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Åisha Rahmån

Drama Horror Tragedy


Åisha Rahmån

Drama Horror Tragedy

She Wasn't Lying..

She Wasn't Lying..

3 mins 272 3 mins 272

"Hello listeners, It's nine o'clock at night, and I'm with you, Khadijah Rana. So let's start our program, Loyalty Test".

 "Let's move on to our callers, but....

 We'll take a short break before we start the program, Stay connected with us till then."

During the show break, I was talking to my friend when suddenly my attention was drawn to the beep of my phone. I opened the inbox and saw that there was a message from an unknown number, and surprisingly, the message contained nothing but a dot.

I thought someone might have done it by mistake. I started talking again.

It's been a while when my phone started ringing again. I was annoyed to see who was interrupting me again and again. The number was unknown, but not so much, it was the same number that came to me a while ago.

When I received the call, there was a girl on the other side, who sounded nervous.

"Khadija, I need your help."

"Who you are, and how can I help you?" I asked her.

"I am Anaya", she said quickly.

"Oh", I took a deep breath.

I remembered last week's event. I was returning from college when a girl ran up to me, I found out that she was a girl from my college. She said a boy has been following her for days everywhere, whether it is college or coaching center, restaurant or mall. He's still coming back, so I'm very scared


I asked ,"where the boy was."

She pointed to a boy standing next to the rickshaw, But now he was coming to us.

"Don't worry, I'm with you," I said. "When he comes near, ask him what he wants."

Before Anaya could say anything to him, the boy knelt down in the middle road and proposed her.

"I love you so much, will you marry me, I know you love me too hahaha."

That guy says in a weird way, he looked absolutely crazy that I was scared of him too.

Anaya said that she doesn't love him so don't chase her again. She was so frightened, I grabbed her hand and took her forward. I gave her my number, so he could call me whenever he needed.

Then a few days later, Anaya told me that the boy had committed suicide.

I returned to the present.

"Yes I remember, But why are you crying?"

She started telling,"The boy is dead, but he screams outside my room every night that I am responsible for his death. If I don't deny him that day, he won't commit suicide, now he'll take revenge on me."

I haven't told anyone about that so I'm still asking for your help today, tell him there's nothing wrong with me.

After listening to the whole incident, I told Anaya, "you don't have to be afraid. How can that boy talk to you when he is dead? You might think that he's dead because of you, that's why you are having such an illusion."

"You don't understand me, he really talks to me, but you'll not understand. "she cries and hangs up the phone."

I kept thinking about this incident until I got home.

I was studying at night when my phone started ringing. As soon as I received the call, I was shocked by the sound coming from the other side.

The boy shouted, "She was not lying"

He was the boy that Anaya had told me about and who had died some weeks before............

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