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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Disfigured Flower Story

Disfigured Flower Story

4 mins 146 4 mins 146

Loving gentle face of Vikram becomes indignant and scaringly vicious while Sujata replied sternly to him go to hell! and I am not bonded to answer your suspicious.

Inquiry. Okay now leave me alone, but adamant Vikram held her hand tightly. She attempted to be free but no avail. Vikram now sprinkle something like acid inflaming on her face so screaming Sujata closed her eyes instantly and that burning acid pierced in her face and Sujata screamed help! Please help me and fell on street around gathered mob and Vikram ran spritely and caught an auto to avoid further hazards.

Sujata agonizing desperately on street in that crowd two-three darer women came forward abusing that ruthless Vikram and helped her and admitted to the civil hospital. The doctor hastily started treatment and called the police.

No relatives came there except Sujata's mother and younger brother until the police came that three women's waited there with Sujata's mother consoling her. And waited till the doctor came out.

After half an hour passed doctor came out and said don't worry her face only disfigured but eyes have no harm. After some time one call ringed in that lady's hand and it was her college mate VIJAY was calling. 

Sujata that lady gave the phone to Sujata's mother who is weeping with her little son there and cursing the evil doer. And she has little acquaintance with Vijay cause he rarely comes to her home for asking about their study. Vijay promised her to come there instantly she gave him thanks and again start to cry so other ladies convinced her she would be okay as the doctor said to us don't cry now. Why God is so cruel, what horrible he destined for my poor girl! why? why? ! Please don't cry mom. Everything will be well as before police will come soon and they would definately punish to crime doer. Please calm down or this will harm you.

Police arrived in the hospital and after getting permission from the doctor reached Sujata's bed to get her statement but Sujata could not speak. Her face wrapped with a bandage so police inspector gets her written statement after that ladies also gone and Vijay came there and the inspector starts to ask him about this happening. Sujata saw Vijay and started to cry. Vijay wiped her tears and ready to face examining

of police.

What is your relation with Sujata?

I am only her classmate

Did you know she had an affair with anybody?

No, I only concern with her about the study, not her personal things

Are you telling us true information?

Yes, sir I telling quite true.

Do you have any doubts about anybody?

No sir Sujata never told me about that.

You had never seen Sujata has talking with somebody a long time anywhere in collage premises?

No sir. Vijay replied quietly.

Any suspicion about assaulted?

No sir.

We will call you if needs or not?

Welcome, sir.

A police inspector has promised to arrest Vikrant even he hides under the ground or in the graveyard. 

After police inspector had gone.

Sujata speaks by her eyes and tried to say something to her and later wrote on paper something. Vijay read that she tries to wipe her tears but the nurse did not allow him to that.

Vikrant had suspected that Sujata was flirting with Vijay and she denied my true love so I did this crime so she never loves anybody I punished her for this deception.

This written paper got police in his Ajanta lodge's room in the investigation while he committed suicide there.

Everything calmed down Sujata was resting in the home. Vijay looking after her regularly. One day she is looking at the disfigured ugly face in the mirror, Vijay came in their house while her mother cleansing the floor in the house. Small brother watching t.v.

Near her bed.vijay wiped her tears

And in front of her mother tied mangal sutra around her neck.her mother start to weep in pleasure.

How can you manage with her staying whole life, did you asked your parents first what you are going to do?

Yes, mom, they allowed me to do that.

How can it be possible? Nobody could marry her and spoil own future.

I determined to marry her cause all this happen because of me and I am ready to share her life with me because her soul is beautiful, before or after anything inevitable happens

Can we avoid it then? We face it how after Sujata's father you did hard work for their education.we have to live life anyhow. It is great day in our life so unflinchingly accept my love. See beside world handicaps drawing best pictures, lames running in Marathon and blind participate in the shooting.

Blacks are preferred for beauty, not for Slavery why don't we support them

As human being why they should get evil hateable treatment from society?

Today I have seen God's heart in the form of you my son let us enjoy life with something sweet.

Sujata for a moment forgot her grief and laughed with them her face seemed gleamed with exaltation.

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