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The Abortive Resolution - 1

The Abortive Resolution - 1

10 mins 13.2K 10 mins 13.2K

Time: 3:05 P.M.

Inspector Ivor Davis, who was the Security in-charge of today’s event in the Racing Arena, was inspecting the Upper levels of the Stadium from the security point of view. As he checked the Lighting arrangements on the roof from the last level passage, he suddenly saw huge bright flashes of light outside one of the terraces on the opposite side, almost 50 m away. The Flashes were way too bright to be called as camera flashes. As Inspector Ivor proceeded cautiously towards the terrace, a person in White Lab Coat came in from the terrace holding his Test apparatus. Owing to the distance, the Inspector didn’t see his face. Considering him to be one from the scientific department, the Inspector neglected him & followed down to the Arena.

Time: 3:22 P.M.

“The race is on…!” the commentator shouted as Car no. 222, driven by the legendary racer Paul Thompson aka PT, once again secured the Pole Position. The entire racing arena was jam-packed to witness this charitable event in which all the major car racers had participated. Amongst the chief invited dignitaries were the famous group of scientists headed by Dr. Johnny Williams, who was soon to launch his new acclaimed discovery, the Terrorists Identification SatCom (TISC) along with his colleague & partner, Dr. Dennis Nicholson.

“PT is always on top…!” the commentator screamed excitedly. As the car approached an ‘S’ chicane, PT tried to reduce the speed, however, the car continued in its pace, & leaving the chicane half way through, the car banged nose-front on the side walls. Before it could stop, the car plunged straight into the audience.

“Oh no….it’s a crash..! A tragedy on track...!” the commentator screamed in shock. The race was halted & immediately rescue personal rushed to the accident spot. As all the TV screens displayed the mishap that occurred, suddenly a huge gunfire caught everybody’s attention. Before people could understand what had happened, Dr. Johnny Williams, head of the scientist’s group, collapsed down on the ground, injured by an incoming bullet.

Inspector Ivor was positioned just in front of the seats where the Chief Invited Dignitaries were seated. As soon as Dr. Johnny collapsed, the Inspector saw blood on his right shoulder. He immediately knew someone had fired a bullet from exactly the opposite direction. As he turned to look up, amidst the chaos, he saw a Man in White retreating fast on the uppermost level.

“Alpha team…immediately proceed to terrace..! Tango spotted in White cloths..! Repeat…Tango spotted in White cloths…!” Inspector Ivor shouted commands on his wireless radio. Instantly a team of police ran up towards the upper terrace. All of the people around were confused as to what exactly was going on. The Inspector took the other route. Climbing the staircases fast, he reached the topmost level. It was the same level where he had been just some time ago. As he sprinted towards the point where he had seen the person, suddenly bright flashes of light caught his attention. As he shielded his eyes from it, someone banged on him, knocking him down. As he tried to get up, he suddenly felt weak & dizzy. He felt as if he would collapse at any moment. What’s happening to me? he thought.

He knelt down on his knee for some time, trying to regain his strength. After some time, he got up and ran towards the target, clearly realising that he must have got away.

Two ambulances & a team of doctors immediately rushed on site. Inspector Ivor immediately started his investigation. Even after multiple inspections of all the open area opposite to the scientist’s seating, he found nothing suspicious except a few burning marks.

“I donno how the shooting happened & how the bullet was fired..!” agitated, Ivor spoke to Dr. Dennis, Dr. Johnny’s partner, “ I donno where the gunman disappeared…! We’ve searched every damn area around, every nook & corner…but still we have no progress nor any hint as to the whereabouts of the shooter..!”

“How did the car accident happen…? Any enquiry has been done on it?” Dr. Dennis asked.

“We observed the necessary footage & also spoke to the technical assistants. They say Mr. Paul did apply the brakes in his car at the chicane, as his brake taillights had flashed RED. However, the car continued ahead without stopping & banged on the wall. We are still inspecting his car for further clarifications & inquiry.”

As the police department further investigated, they found the area on the terrace from where the bullet was fired on the scientist has burned down. It looked as if a lightning strike had occurred, burning down almost half of the Terrace. Also the same burn marks are seen outside the Garage & Car Maintenance workshops. The Scientific Weather Department completely ruled out the Lightning Strike part, however, they did notice a sudden change in the temperatures in that area the day all the events occurred. Also, certain High frequency Radiation was observed in that area on the same day.

Inspector Ivor Davis was further investigating these Phenomena. However, no proper or clear evidence was clearly detected through which he could ever come out with a solution. All the present dignitaries were questioned, including Dr. Dennis, who was a close friend & partner of Dr. Johnny. Still the investigation couldn’t carry on further.

Today morning, as Inspector Ivor was seated in his office, a news reporter on the TV was displaying a weather report of 4 cities, which had suffered severe thundershowers in spite of the fact that rainy season was still at least 5 months away.

Shortly thereafter, a scientist in white lab coat came to meet him.

“Inspector, myself Dr. Charles. I’m here to put some light on the killing that happened on the Racing Arena...”.

Inspector Ivor who was neglecting him till now, suddenly looked up on hearing about the racing incident.

“I would like to present you something…” saying this he removed his laptop.

“You see Inspector…there was a major lightning strike just outside the Racing Arena. The Scientific Department also has detected change in the temperatures in the area, with certain High Frequency Radiations emitted almost at the same time when the Lightning Struck.”

He then showed him a detailed report of the Time Analysis of that zone.

“You see Inspector, the Time Chart taken from the GPS satellite with respect to Earth’s rotation also is showing a sudden change at exactly this time when the so called Lightning & Radiation happened in this time zone. Check this…” he then showed him a Data Graph of the Area where the racing Arena was placed. The Graph did show a sudden change in the Time zone, with the readings flickering up & down when coincided with the time of the Lightning Strike, i.e. 3:05 PM.

“Now I’ll show you something which no one saw...” Charles then opened a CCTV grab from the neighbouring building, just outside the Racing Arena which showed the terrace. The Footage started from 3:00 PM. It showed no movement till; however, as the Clock reached 3:05 PM, suddenly there was a huge Burst of White light. The Light was so bright that for an instant, the entire area was diffused out. Then suddenly, a man in white Lab coat appeared out of nowhere, carrying with him something that looked like a testing apparatus. Inspector Ivor immediately recognised him as the person whom he had seen on the terrace.

“What you right now saw was the footage that was taken just before the shooting happened. Prima Facie we assume or rather we know that this guy is the shooter.”

Inspector Ivor was still confused. “But how come he just appeared on the terrace out of nowhere? Is he an angel or Demon of some sort?”

Dr. Charles laughed. “That’s not the case Inspector.” He then showed a data & temperature analysis of four cities.

“You see Inspector, these 4 cities are just on the border of our state. These cities received unintended rainfall, a sudden climatic change on the same day. The reports suggested some sort of immediate climatic change, either in the earth’s atmosphere or somewhere nearby, which resulted in this reaction.”

Dr. Charles then again showed the same footage to the Inspector.

“Now, I want to show you something deceptive..”

He again showed the inspector the same footage, with the White Man appearing in a flash of light. Fast forwarding, he stopped & played when the clock reached 3:40 PM.

“Now watch….” Dr. Charles said.

As the Inspector observed, nothing had changed. Suddenly, a small ray of light appeared, & in a second, it expanded into a huge flash of light. As Inspector Ivor observed, a man in black jacket appeared from the beam. The light vanished behind him. He looked exhausted. Kneeling down, he took out something like an injection from his coat, & injected himself with it. As he got up, he looked at the CCTV which was shooting him.

Dr. Charles paused the footage & zoomed in. Since it was the neighbouring building, the footage was not clear. As the camera zoomed, the face of the person became clear.

Inspector Ivor couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The person in the CCTV footage was none other than Inspector Ivor himself.

He was wearing a black jacket & was looking straight at the cam, as if he knew that he was being shot.

“How the hell is this possible…? Are you trying to fool me..?” the Inspector screamed at the Doctor.

“I am not ,Inspector…” Dr. Charles said. “What I am showing you is the truth. This person is indeed you…” You want to know what exactly is going on here? These people in white Lab coat are terrorists, who came from the future just to kill Dr. Johnny.”

“From the future..? So that means they travelled in time?”

“That’s right, Inspector…! These are actually terrorists from the future, who travelled back in time to change the past, o the future can be altered..! This is the reason the neighbouring cities suffered huge climatic change..! When these guys travelled back in time, the resultant action caused a huge weather surge in the neighbouring areas. The reaction that occurred was huge thundershowers, as travelling in time is against the laws of nature. These people have altered the future by killing Dr. Johnny..!”

“But in what way it got altered? What happened in the future?”

Dr. Charles paused for a minute.

“You may know that Dr. Johnny was researching on a satellite TISC along with his colleague. This satellite can detect terrorists movements & their encrypted data. Also it can track them using their DNA within seconds in any part of the world. About 1 week from now, Dr. Johnny will complete his experiment and the satellite will be fully functional. This satellite probably removed out many terrorists organisations in the future. So intentionally, every terrorists organisation wanted this satellite to be destroyed. That’s the reason….”

“Wait…as per your saying…these people travelled in time. They killed the Doctor & changed the future. In the altered future, the terrorists rule the world. To stop it, as per the video in future, I travel back in time to save Dr. Johnny. But…” The Inspector paused, trying to understand the permutations of time travel. “If we succeed in saving Dr. Johnny in the past, in that case, we alter the future..! This future will be the same as the current one, with the military dominating the terrorists..! The terrorists will never want it,s o they’ll travel back from the altered future and…”

They will try to stop you from saving Dr. Johnny…” Dr. Charles elaborated the situation.

“In that case, on the racing day, there should have been Two persons in white coat, but we’ve seen only one.” The Inspector said.

“Since you’ve travelled in time, probably they’ve travelled in time too…!” Checking the video, Dr.Charles scrolled the video ahead, trying to look what happened next. “Maybe we can see them here if they have travelled in time to stop you..!” As the video scrolled ahead to 3:48 PM, suddenly there was a flash of light somewhere behind the CCTV & in an instant, the footage went blurred. It was as if someone hit the camera from behind.

“So they did travel back in time…..Now how should we stop them..?” The Inspector questioned.

“We need to act fast…before they change something again…!” Dr. Charles answered.


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