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Chriseeda Shinny

Abstract Horror Tragedy


Chriseeda Shinny

Abstract Horror Tragedy



6 mins 123 6 mins 123

             There was an area off the beaten track , which was far removed from other areas .The enterance was haunted with overgrown vegetation. Silence sustained everywhere around that place which warned of the potential peril and made us proceed with wariness. If something worse happens, it would take long time for help even though communications were possible.

             At the center of the overgrown vegetation there was a beautiful bangalow . Though the bangalow was beautiful it looked haunted the other way. It looked creepy because one could not recognise whether it was a threat or not.This uncertainty left everyone freeze in place & unease. The bangalow was large enough, dark , full of wondering architectural features like secret rooms , closets under staircases ,attics , secret basement etc . And insects, spider webs, rats , bats, and some creepy arthropods without those the features of haunted house would be incomplete.

            Confusing layout cause feelings of discomfort & darkness might cause everyone to get lost & create panic. Escape could further be resisted by fences , hedges or crumbling staircase. One could feel something supernatural around.

            There lived a lady wearing black cloak , and pointed hat who had many magical powers. Yeah , probably she should be a witch. Basically all witches were bad & evil but unfortunately this witch was not bad she was amiable, kind-hearted & super cool , she loved kids, she wished if she had one. Everyone ignored her because of her appearance looking weird & that's why she was living in this isolated haunted bangalow .

           Near this isolated area, there was a busy village . People were walking along the road . Parents were busy working for their children. Grandpas were talking stories sitting on the stone bench under the big baniyan tree. Children were swinging on the branches of the baniyan tree. People there had strong belief in rituals & superstitions. 

           There lived a poor family a mother , father with 3 children . A sorcerer told that if they killed the first girl child , they would become rich. So they dared to kill the little girl. They were preparing for the sacrifice. The little girl was miserable & she was in fear that her own parents were going to kill her . She was weeping. They kept fire on the woods & were praying mantras.They were about to push the little girl into the fire.

           At the same time, the witch was entering the village to gather some materials needed for her survival . As soon as people saw the witch they started running . They thought that something bad was about to happen to the village because of the witch. The witch saw the weeping little girl & ran to the place where they were about the push the girl into fire. 

          Witch chanted magic spell & darkness filled the place . People in the village thought that the witch caused some disaster . They thought she cursed the village . So everyone went to their home & closed the doors.Suddenly there was heavy down pour of rain & it washed away the fire. The parents of the little girl & the sorcerer also ran away leaving the child all alone because they thought however the witch would kill their child & however they were going to become rich.

          Everyone ran except the little girl. She was looking at the witch with pitty face and was crying. The witch asked the little girl why were they trying to kill her . She told her past . Then the witch asked her not to worry & follow her. Now, witch felt happy that her wish came true. She got a child. 

          The little girl followed her but with fear. The overgrown vegetation were taller than her. She was looking here and there and followed the witch . As soon as they reached the bangalow the front door shut with a creak. The little girl could hear her heart beat even , it was that hushed. Then, the little girl was curious about the sorcery . She asked the witch how to bring back the Sun again. The witch told her that it takes months as her Magic Powers were so powerful.The Girl was asking about the magic spell. The Witch replied her that she learned those from the magic book

          Next day , witch asked the girl to keep the house clean & she went to the forest nearby for bring the materials need for her magic powers. As the girl was very much curious , she cleaned the bangalow very fast & grabbed the magic book . She started chanting magic spell to bring back the Sun. She was mixing the ingredients and unfortunately she didn't have heart, yes , the heart of spider......she doesn't know how to separate heart from spider so she decided to put the entire spider . But now, ohoh ! She forgot where she left reading...poor little girl ! ....It was time for the witch to come & she was reading the spell very fast & then she misspelt the words but however she completed. Suddenly she could see the sun shine she was happy that her magic spell worked.

         Witch entered home & she was wondering what happened to her spells & how did the Sun appear. She thought that she was loosing her magic powers & she decided to increase her power on the blue moon day . 

         The next day the intensity of the sun was very high than before . Weather caster declared it as "The Super Summer" . But the witch was still wondering how summer appeared early. She predicted that something danger was ahead.

         People in the village could not walk along the road & most of them fainted . Everyone felt thirsty all the time. Kids no more playing . The Sun rose early & set very late. The days were the longest and nights were the shortest. People thought that the witch cursed the village with Super Summer. Waters bodies were drying day by day. Tress were shedding their leaves without water. Underground water level was going down. People could not survive the heat. So everyone decided to leave the village. And probably, ants everywhere having fun & enjoying foods. 

         Ants didn't leave witch's bangalow also. Ants took rule over all the places & they were enjoying collecting varieties of foods. Witch chanted magic spell against the ants & they became rats .........and this time she didn't mean that. Now everything goes wrong . The witch was going mad she couldn't understand what was happening. Every spell goes wrong this time. Again she chanted spells upon rats & now they became swans. So many swans ....... But far better than rats !Number of swans in the village succeeded the number of people.

         Now, the poor little girl realized her mistake & surrendered to the witch . Now witch understood where they had gone wrong . She asked the little girl to go to the village and make them stay safe inside houses. Villagers were shocked to see the little girl alive . But somehow they agreed to stay inside home rather than migrating.

         It was a blue moon night , now the witch went to the Mountain top & was chanting magic spells to get back her powers.And now she was back to the form . She got extra power to control natures. And what next ?

         The summer was cool again & everyone enjoyed summer .The villagers who believed in rituals and superstition now believed in magic spells . 

Magic continues............................!


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