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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Åi$ha Rahmån



Åi$ha Rahmån


The Silent Girl

The Silent Girl

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She was kneeling at her appointed place and crying. It's not new for her. Whenever she opened her mouth to say something, she was severely reprimanded as usual. This is what happened to her, yet in this house.

In the morning, when she opened her eyes, she felt a little overwhelmed. There was something special, but what? she didn't know. She didn't know, this morning would bring new hope into her life. She got out of bed and started getting ready for University.

She was waiting for a bus for half an hour, at the bus stand.

 All of a sudden she saw a boy polishing shoes, who was looking at the school-going children with his longing eyes. Within five minutes, some children with the schoolbags at their bags passed by him and making fun of him.

One of them says, "oh boy, just pay attention to your work, instead of looking around, lest your master throws you out.....hahahahahaha(laughed aloud)."

" How lucky you are." Says shoe polisher boy, "that you have money to pay fees and books to read. I wish I could study as well."

The other children laughed and say "oh dirty boy, look at yourself...where you are and where your desires?? The place where you are sitting, you can only dream here."

The shoe polisher says, "situation doesn't remain the same, today I am here sitting on a footpath, maybe tomorrow I'll be at a high post. One should never despair of the god's will."

She was standing in the bus stand, watching that shoes polisher boy's spirit. There were tears in her eyes. She was thinking of the boy who, in spite of all hardships, even after listening to so many harsh words from people, has blind faith in God that, God will fix the situation. Although, that boy had said right that situation doesn't remain the same, then why she not pleasing with the god's will?

She wiped her tears with a sigh. All the while, the boy's word's kept circulating in her mind.

A few months later.........

She was still sitting in her special place today. She was as silent as ever. The only difference was that earlier she cried a lot after listening to so many harsh words from people and now, she draws people's words from one ear to another. when she 

Did so, she found a different kind of peace. She could not change the past, but she could inspire herself. Now, she would write her own story in the form of a story or a poem, which also reduces her grief and she also supported others with her words. It didn't alleviate her sorrows, but with this, her courage grew stronger.

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