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Åisha Rahmån


Silent Love

Silent Love

1 min

 She was going through a very

 difficult period. What about those who

 say? they go away without realizing how

much their words have hurt someone.

Suddenly, she burst into tears which 

she was trying to stop. After crying a lot, 

she calmed his heart, how can she 

wasting her tears for someone else who 

doesn't even know that a crazy girl is 

shedding tears for him in the middle of 

the night. Well, she can't even blame him 

because she ended it all herself...

She wiped away the tears, lit a lamp and 

started writing her diary.

"We can love someone, but we can't 

force anyone to love us."

But who understands this?

Even today, Alizeh fought with her so 

much when she refused to befriend his 

loafer brother. She said, "Thanks to him 

that he befriending you, otherwise no 

one can interested in an immature girl 

like you, who get never serious in any 

situation. "Her tears began to flow 

again. who tells Alizeh that she likes 

someone and that immature girl was 

thinking seriously about someone? She 

even denies herself but has fallen in love 

with him.She's even afraid to confess to 

herself..she used to stalk his id daily 

,looks at his pictures, seeing his name 

somewhere reminds her of him 

again.she has not even told this to her 

dear friends.She also hide this from 

herself, so how could she tell it to 

anyone?She would share her pain only 

with her diary at night, and then throw 

away the pages of the diary...

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