Missing You, Santa Claus

Missing You, Santa Claus

3 mins

Santa Claus who always filling his grandson's tiffin boxes and used to escorting them to school. And in return giving them sweets. now gone away to fetch for you more gifts he is walking at snail pace so he comes in a year once that two grandsons refuse to accept same old excuses of mom

Elder one cross-examined to mom

That where did they carry our slept old Santa Claus which you title offer with malice, isn't it true mom?

Keep your mouth shut and prepare soon for school.

Your dad had told the whole story now get ready no more questions in the street. Ok?

We will not come with you mom

I will beat you now. What I told just to do it and keep in mind what I told you. 

Scared elder standstill the other one hides behind him.

Elder one grasped something is wrong with grandpa.

His eyes filled with tears when he remembered the past story and that scene carrying old papa whole dad and mom was also crying sobbing

He trying to remember whole past as old grandpa telling them how SC school educates different than what we experience by looking outside world your father mother also inculcate discipline talking holy with modesty, keeping in mind not breaking rules why do man and woman marry?

Don't ask them; they would beat you instead of giving answers simply they could reply they marry because they love each other but they hide about this big celebration. Tomorrow they would hide the death of dears that doesn't make him alive, that lie never makes forever alive which we call immortal soul. Like this you would face many questions for you have to seek yourself answers like philosophers

Who is philosopher does he like parrot? The old man chuckled caressing his head said

No, but thinks seriously about life.

Why he alone thinks seriously not other people?

Very nice question! Keep it in mind. because nobody likes you asked more questions and one day

Your rising curious questions do suicide one by one and you also become one of them accepting all false trends and traditions, your innocent mind gets matured with false knowledge.so never let die your curiosity.

Where are you, grandpa? He almost screamed. Why did they call you as Santa Claus because hereafter you come rarely with us once in a year?

This is not fair, grandpa. you must be with us every day to tell us stories.

When the day of your arriving comes near they tell us lies and I grasp it

Soon as cat smells mouse where it is hidden. So we go to sleep without your stories. Mother not sing even lullaby. And dad never has stories he always comes late at the night. So thinking about you after tired I with fell asleep and in the dream, you come like Santa Claus with gifts

One day when holiday I caught the papa you know what he said your Grandpa had no work and his empty mind is like ghost house always thinking about life and talks like Bohemian. Means not similar with majority irrelevant and obscure 

He wants to be a famous author so he reads many world-famous authors' books but failed now he is playing with words like schoolboy solving words quiz it maybe impacts of Joyce. Now tells the story to kids to stirred their minds and get punished by the teacher so you never remember his stories he has gone far away to seek a job. Now go and do your homework

But his mind still not calm down and there arises one more question. If grandpa was gone far away to seek job why the people carried him in sleepy condition. Maybe it has to be slept to go far away to seek job.

Now his eyes searching grandpa while writing words in a notebook with something unrevealed sad obscurity. We don't want your gifts

But your stories grandpa when you will come back he wrote a small letter to grandpa with no address and slept there writing at last


            Humbly your grandson



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