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The Metacognition

The Metacognition

2 mins

Me: I am so addled on what's to be done with this constant dissatisfaction in whatever I do.

I always feel something is missing.

Myself.: But you're doing good.

Me: what's doing good? Can you define it?

Myself: Doing good is comfortable? 

If you're comfortable you're doing good.

Me: so to say. It still doesn't give me enough confidence to feel comfortable. 

Can't you see I'm so rudderless!

Myself: Maybe. What should we do about it?

Me: We should do something about it. Rather find something that makes us happy..and.. satisfied?

Myself: But isn't satisfaction a delusion? 

Mind never stops looking for betterment. There's no plateau in this graph.

It's either ascending or descending. 

Me: Let's call ascending the state which you're in right now and descending could be, you getting depressed about not being content anywhere. But none of it comes to fruition.

Yourself: you're making sense.

Me: I want to be at plateau! Anyhow. 

Because being at plateau can hold me well. Being there can keep me at bay from going nuts. I know I'll be happy there. 

Myself: So you don't want to go up in the graph?

Me: No. I want to be at the plateau. Because plateau ain't a myth.

Myself: Great. I now see something concrete in this omnium gatherum.

Me: Infact, being there would give me umpteen things to be curious about, which would open immense learning opportunities. 

Myself: I see. And a learner is always humble and someone humble is always open to criticism.

Me: And being able to take criticism itself is taking one step further towards improvement. Isn't it?

Myself: Oh yes, and Improvement keeps refining a person.

Me: And being refined in turn feels so great and satisfying. 

Myself: How about I write this on paper? Like I always do.

Me: Oh it would be so great..and... satisfying..

Myself: Eureka! 

Me: I should write.

Myself: Writing..satisfies my soul!

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