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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Chhaya Devda

Drama Crime Thriller


Chhaya Devda

Drama Crime Thriller

The First Con Together

The First Con Together

7 mins 857 7 mins 857

While a few days have passed by and Mike has pulled off the robbery. However, he does not have the stolen piece. He has made up his mind to reach Ed and get the artefact back. 

Ed and Mike meet near a lake and Mike said 'Let's plan for next robbery. I want to take something unusual, something that I can enjoy and value. I want to make a collection, to which if I look back I feel proud.'

Ed: 'Don't worry! I have the same interest. I have made a plan and let's discuss it at my place today after dinner time'

Mike: 'I can't leave my place after dinner....dude i stay with my parents.'

Ed: 'make time!' Rolled his eyes over and left. Mike disappointingly goes back home. After dinner he sneakingly comes out of his bedroom window

Mike enters Ed place. Its an old tacky closed industrial place made of roofing sheet. The place is not wide but very long. There is darkness with few yellow glowing bulbs. Mike keeps walking in and finally finds Ed at the very end of the long trail. After catching up.. Ed starts explaining his plans.

'We will be robbing a gem from a jewellery store' Ed then fetches a photo of gem along with floor plan. There is a back entry where there is a security guard. Front entry with two guards. One Glass window with alarm system and a locker. In this locker is kept a rare precious gem which arrived two days ago for a couple who had ordered it specially for their anniversary. 

Ed says since it is impossible to rob the store they wil have to rob during the anniversary party. Mike somehow does not agree with Ed. He says 'I won't rob anyone who is happily married for so long and are celebrating. I won't go and spoil their party nor will I rob from ones who once finds out will move heaven and earth to catch me. It's just not right to spoil someone's life.'

Ed then gives a background about the couple. ' The man is a 72 year old married to a 19 year old model.'

Mike 'So what'

Ed 'Let me complete... this man is one of the top 20 richest people of our country. A man with 6 divorces in past....may be that's why he is not the richest man. Anyways, the ex-wives were publicly restrained to speak about the reason of divorce in exchange of huge alimony so that he can keep his image in the world intact...but I have got to know from my sources that ex-wives had claimed he is a psycho who used to beat his wives and that he is a very short-tempered. In a nut shell his is no saint. He is in this world to be robbed. May be this is the way Karma works'

Mike 'Dude...he will put the entire police force behind us once he finds out that ring is stolen.'

Ed 'That I guarantee no one will come to you and I will take care of all the after effects. You just have to go and rob as per the plan.'

Mike 'What's the plan'

Ed 'That I will tell you when you are there. Till then just enjoy'

Mike ' You want me to go there without knowing any plan....without worrying of being caught and with no guarantee that you won't take this away just like you took my artefact'

Ed 'You gotta trust me'

Mike 'It was a mistake trusting you and the very first robbery together you want me to keep in blinds. Well good bye and you better return me the artefact...who knows your karma will return you the favour for keeping it away from me' Mike leaves

Next morning Mike gets up and finds the artefact in his bedroom and a letter stating 'I took this artefact to return to you for this day. I knew you will never agree to what I say. Consider this as my part of trust and agree for what we discussed. TRUST won't regret. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity

Mike suspects that Ed is with Police and is planning to catch him live during the robbery. Once he is caught red handed he cannot give any explanation. On the other hand Ed gets hold of Mike later in the evening and gives his exit plan. Ed says just because this is the first con together the diamond will be of Mike entirely. He further says 'now if you don't trust me then I can't help you.'

Mike still does not want to do this but his gut feeling says to go with Ed.. And finally he decides to go with Ed and take a chance.

It's the night of the Party, Ed is connected though bluetooth with Mike. Ed being in someone's truck in parking lot and Mike looking dashing about to enter the party.

Security guard asks for the pass. Ed says Mike to open his jacket and show his inner pocket to guard. Mike gets the entry... the pocket had the invitation card. Ofcourse no doubt.... Ed had made the duplicate copy.

Mike enters and there is live music by the pool with everyone dancing on pop music. He looks around standing on the bar with champagne in his hand...He saw the model showing everyone her ring excitedly and in the meantime a man arrives to him asks how do he know the couple. Ed 'say you used to stay in same neighbourhood where model used to during early days'

Man leaves after few drinks and Ed says: 'Its time to get started... Go to 1st floor of the house. Get inside the 2nd room on the left and lock the door from inside.' Mike follows the instructions. 'Now wait in for some time and lay low'

Mike thinks...Ed is making him wait in a room and if he does may be Police might get in anytime. So he gets in the balcony and shift to adjacent balcony and gets inside the other room. This way even if some one comes then Mike will know first and can escape.

After some time Mike heard some one coming near the bedroom. He was scared. But the footsteps went away. Ed asks whether Mike heard any footsteps. Mike responds and Ed says' Quickly open the door and go to the opposite room and lock from inside.'

Mike goes to the room and finds the model inside trying to find another pair of clothes..Ed says 'Say to her that there are two other man standing outside the door and she should quietly give away her ring. If she does not do so they will hurt her.' Model responds 'no way'. Ed says get near her and grab her hand. 

Once he gets near her she starts screaming... Ed says 'Don't worry Mike get the ring...the room is sound proof.' Mike says 'No.' Ed says 'give the bluetooth to Model I want to speak to her.' After speaking to Ed... Model gives her ring and bluetooth to Ed cryingly. Ed says to Mike 'There is a duplicate copy kept in the back pocket just give it to her and go back to the earlier room and lock from inside.

Mike gets the ring but he does not go back to the earlier room and instead goes to the room adjacent. Ed says: go to the balcony and jump.

Mike: 'What!!! I can't jump from 1st floor... i will die.' Ed says below is a swimming pool... once you jump there will be others jumping in and you can leave easily.'

Now Mike understood why he wanted him to be in 2nd room as pool was right below the balcony. He has to now hurry and go inside the other balcony and jump before the Model calls security. Mike rushed and jumped....Other people first stared at Mike and then jumped.

Mike left and Ed met him near the facade. Mike asks curiously...'What did you say to that Model...and how did you know she came up and how did you knew other people will jump in pool cheering'

Ed: 'One question at a time dude.... you agree now that I am great.

Mike ' Come on man...just tell me.'

Ed 'Okay Okay....firstly I tipped one of the waiters to drop the drink on model...I knew she will go up and change in closet room..... Secondly, I told model to give up the ring and take a duplicate and no one will ever know its duplicate. If she tries to do anything stupid her husband will know about the robbery and he will ultimately divorce her after beating her up...and finally, since everyone was drunk near the pool & in party mood...everybody would find jumping in pool funny and you will be away from the limelight.

Mike: If you knew Model will give ring then why did I have a dramatic exit..I could have come out of the main door.'

Ed ' I took a chance on Model.. I knew she had to give ring as she is sensitive and dumb but after you left even if she screamed no one could hear her voice near the pool due to loud music.

So this way Mike and Ed clocked the partnership. 

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