ministries), a couple of times, some church members became unhappy with me. Sometimes a person would leave the church by another door so the person would not have to shake hands with me or look at me while leaving the church. Other times, a person would walk past me, ignoring me, while I was greeting people.

HOLY SPIRIT : Do you recall how you felt in these types of situations.

ME : If what I recall is correct, I did not feel anger, hurt or hate, I'm sure that I had concerns about the effects of the person’s attitude towards me would have upon our congregation, especially if the person was an influential person in the church. It still amazes me that in most of these situations, I felt some type of Christ-like agape love for the person. Secondly, I know that if the person has much influence on the church members, he may take many people along with him.

HOLY SPIRIT : When someone grieves Me (HS), I do not feel anger, hurt or hate. I (HS) continue to have total love for the person. Do you remember any other feelings you had?

ME : I always felt some sadness and sorrow for that person. Since  You (HS) were giving me understanding of what was going on, I knew that the person was hurting himself or herself more than the person was hurting me. I was sad because I knew that the person was causing himself or herself a lot of unnecessary unhappiness in life.

HOLY SPIRIT : This is an example of what happens to Me. When someone grieves Me (HS), I am sad because I (HS) know that the person is causing himself or herself a lot of unhappiness that could be avoided. The people of your congregations who chose to avoid you were putting up a wall between you and them. When people grieve Me (HS), they are putting up a wall between them and me (HS). When someone continues to grieve Me (HS), it saddens Me (HS) more and more. I (HS) continue to love that person for a long time, but there are times if a person persists long enough in grieving Me (HS) that Christ will move out of the heart of the person and I (HS) will leave the person. The resulting separation is more severe than backsliding (I will teach this in another teaching).

Bible Study

Ephesians 4:25-31 : We are part of the same body. Stop lying and start telling each other the truth.

Ephesians 4:26 - Don't get so angry that you sin. Don't go to bed angry.

Ephesians 4:27Don't give the devil a chance.

Ephesians 4:28 - If you are a thief, quit stealing. Be honest and work hard, so you will have something to give to people in need.

Ephesians 4:29 - Stop all your dirty talk. SAy the right thing at the right time and help others by what you say.

This is a list of things that a person can do to grieve Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 4:30 - Don't make God's Spirit sad. The Spirit makes sure that someday you will be free from your sins. This states that even though we are sealed for the day of redemption, we can still grieve Holy Spirit.

Ephesians 4:31 - Stop being bitter and angry and mad at others. Don't yell at one another or curse each other or ever be rude. This is the second thing that a person can do to grieve Holy Spirit.

It would be better for every born again Christian to look up these two lists in the Bible, then they can know for sure whether or not they are grieving Holy Spirit.

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