Unexpected Gift!

Unexpected Gift!

8 mins

Nihal looked at the wedding cards, again and again, to see if there is any printing mistake. He said to himself hmmmm perfect, Let me go and give few cards to Ananth uncle to distribute. Meanwhile, his wife called out to him and asked to join for breakfast. He was in no mood to have breakfast. She called him again and he did not answer, she came to his room and was fuming with anger "How many times should I call you, can't you reply. What is this in your hand??" She snatched the wedding card and glanced at it. Her anger raised to the next level," Nihal, are you out of your mind. do you even know what you are doing? How can you decide to do this? think about me and our kid Nihal, Please don't do this.i beg you". Nihal arrogantly replied her" Look Shreya, I know what I am doing and I feel this is the right thing. I don't care who thinks what. so out of my way now I am getting late". Shreya blocked his way " I will not let you do this, you will make me and my kid laughing stock in front of this world, I will not let you do this at any cost". Nihal pushed her to side on the bed and hurried outside.

Revathy, Nihal's mother stopped him "What is it Nihal?? Why are you both fighting??". 

Nihal said" Nothing Maa...you take rest, I am going out for some time will be back in 2 hours.

Shreya came running behind him and blocked his way again. Nihal " If you step out of the house then the results will be bad, I won't let you go".

Nihal warned her "If I have to do this wedding, I can go to any extent. you know how serious I am, don't block my way.

Shreya with heavy heart gave way to Nihal. He stepped out and started his car.

Revathy tried to pacify Shreya but Shreya hurled abuses at her "It's all because of you. Now you must be happy ...for god sake why don't you stop your son".she went inside the room and slammed the door. Revathy felt as if she was torn into pieces. could not control her tears it started rolling down on her cheeks. 

Revathy lost her husband when Nihal was just 3year old, she struggled to bring

+ Nihal and his sister Lasya.She worked in a school as a teacher. Lasya is married to a doctor and settled in the US. Nihal got married 4 years back,he has a citizenship of Australia. He visited his mom once in a year. Revathy stayed all alone in her 3bhk house. Revathy was alone, she missed her kids and grand kids. She had very few friends and relatives who would visit her. 

The rumors about Ananth and Revathy fell on Nihal's ears through a common friend. Nihal got so angry, he booked a ticket the next minute and landed in Bangalore. He came home without giving any intimation to his mother. He left his wife and kids in his father in law house.

Revathy was busy in the kitchen, when she heard the doorbell. She opens the door to find Nihal. She was surprised and could not believe her eyes."Nihal, how come you did not inform me about your arrival?? where are Shreya and kids?? Did they go to their grandpa's house?? She was continuously questioning him. Nihal said " Maa, I am tired. I need some rest, will talk to you after some time". He did not bother to answer her. Revathy could sense anger in his tone. She did not disturb him. Afternoon around 3 pm Doorbell rang again,Revathy opens the door and Ananth comes in with hot jalebis in his hands. He hands it over to Revathy and says "Here is your favorite Jilebi, eat them right now. they are Yummy". Nihal comes out of his room and gives a blank look at Ananth. Revathy introduces Nihal to Ananth. "Ananth Sir, This is my son Nihal. He stays in Australia. Works for an IT company". Ananth extends his hand for a handshake, but Nihal just says Hi and looks at his mother. He says maa I need coffee, a strong one. Anath bit embarrassed with Nihal's behavior takes his hand back.

The next day Ananth wakes up for the knock on the door, it was morning 8.30 am. he was about to open the door, his daughter signals him that she will open. Nandini opens the door, she calls up her dad and says "Dad, Nihal is here to meet you". She invites Nihal inside and offers him a seat. Ananth's ears became sharp as soon as he heard Nihal's name, why did he come here??. He walks out of room and meets Nihal. Asks Nandini to get 2 coffee. Nihal started the conversation first. "Look, SIr, I am getting many calls from my relatives that you are moving around with my mother. It's so embarrassing that people are talking bad about my mother. I don't care what you are or who you are, stay away from my mom. If this repeats then...then..". Nihal was struggling to get words. Nandini joins them with coffee and says "If it repeats then what Mr. Nihal chandran.I thought you are educated and intellectual when I heard about you from your mom. Sad that you are bothered about what others think then the happiness of your mom. What's wrong if a man and woman are friends and move along. how can you believe those dirty minds". She was fuming in anger. Ananth stopped her and said "Nihal, I am 60 years old, your mother is in her 50s. We both share an emotional bonding. We share our problems, our happiness about our kids and grandvkids when we meet each other. Not all relationships between a man and a woman have to be physical. Your mom is a good lady with a good character. Please do not hurt her by asking this kind of stupid and silly questions.

Nihal bent his head with a shame for doubting his mother. Nandini hands him a coffee cup and says " Nihal, why don't they both stay together and lead a normal life. They like each other, they need a company, someone to depend on when we all are away. They sacrificed their lives for our sake. At least now they can think about marrying their soulmate again. Why do we see that as a taboo... I was about to talk to Revathy aunty.

Nihal said in a sad voice as if he was about to cry " it's not possible Nandini, this society will not accept it. They laugh at them and taunt them. it will hurt them more than bringing happiness in their lives. My mom had struggled so much in her life. I want her to be happy and lead a peaceful life now.

Nandini keeps the coffe cup down says "Nihal, trust me this would be the best gift that you would give her. Give happiness back in her life, think about it. I assure you they both will lead a happy life. She is sick of her loneliness. marriage is all about being together, caring, sharing and loving. only dirty minds think that all marriages end up getting physical. I know my dad will be happy with Revathy aunty, i am waiting for a positive response from your side. Think about it".

Nihal could not sleep for the next 2 days, he was thinking about Nandini's advise. He discussed whatever happened at Ananth's house and convinced his mom to remarry.

one day when Revathy was returning home after an evening walk. she felt a bit uneasiness and drowsiness, she held her head and sat on the footpath. A passerby saw this and came running to help Revathy. He offered to drop her home, he picked her bags and helped her to get into the car. Looked like a decent gentleman around 60 years. He introduced himself " Namste, Myself Ananth, i stay in 15th cross".Revathy spoke in a shrill voice "Myself Revathy, i stay in 2nd cross".Car took a turn in 2nd cross and stopped in front of Revathy's house. Ananth helped Revathy to get out of the car and picked her bags,kept them in front of the door. He said" I will leave now, getting late to a meeting.Please take care". Revathy thanked him for his help.

After a few days again she happened to meet Ananth at a super market. Ananth himself came to Revathy to enquire about her health. They started meeting often at supermarket, library, temples and on the streets and exchanged greetings. Ananth was a 60 year old, lost his wife in an accident almost 15years back. His daughter is married to an IT professional and settled abroad. She would visit her father every 6months. Ananth stayed in an apartment, he made many friends in his apartment and would spend most of his time with them in club. Revathy and Ananth became a bit close to each other and moved along since both of them sailed in the same boat.

Shreya was not at all happy with Nihal's decision and fought with him about the consequences they had to face. She was afraid that they would become laughing stock in front of relatives and friends. Nihal did not listen to her. He finally gave the best gift to his mom, that any son would hesitate to give. Ananth and Revathy got married with the blessings of relatives and friends. None questioned or laughed at them. Everyone welcomed this move. Nihal sighed looking at his mom and tears rolled down from his eyes. This was the first time he saw his mom smiling from her heart standing next to her soulmate.she was very happy about this unexpected gift.

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