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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Chriseeda Shinny

Abstract Tragedy Action


Chriseeda Shinny

Abstract Tragedy Action

The Cry of Woods

The Cry of Woods

4 mins 256 4 mins 256

     There was a forest next to the city, with all kinds of resources. It was a tropical rainforest where there was no dry season. It was prosperous and wealthy with high and continuous rainfall, with annual rainfall between 3.5 and 5.5 metres and all months had an average precipitation of at least 60 mm. It house more species of flora and fauna than any other terrestrial ecosystem. It has extraordinary species diversity.

      Much of the life in this rainforest was found in the trees. The trees were colossal, gigantic, dense and evergreen. It was dense with sandalwood trees and people who live near the forest could smell the fragrance of the sandalwood. The Teak trees found in that forest were towering and wide. 

     The city which was quite near to this forest was full of pollution because of industries and factories. Even the rivers were polluted and stinky with litters everywhere around. 

     There lived a young and top business man, named Lennox, who had many industries under his control. Every year he was awarded for the highest production of furnitures with good quality. Though the furnitures were of good class, the production was not eco-friendly. Nearly 60 % of the pollution in the city was from Lennox's industries. 

     One fine day, when he was passing by the way near the forest, he was attracted by the fragrance of the sandalwood. He was curious to know about the fragrance. So, he was walking through the forest. He was surprised to see that it rains only in this forest and not in the city. 

     The Frogs and the insects were singing their own songs of rain " croak - creech - croak - creech - buzzzzzz - croak - creech - croak - creech - buzzzzzz " He could also hear the sound of waterfalls. It was burbling as it travels along its bed, bubbling over rocks and branches. He felt so relaxed. 

      But then, he wanted to know the secret of the fragrance. So he was walking further and finally he reached the place where the fragrance was like perfume. Then he found that the fragrance was from the sandalwood trees. His greedy mind went to the thought of taking all the sandalwood trees to the factory. Then he saw teak trees and again his greedy mind thought of earning crores by cutting those trees and using it for furnitures. Then he returned home. 

     The next day, he asked some of his employees to go to the forest and start their work of cutting trees and bringing them to the factories. So, the employees were doing their works. The trees started to shedding tears by excreting gums and gels from their barks. 

     Some birds started to migrate because of this disaster. Some of the birds' nests were demolished. Many animals and birds lost their homes. The cry of the birds and the animals was louder than the sound of rain and waterfalls. The sounds of machines and chainsaws were the loudest of all. 

     Now, most of the sandalwood trees and teak trees were cut and brought to the factories. But still the trees were crying and showing their sad emotions through their secreting gums. Not only trees but also the cut Woods were weeping.

     It was night, and everyone was sleeping. Lennox was dreaming of becoming a billionaire. But everyone in the city was frightened, because of the weird sounds heard from the forest. Everyone thought that some diaster was about to happen and started praying God that no disaster should attack the city. 

     Now, the same sound was heard in Lennox's factories. Now he realised from where the weird crying sound was heard. Yes, it was the crying sound of woods he cut in the morning. 

     It was the next day, and now Lennox decided to go to the forest again. When he stepped near the entrance of the forest, he could not move further. The creepers and climbers closed the entrance and safeguarding the trees inside. He was afraid to see such a ghostly thing and rushed to his home. 

     But still The Cry of Woods were so loud, horrible and heartbreaking.

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