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Wardrobe Matters

Wardrobe Matters

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I scampered out of the bathroom and into my room, my wet feet leaving imprints on the floor, having not tarried a while to wipe them dry on the doormat outside the bathroom. My eyes sought out the clock which confirmed what I was anxious about — that I was getting delayed.

Breathe, breathe, I told myself as I tried to organise my thoughts. I was running late, of course, but if I were to go through my dressing pretty quickly, I might still make it on time. After all, I didn’t use make-up in the actual sense of the term. No dabbing of creams and compacts, only just a lining of the eyes with kohl, a splash of colour on the lips and a spray of perfume.

But I couldn’t do any of that without choosing something to wear. So, I opened my wardrobe and stood before it, scanning through the pile of clothes. Then I picked up a maroon and violet kurta with sequin work around the neck and sleeves, only to put it back. It was going to be a warm day today, added to which I had some outdoor work and the sequins was only going to create discomfort.

How about this green one? But it had a synthetic feel to it. Wouldn’t do on a warm day in the outdoors. I reached out for a cottony red that was a comfort to wear but pulled back because I was seen in red already this week. It certainly won’t do to repeat colours in the same week. The rust and white striped kurta that I had bought especially for warm days would be fine, but the accessories that matched that piece of clothing, well, I had worn those only five days ago with a different ensemble.

But why was I rummaging through my kurtas? I had been in kurtas for the past two days. Maybe I should break the monotony with trousers and shirt. Picking up a pair of grey trousers and a blue shirt, I readied myself to wear it, only to put that away too. Somehow, it didn’t suit the mood I was in then. The vibrant yellow shirt would be more in tune with the cheeriness I had woken up this morning but it wouldn’t go with the grey trousers. The black trousers I usually wore with it was in the laundry.

What else would go with grey trousers? Ah, yes, this white printed. But hey, my Facebook profile picture has me wearing this. Which reminds me, it’s been a while since I updated my Facebook profile picture. And what about my WhatsApp display picture? Wonder what I am wearing in that. But no, I shouldn’t let myself be distracted. It’s been five minutes and I am still undecided.

So while I am there in front of my wardrobe scratching my head with indecision, my husband walks in, his bath done. He opens his wardrobe, withdraws the shirt lying topmost and unfolds it to wear.

"But that's come back washed and ironed only yesterday. Why don't you pick up something from the bottom of the pile? Those shirts haven't seen the light of day in months probably," I say.

"Yes, I know. But I've already taken this one out. Maybe next time." And with a totally unfettered attitude, he walked away wearing the shirt.

I heave a sigh of exasperation because I know 'next time' never happens. Is it 'men' or is it just my husband?

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