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Story For Youngsters

Story For Youngsters

3 mins

" every time I trusted someone new,

They end up reminding me why I shouldn't trust anyone at all"

This a story which a girl experienced in real and I have to write down it, as the things which she experienced and learned from this are very important for the young generation.....

A girl named Anaa, who was an emotional fool girl and trust anybody soooo blindly,

She was at that age in which, we meet a lot of temporary people. She met a boy in social media named Amaan Hasan, who was a loafer boy, he had a gold chain in the neck, rings in all fingers, and brown hair set with jell. One more thing he had, was his "sweet talks". Amaan's mother had died in a car accident, there was nobody to look after him after her mother's death that makes him annoying and careless. Anaa got into his words and she began to sympathize with him. Just after a few days of her friendship. Amaan asked her to give her photo as he wants to see her. Anaa did not agree with it. but Amaan continuously emotionally blackmail her........

At last, Anaa agreed on one condition. She said promise her to delete her photos after seeing. Amaan answered that of course, he would delete it as he just wants to see her sweet and innocent friend noting else. Anaa gave him the photo and after that Amaan said he had deleted her photo.

After some days, Amaan said he has a surprise for Anaa. Anaa became happy and asked for surprised but she didn't know that her surprise will become her mentally disturb​.

Amaan gave her a video in which he made a collage of Amaan and Anaa's photo and use it in a video........After watching the video she started trembling and crying.she text Amaan with a trembling hand but he replied that he wants to surprise her so he didn't her photo yet, but now he had deleted her photo and make a promise but that time she didn't believe him as it's been said in a Hadith

"Momin ek sooraakh se dobara nahi dasa jaata " .she blocked him and seek forgiveness from Allah in every prayer......

I'm just want to convince you guys that never trust in a stranger whether it's on social media or in real...Never share any personal stuff through social media especially I m requesting you, girls, never ever believe in "NA MEHRA M" nowadays the people who are so sweet in front of you are the people who offend you. We all live in a patriarchal society, where nobody asks a man for his wrongdoers but always tease a woman for her tiny mistakes. And girls just believe in your parents nobody else can live you more than your "father", so before taking any step, believing any stranger or meeting any stranger guy (man) alone just think about your father once...........,

And boys if a girl trust you, never break her trust because your sister is also a girl..........

In case of any confusion or if you guys want to write in any particular topic just comment.

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