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Ankita Gupta

Comedy Drama Action


Ankita Gupta

Comedy Drama Action

The Ticket To Earth

The Ticket To Earth

7 mins 228 7 mins 228

A sunny day with a busy schedule at Cox Academy school. An announcement calling "Mr. Nick Rushmore and Miss Alita Salazer " reached the Principal's Office immediately. With all slothful Mr. Nick, a young tall bronzed brown skin flabby stomach somehow reached the Principal's cabin, (where Alita was already present. She just finished her conversations with the Principal.) Principal Miss Alerona, "Mr. Nick you are not supposed to copy the assignment from your Seniors. This is really bad Nick."

With this Miss, Alerona suspended both of them for a week from the school.

Nick and Alita are just neighbors but Alita shows her dominance over him due to which both are suspended. Alita, who is enjoying her suspension days with her friends Rachel, Katie, and Aidan. 

 Aidan recently shifted to the house of his late grandfather Alan and late grandmother Sarah who died in 1992. While cleaning one of the rooms Aidan found an amazing virtual reality game. He was surprised to see that yet decided to open it and as soon as he opened he got instructions from the game that he needs 5 players before it can start. Aidan set up his room and called all his friends with Nick. Nick was also the neighbor of Adian.

Alita, Rachel, Katie, Adian, and Nick were all set up to start the game. As soon as Adian switched on the game. Seven options of Avatar were asked to choose before they begin. Adian spoke of all the avatars and it's quality for everyone.

Avatar number one, Ninja: It is capable of using all the techniques like hiding, walks through walls, walks on the toe, etc.

Avatar number second, Galaxy Guider: knowledge of all the history, present, future of the Galaxy with the power of running through space.

Avatar number third, Shooter of the Galaxy: All known is just shooting and aerobatics.

Avatar number fourth, Elastic women: granting her the ability to stretch any part of her body to great proportions, good in Gymnastics and can transform herself in any shape of the object or anything.

Avatar number fifth, Muscular man: who can lift any object on any planet very easily. 

Avatar number sixth, Ancient mystical: Has the power to club the energy and use it in the form of mystic arts.

Avatar number seventh, Observer: Has the power to see as far as can and it's a human X-ray.

Each one of them started choosing their Avatar. Rachel went first to choose the avatar of Galaxy Guider but was unable to take it. She repeatedly clicked on it. After a minute a message appears saying, "Galaxy Guider and Elastic women characters have already been taken, please choose the other Avatars."

Nick was shocked by the reply and says, "whether someone else is playing with us from any other side of the world?" Adian replied, "I have no idea, Brother. Let's choose avatars and start playing."

Rachel took the Avatar of Observer, Katie as Ancient Mystical, Adian as Shooter of Galaxy, Alita as Ninja, and Nick as Muscular Man and he presses enter to confirm and a statement appears "You can't leave the game in between, One will get three opportunities to survive." Nick press confirmed. Welcome to "The Last train to Earth!" It displays and suddenly a spark comes out with an abundance of Light. 

Woah! What's that! Rachel shouted and everyone disappeared from Adian's house. 

"Hello, what's the matter?" Katie replied and all of them found themselves in another land of Galaxy. As soon as they saw each other they seemed lost and started screaming out the names of their friends and found themselves in different Avatars… with shock, Alita said, "Are we inside the game?" Adian replied, "I guess the Avatar we choose we are in that attire and we are in the GAME." 

Suddenly, a spaceship appears above them which flings light. Every one of them starts gazing at the light and they feel someone is pushing them towards the light...without being aware they held each other's hand. At the moment they reached inside the Spaceship… "Welcome to The last train to Earth" I am Rubeus, your messenger of the game. You have to work through altogether, you have got 3 lives, you have to save the Guardian Galaxy which is 5 light-years from this Galaxy (Ash of Galaxy). Listen carefully, Saviours of Guardian Galaxy, Remnant Vein is trapped by White Snakeroot in Lucas headquarter. You have 1 month to save everyone and go to your house back by The Last Train to Earth which will be your reward to save Remnant Vein and don't miss that train otherwise you will be trapped here for 50 years. All the best to my commanders and here Rubeus disappears.

Nick and Rachel point out Adian and blame him for everything. Alita who was listening explained that it's of no use to fight with each other. Let's save the Guardian Galaxy and take the Last train to Earth. Katie instructs Adian to drive the spaceship to Ash Galaxy as he has the potential of aerobatics.


Before they entered the Galaxy, Alita used her Ninja powers to hide the spaceship and they landed safely at the unknown planet of Ash Galaxy. Rachel stopped everyone from going out. As an observer, she saw a dangerous weapon in the hands of Aliens, and people residing there were trapped by White Snakeroot's people. 

Our commanders are ready to fight and they win the Battle with White Snakeroot's people but they didn't find Remnant Veins here. But they find Galaxy Guider and Elastic woman.

They were stunned when Galaxy Guider and Elastic woman told them that they are stuck here since 1992 and only left with one life. 

Adian with a scare asked them their names. As soon as he heard that it's Alan and Sarah his grandfather and grandmother Adian was overwhelmed with tears of happiness. And inform them that it's his grandson. Sarah, with no time-wasting, informed that Remnant Vein is in the Aster Planet, a place where no human can exist for an hour, it's a place of dark shadow where White Snakeroot is relishing his regime by trapping different people from other planets in his galaxy and controlling their body as a machine. 

Let's finish this game and go to the earth back, Katie said. It's not easy to defeat the gigantic White Snakeroot. You all won't be imagining how powerful he is. Nick, it's just a snake, right?

Rachel started giggling. Alan, it's not the time to laugh and it's not a snake. White snakeroot is the strongest Virus that has infected a body called Odin. Odin is the autocrat of Aster Planet and under him, there are ten thousand soldiers.

Alita, as we all are now together, we have various special powers, I ascertain that we can kill that demon virus. Yeah, let's go to Alter planet to give them their light back, there Galaxy Guardian Remnant Vein said Nick.

All are ready to go! Come on! On my spaceship, Adian said. With all the power combined our Commanders Alan, Sarah, Alita, Rachel, Katie, Adian, and Nick fought with Aliens, machine and went in the Lucas headquarters the Dark Shadow of White Snakeroot realm. Here, Nick and Adian while fighting with White snakeroot lost their two lives. Alita who used her Ninja power of invisibility and tried to hide everyone and asserted that we have only 3 lives and Adian your grandparents already lost their 2 lives in the game we have to be careful to fight with it.

Infraction of the second Sarah and Alita with their power went inside the body of Odin to kill White Snakeroot from inside. Here, outside Katie used her mystical art with the help of Rachel to see the breaking point of White Snakeroot. On the other hand, Nick and Adian under the guidelines of Alan are planning to take it into space where Virus can not resist. 

Few viruses inside the body of Odin hysterically attack Alita and Sarah… but Alita with her power to walk through the body of Odin but few viruses attacked her and she lost her life and came up again from the sky as she still has 2 lives left. 

The war begins, Katie with her mystical power unconscious the body of Odin in due time Nick with his Muscular power throws Odin into space with Alan who can run in the space and pushes the body of Odin towards the Sun which destroys the White Snakeroot. 

With the destruction of the White Snakeroot, the planet Alter starts its new beginning. All the people and Remnant Vein were free from White Snakeroot. Remnants with joy appreciate our Commanders and thank them by giving the ticket of The Last train to Earth.

All of them were back at their house. Adian with guts throws the game into the Arena Sea.

And never looked back.

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