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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Khushboo Avtani



Khushboo Avtani


The Pizza

The Pizza

3 mins

It's your Birthday shona ! The sweet voice of my mother melted in my ears as she walked past my bed to wake me up for school.

I had never been excited about wearing new clothes on my birthdays albeit being a teenager. Maybe because I was never satisfied with the quality of clothes I have been made to buy always.

So choosing to wear the school uniform, I as usual waited for Maa to hand me Rs.10 after ransacking those creepiest boxes that have been kept as it is, for years to serve the same purpose.

Rs. 10 for my bus fare to and fro, as the school bus charged way too much for a lower middle class boy studying in a leading private school of the town.

My mother's love for sewing clothes made me go through the pain of thousands needles piercing my head every day I entered the classroom.

I did not have much friends for I spoke very less, and the reasons were quite obvious .

Today, I was happy as the day was all about counting hours for the upcoming blissful evening dissembled in the shadow of colorful covers of my otherwise bland books in the school.

Having no good friends saved me from going through the pressure of inviting them home for the Birthday party.

But there was a party for myself. "Pizza Party".

The cheese burst pizza oozing melted cheese from every slice.

Imagining it exactly like it is shown in the TV Commercial did complete justice to my food fantasies.

The sound of the last bell gave motion to my already vamoosed attention. I quickly took out the Rs.5 coin to ensure my return to home.

My feet felt lighter than ever after hopping out from the otherwise crowded public bus.

Upon reaching, I changed and started helping my mother in household chores to take my mind away from the day long reverie of savoring the big Rs.400 delicious pizza I had just heard about.

"I will share one slice with mother and one with sister, I don't think father would want to have it", I wondered.

"It's about to be 7.00 PM and your father may be here anytime with the mouth-watering gift for my prince", Maa said.

I somehow managed to occupy myself with one or the other useless tasks to keep my hunger and excitement under control as it was already 9.00 PM.

I could now see the vexatious worry on Maa's face as if denying to be disguised anymore.

And the bell rings, I jumped to open the door.


"Aye !! Happy Birthday Raja Beta" He fell on the floor.

It took no time for my disappointment to turn into disgust when I and Maa tried lifting his reeking body, spitting alcohol all around.

"I am hungry, bring something to eat you Bitch" he bellowed.

10 years passed, and It's my birthday again. My girlfriend has ordered cake and food for the friends and here comes the delivery guy. The faces lit and smiles broadened looking at the food boxes,

"Happy Birthday!!" Said everyone in unison.

"I am not hungry and I hate Pizza" I said.

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