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Republic Day Sale: Grab up to 40% discount on all our books, use the code “REPUBLIC40” to avail of this limited-time offer!!

After An Accident

After An Accident

4 mins

After the death of father, all responsibility Big brother should have taken as possible but some characters of this play have many shades, it maybe his interest and passion to write plays and studying characters in which he lost his real face. He never treated his juniors humbly and politely because he knew more about life and family characters and happenings. So he never cared about them earnestly, it might be one reason hoping undeserving respect from them and serve as maids or go begging on your own he would never come to help them at midnight.

Okay! but why is he knitting web of conspiracy for others to fall in it. He spreads rumour that Madhu's wife is bitching and that's why they have mentally disabled son, he tells this to mother and unmarried sis Shobha whose husband divorced her because of addiction of wine so she stays with mother. And mother like moral guard keeps watch on all three daughters- in laws, she doesn't like them to watch people of street while brooming verandah and if someone goes for shopping she enquires how much money Madhu had given to her. Big brother already became henpecked, spent money lavishly to bring sarees and fashionable skirts for mona because he needs lot of love at night and Ravi's wife tells lies to shop owners and never pays back to them, all these tactics she learned from sis. And now sis is jealousof big brother's wife and says Mona how much lenient toward his wife that foolish man! oOe day she would elope with someone and that would teach him a lesson. Madhu heard it quietly without showing response, he is always introvert, calm taciturn as like he intended to be Pilgrim in life but failed. He also has passion to write and dream to be world famous author so big brother was jealous of him. In past Madhu had shown him his poems and articles published in journal but he disliked it and ignored to see and read and never helped Madhu and told secret how to write poems and plays significantly.

And one day unexpected happened, big brother had an accident and had deep brain injury while Madhu and his family were dining at home. Madhu and his son ran to hospital. Doctor told us that he had brain injury, operation has to be done soon.

Operation was done successfully and we stayed there whole night, slowly he was recovering and discharged home. We all very safely brought him home and as doctor told, because of lot of blood flow, he may have memory loss but don't fear, you try to remind him all old happenings.

So now he was unable to recognise us in home except his wife. 

Madhu thought he never before recognize us as brother and now God has bestowed this hell. Sis whispered in my ear that he might be pretending. I got angry with her and almost shouted, how dare you could speak like that"! she replied, you are so innocent and naive about this big brother alias play writer and she laughed whimsically. Look I would challenge and say he is pretending and never change his mindset and nature in future, would you bet with me?

In fact, God blessed and saved his life to do something important in life. He may now change his attitude and behaviour and not live and treat others like in the past, he did but my hopes failed and sis won the bet. Does really big brother still like to live as before, he would not want to recognize as brothers to us except his wife on this pretext of accident.

And how can we prove and catch him that he is pretending? While I am thinking in chair, mother said which person has no any addiction.

He must be addicted to love of woman, beyond that he can not see.

Outside world and no more preserve and maintain the relationship.

Madhu thought mother says right. He never boozed like me in dark days.

And that time I was fed up with monotonous life and terrifyingly angry face of big brother smacked me and humiliated and abused before my wife. Now I think that boozing never lasts forever but what mother says that addiction is impossible to change but it has to a globalized otherwise bedridden bygones poem could not be cosmic. It is so of like that big brother. And now don't know how many days this fake play-acting go on similar to fact.

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