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Chhaya Devda

Drama Crime Thriller


Chhaya Devda

Drama Crime Thriller

A Day in Life of Mike

A Day in Life of Mike

5 mins 265 5 mins 265

A day into the life of Mike a Seventeen year old teen that decided the path of his career ... he discovered the thril, excitement and interest in something... to know more you must read the story. 

It was start of the week and everyone in Monday blues...Mike was going to meet his friends at the garden. It was 3 miles from his house and was waiting for a bus...

Well patience had its call and Mike decided to go running towards the garden. On the way there were shops with huge sign boards.. a big mall with people outside dragging shopping trolleys, a hotel with guards and cars moving ahead of its facade, corporate building with people walking around in suits and a busy small street food vendors. 

He was running and enjoying the surroundings, observing people and small details... looking up the sky and leaves falling on the path... enjoying the weather. Since he was running for about 1.5 miles he got breathless and stopped to catch his breath. He sat on a bench and then drank some water from the fountain water tap. Enjoying the moistened water in his dry mouth, hearing the talks around. He finished drinking the water and started running again. 

After playing with friends he started walking back home instead of waiting for the bus. On the way, he again sat on the same bench, drank from same water fountain. Resting below the lights of corporate life watching people walking out of their offices... some exhausted some excited, bosses getting in their cars to home. 

Next day again same time he started running and went till that bench and came back. 

Next morning news came out that police is investigating a burglary happened last night in the exact building behind the bench Mike used to sit. Reportedly, an artefact was stolen and the robber was not professional. Mike saw the news and got disturbed. Well, the disturbance of Mike proved two things... either he was worried because he went near the building for no reason would be suspected by Police... or he did the robbery. 

Well, lets run again the story in detail. He stopped and sat on bench to catch his breath. He drank from water fountain and heard talking. He heard a man speaking to a colleague about artefacts bought by his company for some international clients & that it looks like out of the world beauty. He wont be able to see it again as he was on leave next day. He rolled his eyes and saw the ID card hanging side of the belt of that man. He then went to play and thought he wants to see that craft. Coming back he waited for the man and took his ID card trickly walking by his side. 

Next day he sat on the bench and went inside the building getting access through the Card... he went all the way to the reception of the company. A courier guy arrived while Mike was wondering where the artefacts would be. He thought he could get in if he posed as courier partner. Once courier guy got access behind him Mike too followed and observed the entire office carefully while walking behind the courier guy. He noticed a door which was different from the rest... he suspiciously opened a bit and peaked was the Promoter's office... a pantry boy was approaching with Coffee for Promoter. Mike rushed towards the other door walking cool. While he was peaking inside he saw another door inside the Promoter's office. He now decided to wait until the Promoter got out.... luckily Promoter left just after having coffee. Mike went in immediately. Just when Mike went in.. the pantry boy locked the door from outside. Mike now started searching the artefacts and ignored the door lock for a meanwhile. 

He found an antique statue goldenish brown shining inside but dull outside... it was like never seen before beauty, lustrous despite being ancient... a one of a kind. He never went inside with the intention of robbing it... he just wanted to see it. But greed and beauty is uncontrollable. He decided to take the statue with him and started searching for a window. There were only glass walls and the office was on 46th Floor. He had blade through which he opened one lock of the glass and as he opened the glass...air started coming in resulting in papers going heyware kept on desk. He just wanted to focus on getting out some how and saw a pipe duck. Mike stepped out of the building with fear and anxiety. He gathered up the courage to step in the duck and finally started climbing down the pipes. He then rested on same bench & then came home and slept peacefully after staring the artefact for hours.

Next day when the police saw CCTV...they noticed all the cameras were rolling same video in loop. Before Police could investigate further...the company got a courier containing the antique. Mike had returned the statue because he realised he might get caught and that what would he do with it. 

But during this entire robbery...he really enjoyed the thrill... the excitement... the spontaneous creativeness that he wanted to experience more. He realised he needs to plan he needs more expertise in different areas to deceive people. He finds this really exciting to learn new ways to deceive. Challenges and action packed moves is youth's best friend. Mike is attracted to this and lets hope he does not loose his good side of not being greedy for the money. Although his parents are not that rich but values and righteousness is their family morals. Since he is amateur he is kind but lets see how his life story flows in future. 

Next day news was running that Police has dropped the investigation. Looking at this news, Mike smiled....mischievous smile...a flashback through his memory ran ....he returned the artefact but it was a second copy. Yeah... it was, which made me wonder how did the CCTV looped and didnt show Mike getting inside the building.

 P.S. Mike hacked the CCTV.... he was sitting on the bench before he went in. He jammed the CCTV through his phone and unjammed once he got back from robbery.

Keep reading to know if anyone finds the artefact is duplicate and how Mike's life takes a turn.  

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