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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jagori Sarkar

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Jagori Sarkar

Tragedy Crime Thriller

Weapon 4

Weapon 4

6 mins 121 6 mins 121

The conclusion - part 1

Sattaki looked at the astounded faces with a sadistic smile. The silence in the room continued for the next few minutes before Jyoti broke it with another question.


“ Sympnogen? How did you get evidence?”


“Well, initially I was confused too. The death was so silent and no trace at all. However, like it is always said every crime no matter how perfectly done always leaves some clues. In this case, too we found some. The room in both the cases seemed absolutely normal but in case of a normal death the body would have been on the bed but it was lying on the floor which meant that there has been movement. Either the person got out of bed themselves or someone pulled the body down.”


“How did the chemical enter into the body? Besides, you mean to say that both died in their sleep! Oh no no!.. they fell down from their bed or were sleepwalking! How could someone enter the room that time itself? No one was around except Hari!”, said Birendra.


“Let him speak, Birendraji”, said Karan.


“Well, sleepwalking .. not exactly but Sympnogen has a strange way of exhibiting its action. Usually, chemicals and drugs pass into the bloodstream and then to the different parts of body followed by elimination via liver or kidneys.”

“ Sympnogen has a special passage in the body. Usually, it is available as a liquid which on heat activation gets converted into gas. The smell of this poison is heavenly. It is extremely soothing and initially will make a person fall into deep sleep due to its action on the sleep center in the brain. Then it slowly moves through neural transmission avoiding the synapse and moves down towards the different parts of the body causing the person, not the slightest discomfort. The person dreams or hallucinates the good memories of their past probably starts sleepwalking too as has been observed in some of the cases and then without any further realization passes on to the afterlife.”

“ The silent killer, often found in the chemistry textbooks”, said Chetan.


“ Now Rajendraji, one can hide a murder by full proof planning and using a chemical which leaves no trace of its existence after 15 minutes of the death of a person but what about the smell. Usually, the odor takes 2-3 days to completely ward off from the body.”


“ My first doubt was the strange odor from Rajendra Ji and Kunjari Ji s dead body which was so less and insignificant that nobody actually noticed”.


“ My God! Who would do so? And why?”


“Hmm.. now that’s an important question. So, let's discuss this from the beginning. Rajendraji, the main victim for whom two other people had to give their lives was an old man repenting his wife s untimely death. Rajendraji loved his wife a lot. They had a love marriage against his father s will since Indira Devi was a theatre actress. In those days people almost considered it a crime to marry women who were in this profession.”

He further continued, “ Rajendraji fought against all odds to bring her in the house as his wife. They were a happy couple with two sons. Birendra and Gyanendra were poles apart. Birendra was more sophisticated, well educated, and more towards their family business. Gyanendra was simple, caring, and poetic in nature. He was more into other things than business.”


“However, when Gyanendra was 15 years old he was thrown out of school because of his poor performance in exams. Rajendraji did not much like his younger son for this reason. He would always blame him for being a school dropout. On the other hand, Indira Devi was not much fond of Birendra. He was his father s son but often his rudeness and ill-treatment of people would hurt his mother. Therefore, there was already a rift between the lovely couple regarding their children.”


“How does our family history relate to this case?”, asked Giribala.


“Can you identify this photo?”, asked Sattaki


Giribala took the picture in her hands and then within another fraction of a second broke down completely into heart-wrecking sobs.


“ Detective! What is the meaning of disturbing my wife like this?”


 Sattaki replied after a short pause, “ Sorry, but I only answered her question. Giribala madam, the loss of a loved one especially a child is very painful. However, blaming someone for the same repeatedly is not accepted.”


A room full of shocked faces was staring at the police officer and Sattaki except for a sobbing woman sitting at the corner of the room. A load of guilt so high that she was not being able to hide her feelings under the cover of her dupatta.


“ Well, it's time to explain, Mr.Birendra, the so-called daddy’s boy got married to a pregnant woman at the age of 21. However, Mrs.Indira could not accept the fact that her child could marry a woman with a baby. She warned him that if he married the girl she would not allow him in the house at all. Rajendra ji after almost a week successfully convinced her to allow the marriage.


She was partially right about guessing that Giribala had wrong intentions. Even though Indira Devi accepted her daughter-in-law, Giribala was quite doubtful about her mother-in-law. She did not trust her at all. Every moment she would blame her for different reasons. When her first daughter, Tulsi, was 6 years old a terrible incident took place. She was playing with her grandmother on the terrace when by mistake even before anyone could realize she fell down from the terrace. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but all in vain.


The death of her child had driven her so crazy that she blamed Indira Devi for murdering her daughter! Probably which she could not take since not only Giribala, her sons and even her husband blamed her for the same. She was already in so much pain plus this made her so emotionally unstable that she committed suicide”.


“ Stop! Stop! Please... how did you get so much information .. Sattaki?”, asked Sundaribala.


“ The only eye witness to this accident, who could have saved her from dying was Kunjari. Her silence forced another death in Rajendraji’ s house.”


“ I do my homework properly before talking. This incident is known to many people in your house and in the neighborhood as well. It did not take me much time to find out. Plus, this ..”


He put forward a pen which he had found in kunjari ji’s house.


“A pen?”, asked Karan


“ A Pendrive rather”.. he opened the cap of the pen and removed the nib .. inside a tiny pendrive showed up heating the situation in the room further.

To be continued... 

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