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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Swapnil Kamble

Action Crime Thriller


Swapnil Kamble

Action Crime Thriller

Lady Spy

Lady Spy

6 mins 164 6 mins 164

The hill dotted by  many huts. New huts tucked their necks from the hill. A thickly grown hill with a series of huts encompasses the military camp giant wall. Many hut tuck into it. Outgrown its surroundings. The hill had a history from birth to burial to cremation. That hill had many secrets. It was home to a leader, artist and kalamkari, shaaheer social worker, and many more. That hill at night displayed its real face when switched on a series of bulbs in the many struck the huts dweller and cities cynassor.

Chanawala who lived there. In the morning he starts his journey, a round-shaped steel bucket strangled over his neck and suspended over, tying both ropes, near the best stop. He wore a half pant khaki and a curved moustache, grey-haired, and his face clean. there stood a woman, in normal saree wore, clutching stand to glare the customer, blinking eye,

Some juggler and magician played games of snake charming, mocking the collecting mob to attract by snake charming game. They put up their business, card player, gambler, and formed a place near the best office. nobody minds it.

Street vendors, food vendors also passing through it. spread both sides.

Tadi Madi tavern centre near the ticket counter, train passenger catch road towards. The tired body gets dregs of its doses. playworker lined up at tavern centre. They have to sip tadi made local drink get relax feel,

The hill situated In the heart of Mumbai behind a military camp near the park site of the hill tome moat.

Chanawala bhaiyya daily set up business near the bus stop. He just wants to buy his chana from him. a drunk uses a compliment when getting a drink. liquor dregs gulp in the throat.

Near tadimada an eggs seller also occupied i.he daily set up his business. sell eggs to drunkards or eggs sprinkled with salt or boiled eggs, it costs a very low fits into their pocket. bhelpuri wala, eggs fried burjiwala, also displayed their stocks near simultaneously. line up to bust stop.

Bmc goods catcher van come snatching into the van,feriwala, bhelpuriwala, eggs seller, all dispersed, all to hide their goods from the van. They mostly hide their material behind Shani temple backyard had space remained. they refuge their goods into their place, nobody touches their goods, all get news of van before capture goods, and all took a sigh of relief. nobody getting worries when a van comes in place. they have a union. so the union leader tipped news to all before he van come.bmc officer charged fees for display in a public set up a stall on road.

Chanawala  does not get worried.his instrument hung on head tangled.  He is  self-employed. run staller it  require space. he hung around his neck instrument vessel. into that, it parted different slot. each slot into his material stuffed. for chana, for shengdana, it has a different socket with a gap of putta. in the middle of it have iron hot pot coal heated boiler utensils, it used to heat chana and other material when he makes the to the customer,

He used a cone type wrapper to give chana into it. he uses raddi paper for it. to wrap into it, folded cone with close ends.v shaped cone crafting paper to wrap chana into it.

 Cutlery seller woman does  not mind that they just wasted time and caught customer. chanawala and she has very good friends, they did not mind each other's business. the sex worker was primming him. close to him. because his height and bodybuilding good looking. partly handsome. For the long period, he did not visit his home. when he comes to Mumbai, he was twenty years old. since that day he had accompanied her. near Shani mandir, next was a public toilet attached to the latrine, one man standing in line, to have urinated urgently, so many te get in that work but nobody gets to finish on, he gets urgent pee, if his number never comes, he resumes his pee on the open place.

One man took much time to pee standing in urine block, he saw him and said, that 

"Ander hila rahe ho kya?"

(Are you get ejaculated)

How many time have been not finishing yet, gay man….

Chanawala get  accustomed to such incidents that would get touched daily nuisances.his friend rickshawala who stood near a rickshaw stand nearby taj hotel, next to the public toilet was hung board rickshaw union dug into it.

One kinner clad in sarees waiting and seated on the male seat in the bus, seeing that one rikshawala mocked of him saying that, out of the bus,

"This is for man "

"Ladies seat is there, corner"

Kinner said, "that I know, if you don't mind, come to have into my place, I will get up to ladies side"

Rickshaw Man became silent.

Public footpath under constructed. many railways passenger getting problem. get out of the station. one passenger gully totally crowded by the public only way to get out, hawker,feriwala, mobile cover seller, all stalled their business, and jammed road and street, even bus could not go out.

Rickshawala used to play cards at lunchtime. when his income got increases during the day, he always fuses to have a chanawala have play card at night. playing card till midnight and having drink alcohol into the drink. chanawala has abstained from it. he did not get a drink in his life.

He collected rikshawala adda, to play card and gambling, won the game in card doubled the money. but that day rikshawala had bad luck, his card not running in his favour. he was getting lost game by game. three-time. whatever he earned in the day at lost in the card.

Hr begged Chanawala to give him money in credit. Chanawala gave him money of two hundred on credit, but he got intoxicated, could not move and doodled

He says to him in a swoon, and that, lady sex worker, is your friend, I know you are so close to her,

"I want to spend one night."

"Don't tell my wife that I lost my money in the game instead said that it was stolen by.

She is not a prostitute,...then why she stands there and pimp men by blinking eye,

Because she is a spy woman..she is appointed by a special woman appointed by for pickpocket and mobile smuggler, she works as watch on them. police commissioned her. she is the tipper of police. she sells woman cutlery items and imitation jewellery in the basket she carries on her head, sometimes she stalls near the bus stop. she lives over the hillside. she is a widow. her husband left her behind a handicapped child. she looks after selling toys and season wise goods.

Don't misunderstand her,


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