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Swapnil Kamble

Abstract Drama Fantasy


Swapnil Kamble

Abstract Drama Fantasy

the palanquin bearers

the palanquin bearers

7 mins 198 7 mins 198

No sooner did the earliest trauma Mumbaikar suffer than new trauma happened suddenly. Had not overcome the tragedy of 26-11-2008 then the new ghost of tragedy haunted Mumbai. we suffered through external and internal .no safety or lack of wax security.

When I this morning get up and catch my face into the mirror, it dreads me than horror seems to me that my face having masked with many calamities. my face is not like this, I used to see in the mirror daily with a fresh drop of the morning,...oh! .. now gets scared me to sneaking at outside or coughing at the public place because whole Mumbai has now occupied or get infected by" swine flu" new disease that spreading like as fast lighting speed and get into a weak person. when I see myself dreaded, the existence of whom I am to scare or scared being?

When I am ready to go to the office, the whole atmosphere, every person, passenger, human being, is masked or wearing a mask or face mask or a scarfed face surrounding to be seen. everyone seems alerted, precautions, talking preventive measures must be followed.

I hate masked life. anything that choked my freedom, I travel as a freelance, as openly as Freebird.

A whole day filled with a mask or reign over whole people, like festival hours. the government gave all schools, colleges holidays for a month. the company, shops closed down for a few days. Many people are restricted from speaking before the public, even their relatives, all seems like a whole atmosphere protecting the "mask-wearing" movement all over the city. from swine flue like a giant dragon that spreads an air of flue mixed.

Office going people seem happy to go lucky in the morning now in the evening return to home dropped head and dull face drooping seen. Since the rumour of flu dulled all colour on faces. diseases have been spread everywhere and one thing which rapidly increases were prices of masks every shop and medical rate. that moment it was a "bestseller product"

The next day sun rises as daily, people chaos as morning began to collect at rays of drops from expanding sky spreading like a balloon. day now broke like the previous few days since news spread. swine flu that dreaded everyone from child to old everyone getting scared and wearing a mask around their face. like a snouting bull.

The government set up a free mask programme, even stalling instruction booths on every nook and corner. railway stations, bus stops, hospitals, public places are restricted to collect at one time in mob quantity. I noticed that no mask free of cost is distributed in public at the moment.

I came to Vashi station to relax. I was very fixated on the seat and thinking over one subject was swine flu..a few minutes I relaxed. from the buzzing atmosphere I observed one painting that caught my attention, I attentively noticed it, carefully obsessed with its genuine romantics and festival creativity, it was painted on the ticket counter wall. opposite platform. between me and painting, passing the railway and a few minutes, it blurred, like the teacher rubbed important notes from the blackboard. many times no train passed between me and painting so I took notice and sipped its taste of great creativity.

Its handiwork draws attention toward the Indian historical depicted the greatest painters. I appreciated in my eyes its greatness. something that has emotional feelings attached to it. that attracted me toward its alluring arts. the painting which depicted and rendered the message of Indian culture and arts. In that painting, work involved a palanquin bearer worker bringing in a queen. An Indian tutari music instrument was being played in a painting by some music players. such as the scene-painter depicted in the painting, donating something to a great marriage ceremony is happening. I still observed but suddenly my eye turned beside the paintings below the bench on that one well-dressed sarees middle woman earnestly waiting for her lover, I observed in her eager eye that moving in rapid in hearing hearts rapidly I felt that no far but not so close. the indicator flicked minute by minute blinked dark splash floating over. it messaged about warning take against the virus. I observed masks wearing children, adults, also fully protected costumes. I get bored, so take a copy of "reader's digest" magazine old edition from my knapsack bag, I lonely feel sooner did I take to read it, then suddenly a lady well wore sarees coming to have sat beside me I give her place my side. another man makes new sit on the bench by forcing me. he forcing the eye to give me eye contact to move ahead. when he talking on Nokia colour display phone.his talking about business talks.

He also well dressed in a shirt casual men's wear formal type posture. few minute awhile in reading, old lady you can call her beggars, looking on her ragged wear, and she wore sarees, increased hair, rendering her poor performance all about her behaviour, she turned to our side to beg to have some money, with some loathsome action and requesting clapped hand she behaved. she forward toward us more humble and with crocodile eyes, she flashes on us. her wrinkled face, that dark spot on her right side-eye, look like a water whirl. she wore sarees that seems not washed a week, she was chewing tobacco, she was addicted to gutkha and paan stained lips seen over her finger blurred with a red mark. her wobbly hindleg swinging at the time of begging indicates that she was a drugs taker.

She stood there motionless, businessman and I on the bench sitting. he discuss on phone, as she tried to go close to him, by touching her finger, and begging, her mouth throw bad smells and emerge a dirty smell. that smell irritate him, looking at her behaviour he hushed her and shouted at her said:


" You stupid, bitch of filthy gutter, uneducated lady, how dare to touch my white wear shirt, how much cost it, you know about "he abused her, a lady well dressed wore sarees responding hearing matter. The beggar lady spoke in English and started teaching him a lesson.

she said," I know you educated fellow, how everything how to clean backyard of your body" I know my body smell stingy perfumes, your daily bath in perfumes, your body does not dispel smell, woman body smell more than men, I am homeless woman nobody in the city shelters me, even my relatives, my husband left me here said that somebody waiting me out of the platform, he left since now not returned. I hopelessly waiting for him here, one day he come and take with him, I wait anxiously, but not those days broke out, but I have not left hope. I have no other option but to beg before everyone and heartless beings, who have no respect for other beings. you know I am from a well-educated family, I am graduated from Hyderabad university. my father is a retired army officer from Chennai. there is nobody proud of me. the businessman said abruptly that you belong to another state why coming here to give headache, even I already get a nervous day to day rising problem business, new calamity arises followed. loss my business, you silly ass, get out from me,"


When all this happened one person coming with running toward that beggar woman, that he said," our journey ticket has confirmed" we will start our happy journey soon, reach our state in few weeks. our own Chennai"


"This person is the husband of beggar, " the well-dressed lady said.

 if your husband is to purchase a ticket, why are you begging for money?

 "money purpose," beggar lady said

Due to recession time arises, we have short of money, so it is easy to earn on the platform instantly. till we reach our destination. then train come on the platform all get on the train, beggar woman and her husband disappeared in the crowd

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