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Anu Menon

Abstract Classics Inspirational

To the Infinityand Beyond

To the Infinityand Beyond

3 mins

In a small city, Mitti is playing with a kitchen utensil outside her home, in her child-like imagination of riding a car. She is two years old and always her parent's pet. She enjoys their attention but sometimes when they are busy with their chores, she feels so lonely. She wishes she had someone to play with. As her neighbors had no kids of her age, she is hitting her boredom. She enjoys playing in the swing, which is in her garden that drives her crazy and makes her forget all about her inner feelings. She would repeatedly ask her parents for a sibling but their silence is the only answer she gets.

One day, Mitti's parents took her to her grandparent's house. She loves being with them as they would tell her many stories and pamper her to the most. It made her forget all about her thoughts on being bored. She is having fun eating lots of sweet delicacies prepared by her grandma, climbing up and down the stairs, and plucking mangos with her grandpa. Suddenly, when she woke up, a thought struck her that her parents are not around. She runs to her grandpa and asks where her parents are. Grandpa tells her that they are planning to surprise her with a precious gift. Mitti eagerly wants to know about the gift and asks grandpa to tell more. Grandpa just told her that its a secret and cannot be revealed.

The next day, she is woken up by her grandparents in the early morning. They dress her up to go somewhere. Mitti wonders about where are they taking her to and jumps with joy when she sees a car approaching. Mitti's uncle picks them up. She grabs her window seat and on the way, she sings her favorite rhymes to pass the time in the car. They reached the destination.

When Mitti got down, she is in a state of shock. The destination is the hospital where she was born. She worries that something has gone wrong to her parents. She hugs her grandma's legs tightly and refuses to take her step forward. She predicts danger. As for her, hospitals are for sick and injured. Her grandma lifts her up. She closes her eyes tightly as she does not want to see the sick patients around her. They reached the ward where her parents were. Her grandpa opened the door but still, Mitti didn't open her eyes. 

She could hear her mom calling her name lovingly. Her grandma put her down beside her mom. 

Mitti's mom asks her whether she doesn't want to see her gift.

Mitti slowly opened her eyes and saw her mother smiling. Her beautiful smile brought her relief. 

She excitedly asks for her gift.

Mom takes her to a tiny cradle near her.

Mitti is curious to know what's inside. When she peeps in, she saw a tiny baby sleeping. At first, she thought it's a doll.

But her mom takes Mitti's little finger and place it next to the baby's folded palm. The little one grabs her finger instantly.

Mom introduces the little one as her little brother Chinnu, a gift for her lifetime.

Mitti's happiness knew no bounds as her wish for a sibling has come true and promises her mom to love and protect him to the infinity and beyond.

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