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Shivaji Pandhare

Drama Abstract


Shivaji Pandhare

Drama Abstract

Unfortunate Love

Unfortunate Love

3 mins

.     Even she performing love stories at its level best but in real life she lives in seclusion with anguish. And he hates her that she is polygamous and not worth to marry even though they wears fashionable clothes which exhibits her body often this matters the hero

All wealth cannot purchase happiness and love that she tasted on cellouid.she starts to addict to drugs and sleeps in bed. All the day and night as if she has discarded the fake gleaming world where in fact nobody was hers her own family deserted her when she joined the movie as if she is valueless and doing a humiliating sordid job she thousand times remember her past to up to now. She thought somebody would come to soothe her misery but that felt impossible dream rather a nightmare while she was working with many evil faces she hated and abuse who dared to hold her hand that faces hovering over her like demon tries to rape on her and she scares and screams in sleep and when awakes she takes drugs again.

One day in the morning she saw in mirror her face found almost ugly and she again screamed lipstick anointed all over face cheeks eyes looks swollen later she was sobbing in pillow throwing her body as someone throws waste paper twitching by hand in the dust bin.

 Now she thinks again wiping tears

Is this face and figure all this beauty people were appreciated adore pamper no! no!! It all feels fake because nobody comes to ask whether I am dead or alive no they would come on only in a funeral procession when my body stinks in this closed doors, no bloody relative cares for me; who the hell

That my hugging body hero not once called me they are only ruthless devils and I beg pity from them love me! love me !! why? why? she again sobs and thought about her hero who tasted honey several times but now has no time to call me

He might have heard about my other affairs so he forgot me his two or three memorable love gifts I threw in sewage and one letter still maligned with false promises I burned it on the lighter and same time. Cried also, but later he never met me and talked with me in any celebration. All that become bitter gradually and shattered and she throw glass vigorously on mirror

It broke in many rifts *what is this evil discrimination that left me away? like in a desert where no drop is able to quench my thirst. All burning desires collapsed and I surrender to myself. When would this pro macho perspective change? It still only applies to a woman; would he come to my funeral procession? No, never I am so valueless and cheap thing now anybody could detest.

So I must die, Martha? You know how horribly this love stings like a poisonous serpent. It seems Martha housemaid doesn't come to hear my woes. She is well happy in her little mundane world, God bless her. She, again and again, took drugs and overdosed that now was killing her.

 Next morning she could not see the rising sun, the birds chirping and flowers blooming; she could not hear now Martha often ringing the doorbell. For whom bell tolls clock also has no time to stop and destiny crying alone itself.

One script of love closes the notebook because the pen of pain was broken the nib and dancing like a peacock; angel slept calmly. She was exhausted confronting the world. It is our turn to discuss gender equality, can we digest it or not morally?


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