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The Wedding Day!

The Wedding Day!

5 mins

The boy is a clerk in a government bank. The family includes his mother, father and an elder brother who is married. Brother is a bank P.O and his wife is a teacher. Father is also earning. He is an Ayurvedic doctor. The family has a good social status and both his sons are very good, Vermaji spoke while biting hot pakoras served by Simi's mother. Mr. Srivastava sitting on the opposite chair was sipping tea and smiling. Mr. Srivastava is Simi's father and

Mr. Verma is his friend who works in the same office.

Mr. Verma was a pretty social man who believed in social work. Upon gauging Mr. Srivastava's interest in his proposal, he spoke again, you will not have to see anything. I can give you a full guarantee of the family. The boy is posted in the same town he is from. And the town is not very far from our city. He has no bad habits too. Such homely guy!

Smt. Srivastava, cleared throat and said with an unintended interruption 'Simi has been raised in the city. I need to first ask her if she would be comfortable staying in a town after marriage. You know kids these days, knowing their will is very essential.' she suddenly stopped speaking. Looked like Mr. Verma had to nod in agreement as the Pakoras he was savoring one by one were cooked by her.

'That is true; we will ask Simi and let you know at the earliest. Mr. Srivastava then started talking about politics, crime, weather, and inflation to change the topic.

Smt. Srivastava turned towards her husband and gave him a cold look 'Do you realise Simi has already cleared UPSC Preliminary exam and is studying hard for Mains'.

'Yeah ! Tell her to take care of her health too. I see she keeps studying in her room all the time like a nerd. I don't get to see her these days inspite of staying under one roof. Silly girl'.

'She is doing what she has to do. That's what people do when they give a competitive exam. If you could think of anything beyond your grocery shop, you would know this.' Smt. Srivastava frowned.

'Well, she has not cleared the mains yet. It's a long journey'. He said.

What kind of a father are you? So aloof! All what you care about is getting her married these days, don't you?

Yes, I do. Shouldn't I care about that as a father?

'You still can wait. She is 26 and aiming something big.'

'Twenty-six is not an issue if she has all the physical beauty.' He looked right into her eyes.

'Ahh! My Dimi. She sighed.

'What Ahh! The patches on her face, neck, and hands? Do you see them? They will keep increasing. Marrying would be even difficult then. I am telling you.'

"Be practical." He said exhaling a deep sigh.

She could not say anything.

There you are! Simi, exclaimed her brother looking at her coming out of the room.

She adjusted her glasses and chuckled 'what's happening people?'

'All gathered in one place. What discussion is going on?'

'Your marriage silly' her brother made a teasing noise.


'I can't marry now. I have an exam coming up. Have you all lost it?'

Nobody replied.

Simi turned towards her father and tried to snatch the biodata he was holding.

Her face contorted. 'I think I deserve better than this papa' she almost cried.

Her mother tried to calm her down and said 'It's not that you have to get married to him only. Calm down, focus on your exams.'

She finally was relieved and things normalized after that discussion. Two months passed. She took the exam with full-fledged preparation. She was confident this time. Now the only big thing to look forward to was the result.

She felt like a free bird. She planned a trip to Uttarakhand with her friends, shopped shoes and clothes. After coming back from the trip, she resumed her freelancing job. During this period, Mr. Verma gave her father a visit. He interacted with Simi for the first time.

'You must be Simi' he said after she opened the door and greeted him.

She knew him as he used to visit her house often. By the time he was talking to Simi, her father appeared.

Simi went back to her room.

Later at the dinner table, his father tried to make a conversation.

'So Simi, what have you thought about getting married to the guy we talked about?'

'Well, I didn't like him.' She said casually.

'Then you have got to like him because they seem pretty interested in you. They are very impressed by your endeavors to crack IAS'

'Anyone would be. It's not an easy thing to achieve after all' She said nonchalantly.

'You should be happy he wants to marry you, so you have to say yes too.'

'But I don't want to.' She couldn't stop herself from shouting.

'Okay so How many guys have you seen for marriage till date?' her father asked.

'None!' She said.

'I guess you know the reason of it! So stop expecting any Salman khan and Get hitched!' His voice turned heavy this time.

She was deeply hurt and kept crying in her room for many days without talking to anyone.

After fifteen days, the results were out. She had cracked the mains too. Her friends called her one after another, congratulating her on this big achievement. Many good luck messages flashed on her mobile screen all day long.

But she answered none because she was busy getting ready for her wedding day.

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