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The Call

The Call

3 mins

“Wait a minute”…Where are we going? Kanika asked before jumping to other set of instructions she was going to give to Sanyam for her birthday party tonight.

“Tell me you’re kidding !” She exclaimed.

“Well…I may, I may not.” Sanyam spoke.

“Oh really ! I know you’re working on Saturday too this time, let alone planning anything on a Friday.” She changed the topic deeming it as a prank of her husband. “Let’s make it a private affair this time, no need to invite any of your friends or mine. They anyway come with fallen faces cribbing about how pathetic their day at work was and how difficult was it for them to turn up. I am sick of listening to same stories at every party and smiling on silly jokes for no reason.” she went on.

“Are you listening to me?? Let’s just invite your parents and my mom and some neighbors. Please na…”

“Shall I speak if you’re done with the whining?" said Sanyam, who still had a bounce in his voice.


“Thanks for being in my life Kanika, you mean the world to me.” He said.

“Ahan? Anything else? You already have wished me once in the morning before leaving for office, thrice on WhatsApp, and yeah…twice on phone now.” She counted.

“How was today’s meeting by the way? any plans to come home early? and it’s okay… I can manage the guests if you can’t, as I see the hectic weekend coming along for you.” Kanika assured.

“Ah..meeting went little too long. I’ll have my lunch now.” He said.

“It’s about to tick 4.00 P.M. you should eat something Hun.. and I was thinking why throw a party even? As such turning 33 is not a good reason to celebrate with many.” Kanika said wryly.

“Ummm…your coming into the world is way too special for me, samjhi?” He said.

“How come you’re always in mood?” She smiled.

“So if not a party….let’s run away somewhere.” He said naughtily.

“Yeah…Why not? come running home before 11.00 PM.” She said with love in the voice.

“Goa atleast?” He said.

“Like always?” her voice lifted.

“I guess” he whispered.

“You never fail to impress me.” She shouted.

“I manage not to break the trend.” He said.

“I also din’t tell you something” Her voice lowered.

“That you have already packed the bag?” in a voice that confirmed knowing more than asking.

“Damn! How do you know me so well?” She chortled.

“Because.. I love you?” he said in the tempest.

“Awww….you too deserve something now.” She said with the teary eyes.

“What? A pair of socks? Like last time? haha..”

“Noooo…A hug. Started for your office. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

“Ahan? and?”

“And nothing. Be downstairs I will have to rush back to office then. stupid.” She said.

“And you say you are turning 33?” Said Sanyam jokingly.

“Yeah. Its just you make me live every bit of it.”

“Lucky me” Both said together.

Call drops.

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