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@ish@ R@hm@n

Abstract Drama Inspirational


@ish@ R@hm@n

Abstract Drama Inspirational

The Iron lady

The Iron lady

3 mins

"Sometimes somebody's absence makes you a better person, cherish their absence, it's always a blessing in disguise." The entire hall was elicited by applause once again. She was in the middle of the stage, with her wheelchair, hold the mic with one and move the wheel with others. She was, of course, a good speaker, that her words leave a great impact in the heart of listeners.


Muniba entered a room. There was a table on the bedside of the room, she picked up a frame. Tera welled up in her eyes as she looked at the frame.


"If you think, your life is unfair think again." She was giving a speech with a smile on her face. There were many people in the stadium who seemed to have a new hope from her words. She was not always like that. She was just a simple girl whose life revolved around her husband, who left her in difficult times.


In this frame, was a photo of her father. She lost in the past while looking at the photo.

Muniba was only sister of her two younger brothers. She belonged to a very conservative family, A baloch family (Pakistan), where good daughters never say "no" to their parents. That's why when her father wanted her to get married at the age of 18, she couldn't deny. She said, if that makes you happy for me to get married, then I'll say"yes. And of course, it's never a happy marriage.

On 27 Feb 2008, Muniba and her husband met with an accident when they were travelling from Quetta to Rahim yar Khan. The car fell in a ditch, somehow her husband managed to jump out but she stayed inside the car.

She sustained several major injuries including broken bones in her arm, rib cage, shoulder blade, collarbone and spine. She has been in a wheelchair due to this tragic accident which makes her paralyzed for rest of her life.

During surgeries doctor put a lot of titanium in her arm and back, that's why people call her "Iron lady". She won't be able to give birth to a child. She spent two years in hospital.

Her husband divorced her, her father left her in pain, her true strength was always her mother who continuously motivated her, heightened her spirit.

After four years of the accident, she adopted a child, Nael.

She started work at her son's school for a project dheeray bolo. She also worked downtown which allowed her to work with children.

The ringing bell distracts her. She wiped her tears and smile sadly, she put the frame on the table and left the room.

Do you know? Who was the girl in a wheelchair?

She was "Muniba Mazari", an iron lady of Pakistan. She is also an artist, model, activist, motivational speaker, singer, and social reformer.

I remember one of her quotes "I don't know where and how my story will end, but nowhere in my text, you will ever read, I gave up."

And of course, She is great who overcome her all fears one by one. She said, you see my disability, I see my different abilities. She is such a warrior, who doesn't give up even after a lot of difficulties.

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