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No Rise Of Sun Forever

No Rise Of Sun Forever

8 mins

There is no rise of sun she seems it always darkness of night because anybody anytime plays with her secret parts of the body, she even after that don’t know what happiness they get there touching, caressing it.

Here on earth to provide sanity and change the social view about this worst tradition many attempts has been done by movie, plays, blogs articles in the cultural division but to no avail. So my story also relates to the same tragic event that relates to this worst social trend.

Biotherapy is as usual but psycho therapy is different to do and simply takes much time of life.

How man everyday runs for hunger and to purchase pleasure and happiness scribbles in a file or digging ditch toiling

On-street in rain in a strain of heat of hot sun he can’t afford to buy ray ban glasses without money his wife died in delivery time and his young daughter selling her body to anybody, in name of the goddess she has to leave her home and like no shelter wander anywhere and in night sleep with any person eating, bathing in his home, one her little brother goes to school and cries, asks often where is my sister gone?

Father scolds and sometimes replies she was married, so she has to go to other peoples houses step mother laughs at the answer of the helpless husband is very childish. she also later tries to convince and persuade him to eat and caressing his head with fake love feeds him but he eats with his own hands.

When he goes to bed he remembers how boys in school teased him and calls bad names to his father,

He very hardly tries to forget their words and goes to sleep.

In the morning he remains very slumber and does not wish to wake up soon because his half-night wastes to

Fight with that words echoing in your ears. One night he was awake in his sheet covering his face up to his eyes

Hearing whispers of a father with stepmother and the same time as if seduced her mind by hearing that she hugs him tightly now we can’t reckon whose love is loyal whether his daughter Seema's or his wife’s. she may be weeping to come home back, then dreaming about honest love I don’t know how one could manage to live with a duel of unbounded freedom and fidelity? She now only dreams to play with his younger brother.

Vaibhav as she used to play before, but now in this critical condition always sleeping with anybody, this anybody coercively push her in sheet, anybody can play with her secrets parts in daylight when she has nobody support to resist, ultimately she has to surrender before them and like beast they bite her body as five-six wolves eat one beautiful deer’s soft flesh,

And after three months Seema came home suddenly with an accumulation of outside world’s bitter facts and wounds not to show and complain to her father but acute remembering to her brother compel her to

Coming home. she knew very well how her father beat her rudely and closed the door in past.

In playing innocent age she had to face this cruel punishment, and slang that concerned always with secret places. Her devastated virgin pink rose life they destroyed with cruel attacks. is it the destiny of unpredictable misery she ever dreamed? Is this nightmare of leaving our own parents she does worth it?

Nobody supports her goes against all this, older most also of village nods by side of his father then who will come to rescue her from this hell? anybody can sleep with her and nobody speaks about it feels them like

Going against god’s will, and god’ rage, curse burn their good, secure, prestigious life in hell, the whole family would die one after one. Rupa’s face blackened looking at Seema with malice, but Seema doesn’t reckon that and why she slaps and drags her younger inside and warned him, let come to your father then he would look after you both well. even though Seema heard words keep laughing then rupa indignantly with goggled eyes said you shameless bitch! stop laughing and don’t come inside our home and don’t touch my son. Stand there away till your father come. This is considered the last arrival of Seema her father that before pushing her out and closed the door. she sat whole night in the temple of God with cold of winter she was shivering and somebody like her father came with a blanket and sleep with her doing is a great job, before dawn elopes in darkness otherwise nobody would have objected but for the holy shrine, they would have beat him. But as sunrise much up people of the village saw Seema there and usurping her by hand out beating her and slang her with harsh words.

Now, something more seriously Seema start to think, why are these people and my own father behaving with me so strangely? what is my fault, only my fault? She almost with pain and thought in dizziness collapsed there. one old woman came with the water of glass, who always talks with her good whenever she meets on school street Paru mavshi.

She took her to her home and gave her bread tea for breakfast, there also Seema with crying asked her why all people my father also not behave with me well? What is my fault, did I have done a big mistake? why he don’t take me home do you know why all this with me everybody anybody plays with my body and my father doesn’t beat them? Why? Why? You must give me reason Paru mavshi you love me truly.

What can I say my sweet child against those people? Your fate has worst days, she also wipes her tears.

Have you also thrown your daughter out of home?

No my sweet child but I….. cannot tell you the reason, you will know it gradually as you grow big.

Till they won’t take me in home…. where could I go then?

I cannot say that surely how lonely you have to live, god knows. My heart wrecks but I am helpless my sweet child. Seema was sobbing cuddling her.

Now Seema decided never to come back to father’s home not to meet again lovable persons they all are liars, nobody is mine in this world, only for dark nights I born, that is only use of mine for them and this Paru mavshi also does nothing for me so why should I love them who only talks sweetly

After five years passed Seema never once come back to his father’s house and father has no money to bring medicines for his son whom dog bitten severely while coming home because he has beaten them with stones. while they are doing a great job amidst the street where women also passing through Seema's father wandering two-three villages asking pedestrians showing them her photo, sometime after exhausted resting that time looking at her photo weeping I have done great sin I am criminal! this god has made my heart ruthless like a stone where are you, my sweet child? I will break my forehead with this stone if something evil happens to you. I am a criminal of you, you have the right to punish me. There in-home Vaibhav's condition becoming worst, come my sweet child come soon save his life. Seema’s father slept beside the road. Someone saw the photo in his hand and awaked him and told him he had seen his daughter slept at Renuka Devi's temple begs for bread and money she has been ill. And the weak and placid face I didn’t recognize her first, Nivurti after heard that started to cry and that person pacifies him, that person of their village support him and both started to walk toward that temple with discussing on past events regretfully.

At last, they reached there and Seema found there slept, Nivruti shaking her body try to awake her Nivurti with panic and sad face screamed loudly Seema!! Seema!!

And slowly Seema opened her eyes and she looks at her father as a stranger and speak why you came here now everything lost now do you yet like to play with my body, which gives you only death and dies suffering like me, goes away from my diseased body why you try to hug me tightly its all bones already broken, and I cannot help not move, go away didn’t you hear me you son of bitch! Leave me alone you cruel beast what you try to seek in my body whole life my heart is nowhere, when my mother was dead it also eat bitten by many people like you.

Seema be awake and look your father came to take you home, I am really the culprit of you who destroy your life after your mother, please forgive me will you?

No, I don’t know who is my father I don’t recognize him they talk sweetly first to do a later great job with my body. now if you want to die touch my body and give a lot of money to me eat till death. O. k.

I am your father Seema… you talk with me like this?

Yes! I have no father and mother, I am related only to the darkness of night and faceless people.

Stop this nonsense please Seema. We will go home you know your little brother Vaibhav was suffered from dog bites and he is in bad condition.

Let him die like me why should we helpless, pitiable, beggars live on this earth?

And I have no love for anybody in the world they all are beast and selfish, heartless people Please leave me alone as before, if you are the father I salute you proudly because I had to live this humiliated abused life. Don’t wait now do preparation only of pyre if you are really human beings as you will get information of my death. O.k., go now don’t stop one moment before my eyes. Father and that village man turned back to home meekly.

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