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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Chhaya Devda

Action Crime Thriller


Chhaya Devda

Action Crime Thriller

Plan B

Plan B

5 mins 1.2K 5 mins 1.2K

It's time for next robbery! Ed and Mike are planning to rob an in-transit ancient book. The book is about to reach museum in 2 days. It was one of the first edition written in 16th century by Galilea and Newton. The book is highly valued and with high security. Ed lays out the security plan

'The book is arriving @8:30 morning. The security van will pass through the bridge @8:20. We have a window of 5 minutes to take away the book. It has been provided with 4 layer of security. As the van enters the bridge you will drop on top of van from pillar no.2. There is an escort car of Police driving in front of the van. After dropping lie down on top of van and slowly start descending to the back door. They key to the door will be hanging on the top right corner. Open the lock, get inside and there will be another locker with alarm system.'

Mike : 'So much in such less time. and why will they hang key outside?'

Ed : 'Just listen.... The locker will have a digital code which no one knows. This code decoder will read the code and then you can open the locker. Once glass box is opened an alarm will be activated. The alarm will be controlled by me remotely through an algorithm. Once you pick up the book replace with duplicate I will provide. Exit the moving van and close the door. Keep the key with you and move up towards the top. The van will stop at check point just before the museum entrance. There is a 1st floor building window at distance of 6 feet. You need to jump inside the building and I will be waiting there'

Mike 'just like always... you are not going to tell me how you know and how these all things will be arranged.' So let's get started

Mike practices the jump and stunts on van for 2 days after school. Ed is trying to arrange the digital lock decoder and algorithm.

The day arrives.....Mike is ready with backpack containing duplicate book. He is standing on the pillar to drop on moving van which is not too fast as there are speed breakers on the start of the bridge. Mike lands slowly @8.20 and lies low. Due to speed breakers it becomes difficult for Mike to lie down. However he tries to descend before it was time. He got the key and opened the door, went in and closed the door. He sat in the van and waited for Ed's signal to open the digital lock. Upon receiving the go ahead, he applied the digital decoder and lock opened. As he opened the box there was no alarm going on and Mike asked Ed if this is normal.. Ed had no clue. Mike told Ed 'Should I go ahead or should I come back without it.' Ed thought he might have got the wrong information on alarm system and since no alarm is on its no harm. Ed confirmed to Mike to take away the book. As Mike picked the book, the alarm started. The van stopped. It had been 40 seconds but no Police has entered to check the Van. 

Ed gave a green signal to complete the remaining actions as planned and start exit. Mike hesitatingly said the van is not moving. Ed informed it was a signal on road 9 due to which Van had to stop and algorithm has worked to disable the alarm. Mike said he heard the alarm. Ed told he will explain later and to continue and come back on top. Mike followed. The van stopped at check point and Mike successfully descended from the van with book.

Ed met him and they left the building. After coming back to Ed's place Mike said 

'Now tell me the entire plan and how and what happened'

Ed : ' Well to get through the 1st security i.e. the door key I was there when the book was getting loaded in the van. I offered the Van driver some coffee when he was waiting for book to get loaded. I duplicated the key from his pocket and once they started to leave I hanged it on the back. 

2nd lock is no more secret, you know you opened with decoder which I got it made. 

3rd was the algorithm... yes I had some misinformation or security plan might have changed at last moment to set alarm on book being moved, but I managed to control that too. The alarm went on but was just for mini seconds. I had to make sure no one listens to alarm so I started honking. The horn was designed to make sound which could negate the top waves of sound of alarm in a manner set strategically on notes negating overall hearing experience. To your surprise I was just behind the van driving in my car and I entered the building just when your van was stopped for check point. I never controlled the algorithm. It was one of my contractor who had to. He owes me big. A freak of computers.'

Mike ; 'You said it was a 4 layer security. What was the 4th ?'

Ed : 'Not everything is suspense, use your was the police escort'. Rolled his eyes and sat on the chair drinking a glass of water.

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