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Swapnil Kamble

Drama Romance


Swapnil Kamble

Drama Romance

Second Love

Second Love

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It was During the lockdown, when I knew her inner hobby for painting. I became engrossed in her passion about painting,  she lived besides my house. She lived lonely with a child girl. Her husband toured outside the city regarding job work. He sometimes took a week to return home.

she remained alone beside her hobby she would paint on child painting book,  she would draw mostly upon two couple sit on garden nobody around her. Sometime she used to dark paint to show her feeling and emotion. She sometimes would make mask to a while away time. Her child was in kindergarten. no school was open; only online study was going on. She used to discuss mostly on painting and her life. She also would share her private love for painting, her husband sometimes used to encourage her to paint pictures.

She was inclined to natural painting. Sometime became depressed and had talked to her about her depression, she seemed like I no longer forced her to disclose her secret that she had been hiding in her mind. 

Her marriage arranged in a big hall. Her marriage was a delightful ceremony she was happy with Nagesh. But got bored as he travelled months out of the city. Her life became dull and boring. In her life one child only supported to pass loneliness. She became derailed totally.

In lockdown her husband stuck another city. He could not come for a month. She was the lonely woman in the house. Only neighbour could discuss her goodness. Her husband sometimes called her and inquired her.

She took brush and turned herself into colour. She used it. She accustomed it. She painted well picture. Sometime.I  appreciates her painting .I also encourage her exhibit her painting at art gallery. She could not respond. Her husband took suspense upon her. Here inbuilt born creativity she had god gifted. She could happy in her world.

When she first fell in love with Nagesh, she was happy with him .both was happy go lucky person. Before marriage both enjoyed free life.travelled every love point. She surrendered her life. He sometime crowded train standing and calling her on phone. If she could not received, he would get angry over said that she would have affair somebody.

After marriage never called her often. Only one in a day. She called him. But he messaged her that he was in a meeting.

One day she was busy on whatsapp online. When was online on whatsapp status he seen her status. And called her said, 

"How long have you been chatting?"

"Nothing,  just friend group chatting"

He argued with her over it. Argument took divorce face. Then last everything got into settlement.

She said that, "for a woman concrete wall looks like graveyard"

She painted lonely places in her painting. Sometime I asked her about picture. Picture told about her dual mentality. Her loneliness. Affection toward husband. 

Sometime she painted a picture of a bug who crashed into a crowded train. Nobody took a look at her life. That picture meaning got known immediately.

I wanted to help her to exhibit her painting at an art gallery. My friend on facebook was a big professional painter. I showed him her painting. He appreciated. He had first we curated well in frame.

In her painting picture she paints pco booth, I asked her about this picture she said it related her love story, behind it hide love stories, some memories,  she could not disclose it,  through it she could expose her inner feeling, her palpating throbbing heart beats, she narrated,  her love story from starting; she told love story that is unbelievable,

"Pco stood near main road. It was basic need for all of us that time. From now ten year before communication medium was only pco, mobile was scarcely found. In high salaried person, they could afford it. As I was adolescent girl family could not afford it, they could not permitted for it.

I would love him very much since high school. I would love each other since school time. And his love n more became prosperous rather than remorseful. than both sides love . but I had a mobile num of his, even though he never tried to contact me. Without him the world seemed colourless. I was frustrated since that school send off day that was unforgettable for me. Without him could not breathe in and breathe out or concentrate on the exam study. so getting frustrated of, wanted him to say something about my condition: but he could not dare to say other. he always used to come across at the high school sub lane, To say tried fail, I never give smile to him never get expression from me , 

"I was second  and last love for him, he loved me,  but getting frustrated,  his first love was Seema that he loved since high school, but then seems father transferred to another city. He forgot her then. He remained loved me after parted with her life.

Since childhood we have lived with neighbour. She continued her memory. He was deep rooted into his first love 

He lost old memories of what he did to her,  how he brought in ice cream when she had no money. He spend his saving money pocket when she got into college he supported to admission into college and paid her college fees also 

Every day he drops her into college and pick up from college 

He brought her to a movie show and. Had lunch in a five star hotel. He was spendthrift for her lavished money on


Even one day she was late,  he got angry at her and said; ``Why not call me to inform me.

He worship her as god being worship 

He put her photo in his purse he daily bow before her like slave of love

He never touches her or even takes her kiss on her request .when both went to love garden or sea beach she always forced him to bring hand on her s

Shoulder but he hesitated and he 

Was getting shied away.

I first time touched by him, first time hugged him, I had been never ever was talked as day,  l so closed side by clutch got his hand in my hand his touch very closely. He sent sms that he was waiting at Kurla rickshaw stand, that time was in the room, got read message,  I caught train. In train I called him that begged for guilty, I got off Kurla, he was standing near rickshaw stand,  said sorry for late, I took big sigh,  I had railway coupon so that,  said already late of half an hour,  was getting angry,  due to waiting there, my lips drooped, paled cheek, slightly wrinkled due to hot climate, I was very thin,  not looking good, beauty not shone on my face. I wore simple dress, which more attractive , my sweet designed seem more attracted , my countenance reflected on my dress. We caught train, alighted at Chincholi station. I seated on window side, I got his touch, I got his feeling his body, and I draw him near me close by close.

First time I felt man touch. Embrace by him. Clutched by him, immortal for me. His love became my weak point. I was totally mad that time,

One by one her exhibited painting revealed her love story,  every story has a hidden love story,  and she hid her inner feelings.

One painting relating a beach shown lovebird are romancing on rocks surround areas, she showed couple coupled each other in her picture, interlocked it responded more, it attracted more viewer and well wisher,  painting lover,

“I was totally mad, I did not know what to do when such got time, it got over my nerve, swirled, I was tantalized, that time, I forget that I was in public place, somebody complained to security , he called on, he fined hundred rupees “

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