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Reet Khimavat

Action Children Fantasy


Reet Khimavat

Action Children Fantasy

The Cape Of Magic

The Cape Of Magic

12 mins 488 12 mins 488

It’s 31st December. The end of the year 1999 and everyone is happy but one house is there in which the people are sad. It’s because there is going to be a birth of a baby. But the people of the house and the village do not want the baby to be born on that day because there was a festival going on ‘The Cape Day’ ( It is a festival of witches and so if any baby borns on that day the village people thinks that the baby is in a bad witch’s shadow). It is believed very horrible for the ordinary people and so if any baby borns on that day, the village people would either kill the baby or leave him in the woods. Looking at the lady it was looking like the baby was going to born on that day only. The lady controlled her pain till 11:08 PM but after that she couldn’t control her pain. So the people took her to the hospital at 11:15 PM and reached there by 11:30 PM. The surgery started at 11:35 PM and at 12:02 AM, the doctor came out and sadly told “A baby boy“.

The village people had no choice so they called the man who used to send anyone to leave or kill the babies born on that day ( As maximum babies were born on that day only ). But the man told it's no need to send the baby in the forest or kill him. But everyone told, “No no, we have to throw him." Everyone forced him to throw the baby in the forest so the man took the baby and he went home and packed food, extra tires, water cans, extra clothes, tents, plastic mats, etc. Then he drove his Jeep to a rally which nobody knew and lived peacefully for two months.

But after that the mayor of his town found him. He came there and said, “How dare you live here?” and the man replied, “Now two months have passed away and nothing has happened.......” he could not complete his sentence as the mayor said in between, “Hey how could you say nothing has happened? Oh I got it nothing has happened to you but in the village my farm house has been burnt, the forest have caught fire, the mother of this child has died. One by one all the village people are leaving the village and you say nothing that has happened."

All the men and mayor started crying and stopped after some time and the mayor told, “Now you throw this child into the Valley forest or we will throw you too in the forest.”

The man had no choice. He threw the child into the forest and went with the mayor back to the village. He was very much sad and was feeling guilty for what he had done. So he went to a nearby sea and drowned himself and he died; but the baby on the other side was not killed but he was crying very much as he had no one around him. At that time, the godmother of the witches was collecting some herbs and heard someone crying. So she went there, where the baby was crying. She saw him and she was very pleased to see a baby. As she had no child, she decided to keep the child with her. She took him to the her house in the witch world and she noticed something shiny in the baby’s hand. When she saw it clearly, she was astonished to see a ‘CELESTINE’ gem in a human's hand and she decided to keep his name ‘Celestin’. Godmother was the head in the I.J.F.W ( International Justice For Witches ). As she was the head she went to the main hall of her castle at 8:30 AM and she returned at 9:00 PM. She had hided Celestin at the basement of the castle. Every day when she came back from the main hall she played with Celestin and teached him magic spells. She wanted Celestin to be powerful as she dreamed Celestin to be the king after her. Everything was going peacefully until an evil witch who was the second most powerful after the godmother and all the other witches came to know about Celestin as he was now 11 years old and he wanted to come out of that lonely basement. He went out of the basement and went to the main hall and everyone saw him. On seeing Celestin everyone asked godmother, “Who is he, why did she hide him etc-etc?”. And godmother told that he is my child and everyone praised Celestin and godmother was very happy as everyone saw Celestin and didn’t noticed that he was a human.

From that day godmother took Celestin into the main hall and he sat besides her and listened to the conversation. The evil witch was very much angry and jealous as she was the second most powerful after Godmother. She didn’t want anyone to become more powerful than her ; after thinking for sometime she did a magic to see the past of Celestin to see any problems of him that she can tell to another witches so they can throw him out of the witch world. She sees the real past of Celestin and also sees that he was a human. She was feeling proud of herself that she had found a way to throw Celestin out of the witch world. The next day she goes to the main hall and tells, “Hey everyone, I have an interesting news for everyone." And Celestin was gone out for hunting and she told everyone about Celestin’s real past and godmother was very much scared after listening to the witch’s news and told everybody, “Please listen, Please listen” but nobody listened and everyone suddenly catched up the evil witch and threw her out of the witch world and she was too much angry. And she went to take revenge.

The evil witch thinks and thinks of how to take revenge. She did a magic to see what can be done to take revenge and sees the builder of magic that was the human magician who had came first in the world of magic and she steals the magical item that was used to get something that anyone wanted. She had that Gem and now she wanted ‘The Cape Of Magic’ for herself and she wished for it, On the other side the builder of magic didn’t get the gem that he had made so he went to the witch world and discussed it among godmother and Celestin. Celestin was deeply confused and he thought about it till many days and after some days a letter came and the letter was ‘Celestin, I am coming to take my revenge’. Celestin was very angry and he decided to make a new war suit for himself and so he called general magician The I.J.F.W wise head and godmother to make his new suit.They had made Celestin new suit in 5 days and in that time one soldier witch who was the soldier who stood at the border of the witch world and the second part witch world came and told Celestin that someone had conquered the witch world second part and Celestin was sure that the someone was the evil witch.

After four days the evil witch came to fight and take her revenge but she had the 'Cape Of Magic' too. Celestin had a plan too he would use the dream stone that godmother had given him for the fight and he came out in his new suit and the battle began. The witch did a super magic ball and made it more powerful with the cape and after that did a freezing attack but Celestin dodged it safely and wished the cape of magic on his head. Instantly the cape was on Celestin’s head and he did a super dark magical ball and defeated the witch he told her, “Get away or I will kill you,” and the witch replied, “I will see you.. you..” and she disappeared.

Everyone praised Celestin, godmother told that Celestin Should be the king after her. All the things went peacefully for many years and one thundering night Celestin saw a dream that one devil like someone had kidnapped godmother and after some days he came to the castle and challenged the Celestin. To fight with him and if he wins he will have the keeper of magic to fight with him and if he wins he will take the cape of magic and if Celestin wins he will have the cape and his mother too, and he wakes up frightenedly. He ran to godmother's room and she was sleeping there peacefully. Celestin was thinking that why did he see a dream like that, but he kept thinking and finally was asleep. After some months he decided to ask general magician that how could he get an answer to his question and so he asked him. The general magician answered, “If you want an answer think about it and where is the cape of magic.” After listening to it Celestin ran to his room and wore the Cape of magic and thought about it and he was in a new day and in his room and the general magician came running and told Celestin, “Prince! Prince! Godmother is not there."

Celestin said to general magician that I know when my mother will come but when she will come she will come with a devil. After nine days, one soldier came inside the castle and told Celestin that someone had came outside and he was calling Celestin outside as he had the cape of magic and the devil had godmother. On listening this, Celestin ran outside and saw that devil, that he had seen in his dream and told him, “Who are you and where is my mother?”

The devil answered, “I am the mighty Pekka.” And after that he said all the words that he had said in Celestin’s dream and Celestin agreed all of them. Battle started- Pekka first attacked Celestin with his sword but Celestin dodged it and he too attacked Pekka with his sword and because of it Pekka was angry. So he did a mighty fire ball and it hit Celestin too hardly. Celstin was unconscious and he woke up as he was sleeping. Celestin was very much confused that a minute before he was in a new day and after that he woke up as he was sleeping. Celestin thought and thought about it and finally decided to see the Cape of magic. He wore the Cape Of Magic And thought about his question and he saw a man making something with clothes, linen, pins, wooden cutters, glitters,etc. It was looking like he was making a new magical object. When he saw further, he saw that the man had made that cape of magic that he was wearing and when he saw more further he saw he was going to be married with a beautiful woman (and she was Celestin’s real mother); and he saw everything after his birthday and also realized that he was not the son of godmother.

Celestin was very-very upset and after some days he told godmother that he wanted to go to his real home. He was going to leave the witch world and so he started to pack up his clothes etc. He started on the entrance passage of the castle when somebody called him, “Celestin please wait! Please! Wait, wait Celestin.” The voice was of general magician standing besides ‘Alternio’ ( He was Celestin’s witch school friend ). Alternio ran through the entrance with the cape of magic in his hands and when he reached near Celestin he gave it to him. Celestin was very much sad and he hides his tears and runs away. He was crying all the way but finally saw the map and reached his real home but there was no one in the village. He cried very much and said slowly, “19 years later I came to see an empty and barren piece of land.” He was very much sad. After some days he decided to see a solution in the Cape Of Magic. He sees in it and he saw someone who was wishing to god to give him powers to make a new world of his own. And when he saw further he saw that the man was none other than the Pekka. Celestin understood that godmother was right about Pekka- he had built the witch world.

Celestin also decided to make a new world of his own and so prayed and prayed for 3 years, 7 months, 12 days and he was blessed with a boon to make a new world but if he made a new world he had to fight with the Pekka and if he won he would get to live in his new world and he accepted it. After five years he made his new world and he named his new world ‘The Dragons Labryinth.’ As per as his boon he had to fight with the Pekka and he went to fight. Pekka came and told Celestin, “Go away you child, you are nothing in front of me, go away.” Celestin then too wanted to fight and Pekka accepted the challenge and the battle started. Pekka defeated Celestin in just two moves and Pekka vanished into the witch world and Celestin was too much upset but God gave him one more chance and asked him to conquer the best weapon in the world named — ‘The Ultron Wand’. Celestin conquered it after 2 years and battling with its bodyguard. Now he challenged Pekka for the final battle and he accepted it , and the battle started. Pekka first did a hit with the sword but Celestin hit him on his head and broke his armor into pieces and in anger Pekka attacked and attacked with his sword but Celestin dodged everyone of them and at last Celestin cut his body into two halves and Pekka was dead. Celestine lived happily with godmother and his friend Alternio and everyone. He joined the witch world and The Dragons Labryinth.

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