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Åisha Rahmån

Drama Classics Others


Åisha Rahmån

Drama Classics Others

The Perfect Matches

The Perfect Matches

3 mins 151 3 mins 151

"Come on guys, we're getting late. We have to arrive on time."Misbah said in a serious tone.

"You know what happened then?" Haider continued.

"Don't you guys understand?" Arisha shouted.

"Remember how many lies we have already told to take part in this show, just to get this one award, ma'am already has doubts about us, If there is even the slightest omission, we will be removed from the show."

"Yeah, you're right, we have to go fast and you Haider, keep quiet," Salar said.

They stopped in front of the auditorium for a moment. Now Misbah and Salar were walking ahead and Haider and Arisha were behind them.

As soon as they enter, Shaista ma'am came to them.

"Let's start rehearsals and both of you (pointing to Haider and Arisha), learn your dialogue."

"By the way, dudes! look at your acting, it looks like someone is forcing you to do it. You guys, forget this award."Nida said in a haughty tone.

"Hey, you! Don't you have any other work to do, or do you come here to criticize these people?" Shaista ma'am scolds her.

Now they were leaving for the cafeteria.

"Hello, guys"

" Double batteryyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

The four of them shouted together and everyone started laughing.

"How is your rehearsal going?" asked the girl, while fixing her glass.

"A one," said Haider.

"Dude, your show is so good, and you guys are the perfect match, you will surely get the award."

"Now, the name of the show is "perfect matches, so acting has to be perfect"

Haider murmured.

"Did you say something?" said double battery

"Yeah! He was saying that we are really such lovers so we don't need acting at all". Salar said staring at Haider.

"Yeah! I have to go now."

"Goodbye dudes"


Now the four of them were sitting in a cafeteria. They took a deep breath, looked at each other, and smiled.

"What is life like? We do things we can't even imagine." said Misbah,

In fact, this was when Arisha and Misbah were going to register their names in the show, they first met Salar and Haider there.

"Dude, we have to register our name by today," said Areesha.


But after a while, they come back disappointed.

At that time Salar and Haider kept hearing them and came to them.

"Do you want to participate in this show, if so there is a way," said Salar

"Who are you, and which way you are talking about?" asked Areesha, and then she shouts.

"If you think so, forget it, it can never happen."

"See, it is very important for us to win the award, but first, we will have to participate, and only couples are getting entries," Salar said helplessly.

"And we have to act anyway, so why don't make it all a part of our acting?"

Haider said in a sharp tone. okay, done!

Since then, they pretend that Misbah is engaged to Salar and, Haider and Areesha are also getting married very soon.

Seeing the acting of these people, the people have no doubt at all. But Nida is jealous of them, so she always tries to discourage them.

They were acting, but who knows, whose heart will change,

Who knows...

May this drama will become a part of our life............or it will soon end forever.........

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