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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Reet Khimavat

Children Inspirational


Reet Khimavat

Children Inspirational

The Real Guru

The Real Guru

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Once upon a time, in a small village of Gujarat in India, lived a small family of four people. They were a middle-class family but a happy family. There were two children in the family, one was a boy and one was a girl. They all lived happily and the boy used to go to the Gurukul for studying. The boy’s name was Ronak and his sister’s name was Abha.

After Five Years

The boy had completed his studies and he lived mostly with his friends and so he had learned a bad habit of stealing things and so at midnight when all the people slept they used to go and steal gold and money.

One day they decided to go to the house of the most wealthy person in the village. Their plan was successful and they hid the gold in their house.

The next morning when Ronak’s father woke up from his sleep he found all the gold that Ronak had stolen. He became furious and so he removed Ronak from his home and told his friend’s parents to remove them from their home.

Ronak and his friends were very upset and sad but they did not lose hope and they made a theft colony, where all thieves can leave freely and so after a year they made a theft colony.

They lived happily in that colony and once on a rainy day Ronak’s Guru came into the colony and requested Ronak to give him shelter for some days but Ronak told: “Guruji I am a thief now, so can you live with a thief for so many days?” His Guruji accepted to live with a thief for some days. But Ronak had kept a condition that his Guruji would not say anything to him for not becoming a thief.

After Four Months

Guruji was leaving Ronaks theft colony and he told Ronak two rules that he should remember till his last breath and they were:-

Do not eat an unknown thing.

When you want to kill someone, go back 7 steps.

Ronak told that he would remember these rules.

One day Ronak and his friends were returning from a nearby village, all of them were very hungry and one of them saw a tree with tasty looking fruits and so everyone went there and started to eat, but Ronak realized something. His Guru had told him not to eat any unknown fruit. So he threw the fruit and told others to eat it if they want and after a few minutes everyone gobbled the fruits and when they started to leave Ronak’s friend fell down as the fruit was a very poisonous fruit. Ronak was crying for his friends but was happy for himself as because he listened to his Guru he was saved.

After a month

Ronak was returning from a robbery and when he reached home he saw a man sleeping in his house, he dropped the bag and was furious. He took out his sword and advanced to kill the man but he again realized something. His Guru had told him to go seven steps behind before killing anyone.

He took seven steps and banged with a flower vase and the man woke up and said: “Brother when did you come home?” Ronak angrily said, “Who are you to call me your brother?” The man opened the mask and the man was none other than Ronak's sister. Ronak felt very bad as, if he had not listened to His Guru he would have killed his own sister.

Ronak’s Guru had the power to see the future as he had done a lot of meditation and saved the life of Ronak and his sister too.

This was the story of a true student and Guru. Everyone if listens to his or her Guru can be like Ronak.

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