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Swapnil Kamble

Tragedy Thriller Others


Swapnil Kamble

Tragedy Thriller Others



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The new year will be definitely brings  me newly branded hope or inspiration; which prison for the last sixth months. Morning is chill, cool-climate may disburse any mood in common man...but for me, this is a new experience. As working, starting the day with work is a big challenge for me. I come across by many customers which includes; businessman, self-employed, worker, salaried person, fruit seller many people daily meet with me according to work and applicant criteria of life which still hovering in the money market. When the experience of such a working day is accumulated by me in my attachment with such a person working with and that work gets me into lives of people how they get disclose before me every information about their life and workplace.


 I have been met many people in between my work period and, I have had an experience of their woes and greed that jotted down in my diary work.


I meet this day, Mrs Sumitra. she is director of a good looking and talkative when I first visit her office. I sliding door open consists small cabin ..table chair, photo of company achievement was hungover wall side and also some inspirational quote picture also stuck up before her cabin door. some trophy for success for company...overlook seem set up the company. more I attract her posture of speech and disposition she frankly speaks with me ..few minutes I stuck my tongue in my mouth I was mouth-jammed.


When I return from work, catch in the second class train compartment. the crowd at that time nearly platform empty seem.its 3 pm afternoon. I just relax on the train seat near the corner side of the main corridor of the compartment. At that time my eye catch the scene of a couple who opposite me having in romance mood caressing each other and fingering each other and some melody conversation going on.

I just turn my eyeball straight passenger and another scene caught my eye.. it's different from the first about a person who works hard it's called .. Hand driven Cart worker..who about 45 old crouching near footboard gate.his face looks wrinkle-free, also a mixture of sweat passing through his body. he wore chappal..strapped. He balancing his pose as usual and remove it put it under the buttock and seat on it. then he drew a handkerchief towel over my shoulder and dusting and cleaning work over my body..that activity and processing were carry on till the next station arrived.

9/ 1/ 2009:

This day is  the most important in my life... I could not forget this day..its reflection silhouette stuck on my mind. The day memories will be pass away and forget. but work does not. my work is to visit people and loan applicant who applied for a loan basis ..and visit their place address and verify

address and office work. that day visit at spanko call centre..its was around 2 pm afternoon. as I entered at security gate ..but company not allowed to outsider entry is for regular I could not get into premises previous visit. but today it was referred case it had to visit again for person certify if he works or not actual.

As I permitted entry into office premises till reception counter. I climbed the staircase one by one and one step up and up. office door built up of glass..nothing reflected outside and inside interior position.

I pushed it in a position slightly. then suddenly I turned my eye at the reception table met one beautiful lady looks 30yrs old. wore half-skirt and jacket over her body. I looking at her beauty looming over her whole body. she requests me to wait a minute to person call. I just still standing there and wait ..then I asked after a long period of particular person not available.

'can have some information about this person, working or not here…?.. I was in a mood.

She was working on a computer screen and slightly preening over reflection glass near to pass her hand forehead to adjust her hairstyle if anything hairstyle mess.

Then after me, one boy had brought with him a parcel order of lunch, place upon table. she drew money from her purse but she had. 500 rupees note, the boy had not to change for return remaining money..had bill amount was 498 only. she asked him;

"if you have change for 500 rupees"

The boy replied: "no"

She murmuring recession how raised rapidly.

Saving of two rupees is more important according to my view

"Boy given solution to her that: give me as tip money.. that solves the problem"

She hesitated to give him tips, it's not my business

Giving tip is a crime; according to my viewpoint

The boy said,  " then 'according to you keep on diet or fast till you get change"

She said 'again angrily; 


"How dare you talk like this" I will hungry instead

If you have no change, return the parcel.

I was thinking about which type of saving she was observed. it had been brought me till 1800 BC period, that time 2 rupees was more that today. as she following saving scheme I could not agree with her proceeding saving procession. she wasting her money on a costly meal, how it possible,

compare with other poor people saving and expenses on food..poor people spending their money around 50 rupees per day..and she was spending lump sum double amount according to my was different in saving and wasting money


 Book reading:

1)Jude the obscure. Thomas hardy

Part christ minister 

Chapter 80

day morning works begin. Darkside of dream removed...still simmering...reveries.

 Heart Thinks me positive heading..avert ..head always show negative portfolio. something inners energy that barricades my positive energy

I have no interest of this world any things which attracted me..×no such understand nonsuch person, friend or anyone that open my heart out before Them


 Some precious moment of our life pass through palm folded. that is never returned.some mistake some goodness or badness Day following with good smile of the event of changes in life seem.daybreak, no merriment. recently political event going on. this is election moment, come to end now; since last 30 days, yesterday is no work, only relax feel. Morning seems semi-hot has filled. all fresh face can be seen on the platform. today I also not in the mood to work due to reporting load the stress is heavy. morning slowly turn into hot wave wind. even also propel waving motion well into the wind.

I get on the train, as routinely relax on the sits. did not see any daily passenger in the train compartment. nobody seemed 'knowing each other'. Train started to next station arrived stopped. people got out suddenly.


Heat wells up the body's energy. sweets rolling over the body.

Today no important cases. every moment no change in the climate.

The morning after morning day after day passes ahead moment after moment. same face same discussion in train. temperature. bad-tempered, red-faced due to growing heat day after day rapid changing picture or no sign propping up. When I first visit the office for a moment, I relax in an air-conditioned was fully conditioned with it. well- furnished with sofa antique piece. if somebody asks me what I wish now, I will demand a cool place covered by an ice cube.


First visit at the corporate security tied inquiry room. Through intercom security called a person to meet at the security gate. He comes to the gate he meets me. He was nearly 35 years old I introduce myself to him said come from a verification agency. he looked at me angrily eye

growing red seen by me, like he is bad-tempered and hot head.his eyebrows moving like foxlip.he hated HDFC bank service ..i don't mind what you like or not. I mind only what my work regarding is verification if person working or not.he started to vomiting his thought about bank.explained me about how bank exploit customer on name of loan process.which easily obtained.but hard to repay installment.if one emi miss by person,then next day,collecting agent standing on your office varanda.some collecting agency sending goons to collect emi by insult before office staff or any residence it treat that way to customer.speak like that.he recommend also lic service.if you die even lice provide some help of money.i standing there hearing his lecture and tongue tied stretching out Mouth.


Getting close to past the scorching heat of the summer has been agonising for most of mumbaikar.sometimes sometimes people always drive away heat prefer to drink like lassi,ice cream,ice gola.also drinking soft drink to beats heat and for moment feel soothness.

morning start from at platform.i first my look fell on a lady sitting on platform,wearing nose ring or such like get up she was applied over face powder.with hanky she dusted her face unnecessary powder fleck.i just got down the sloping stairplankway.met there a woman who i first come to sight at platform daily. Nobody at platform that time except was not rush time.Getting sighted at bhajan-mandali,rushing through compartment only ingulf into give soothness sometime. all passenger in compartment for a while relax filled feeling.suddenly one blind-man hanging over neck harmonium music playing into it. add colour of demotional atmosphere into it.


I here to discuss very importance and very vital : in which big trauma i going trough.

When i travelling through train compartment especially morning,morning in fresh, even than hot propeller; inspiring morning comes in your life.not far, but at least for few minute for you.drowning in her veil of love,experience her difference touch that you could not touch,feel before everyday.Morning for me to feel in train,it's great. i heartly engulf into when i see frustrated face, angry face,looking into owns world. its greats experience for me.

Every person, when i observe has problem filled life they live daily.such like some have money problem,some are love-break,aged problem, not getting married.but still i see hope into smoke of life dark clear after hard try.train have some memory treasury of such event and quotes and evidence.but train get on duty leaving behind sad memory with new enthusiasm.thats call i sadness in happy moment.

When i today travelling through train,no such difference found in compartment. same face same people same problem brewing one by one.

When i just see behind me different coloured eyes, lipstick applied lips of women both .ears socket tangling earphone.same new shops old before year now replace by new.stoneworld replace of swarg shop.or hear see when i visit some old companies overtook by new company

Market down,market mantra,showdown.everything is hope jobs has no assurity or no vacancy available situation arise daily met here. many company has fired worker .bank has looted or bankrupted by loan holder. decamped cases daily got to read into news paper and tv channel flashing breaking news. i fed up on my ear.

I have no interested in such news where is "fixed-job" available or lack of job .how do society react at?.... i have got experience daily step. still know i have my own job having less salary but still not jobless feel me.

My head filled with many thoughts and overwhelmed by it. i quit for moment.relaxed for moment i leave for office. i only thinks office work when return to home try to think different but not balance over my mind vault.

When i visit / reach at office , there i met gaikar: i called him gaikar mr.ganesh gaikar.great happy-go-lucky man.i think money for him not mattered more in his life..he spend money like watering money plant.i have habit of cigarette smoking he used to smoke daily two or three into daily .when going to drink tea ,he smoke also.he have no additional addiction except bear and soft drink.he take drink in weekly.only bear he drink

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