Udhbhavi Arora

Horror Tragedy


Udhbhavi Arora

Horror Tragedy

The Evil Souls

The Evil Souls

3 mins

Rohan and Rita yelled with joyful fear as the television screamed "Booo hahaha!"

Their father ran into the room and told them, "Stop watching Vampire Movies at midnight, I have told you this before!" They loved watching horror shows as their father was a spirit catcher in his younger days, but now he had retired. He was a strict but caring man. "You never let us watch horror movies" cried Rita before the two of them left for their room.

A loud noise woke them up just when they fell asleep. It sounded like someone was striking a giant bell. Rohan decided to ignore it, but Rita chose to tell her father about it. As she was walking towards the room, the sound got louder and clearer, but it stopped when she reached. So she decided to return upstairs to sleep.

The next day, the clock went buzz, and before you knew it, the children were ready for school. Rita was prepared to tell everyone about the noise, but no one would believe her. They told her she was dreaming after watching the scary movie and that she should stop. This made her sad, and she returned home and told her father about it. He listened to her carefully but told her to stop watching television late at night. Rohan was the only one who knew about it and supported her sister. However, when nobody believed them, they decided to do something about it and set up an alarm for midnight. 

After having dinner, they went to bed and closed all the lights making it pitch dark.

Both the siblings woke up within the first round of the alarm. But when they heard the noise again, they also saw some shadows through the window in their room. They called off the plan and slept immediately feeling scared. The next day, they found a letter which said " Beware"  They were very frightened at first, but knowing what their father did as a job early on, could not let it be. They thought that the spirits were behind them because they wanted revenge from their father. But they did not tell their father as they knew he had left that life behind him, and would not believe them. After a lot of thinking and discussing, an idea flashed Rita's mind. She told the idea to Rohan, and they went to put into action.

To help themselves, they both had to keep her father as busy as a bee so that he would get exhausted and sleep early. This worked, and Rohan sneaked into his room to get his spellbook. They went back into their room and locked the door. Then, they started to read out of the book some to call the spirits who were good as gold. Since they were children, they could not correctly perform the spells and were interrupted by evil spirits. Their names were Xylo, Zachary, and Crolomo. 

They kept the children as prisoners and started quarrelling among themselves about what to do with them. Xylo suggested that they should use them as bait to get to their father, while Zachary thought they should take both of them to their world. Crolomo disagreed with both of them and believed it would be best to eat them. The three evil souls were startled. Rohan picked up the spellbook and cast a random spell, and suddenly the souls vanished. But still, Rohan and Rita were in the cage.  

Rohan and Rita were locked in that cage. Rita was exhausted and as sleepy as a sloth. She well asleep in that cage. When Rohan saw her sleeping, he woke her up. 

Rohan said "Wake up! Sleepyhead, we are stuck. Rita woke up, and she did not remember where she was she, but then she did. She was in the cage, of course. Rita told to make a plan and get out of here. To that Rohan replied" I have an idea lets push the cage with all our strength and then it will break. 

They started pushing the cage, but instead of it opening it, it toppled, and they got hurt on their heads. Rita said"Wow! Rohan what a great plan. Thanks for the hurt." Rohan responded that he had a better plan this time. Rita answered"No, no more silly idea. I have a better idea let's scream as loud as we can, and daddy will come and free us."

Rita and Rohan- Heeeeeeeellllllllllllllppppppppppp

They screamed for 5 minutes but still no reply from their dad. But finally, their dad heard. Their dad came and said"What happened Children? Why are you in that cage?"

Their dad decided to free them, but as soon as he touched it, he was kicked back by someone.

He tried hard, but they could not come out. 

Their dad told them to sleep in the cage.

Rohan and Rita did not have any choice except sleeping in that cage.  Almost at midnight Soul God entered and freed them, they woke up and thanked him and promised that they would be good children.

Rohan and Rita have kept their word; they never trouble their parents but help them.

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