Khushboo A.



Khushboo A.




3 mins

She banged her old car's door after parking it in the congested basement of her building.

One of her hands was carrying the office laptop and the shoulder was bearing the tote bag while the other hand had a bag full of grocery and vegetables.

She looked infuriated and was sweating profusely.

She entered the lift and avoided eye contact with the elderly who happened to press the same floor button where she stayed.

Clink! The lift opened and the elderly looked at her face again to expect the exchange of smiles but she would not notice her.

Well, she rushed towards her apartment walking like a robot with all the baggage she carried.

She opened the door, entered the house, bolted it, threw all the bags on the couch in the living area and herself too.

It was a Saturday, 6.00 PM of a hot summer. She switched the AC on and folded herself on the couch making space amidst the heaped fellow articles.

The slumber disrupted by a phone call that she avoided. It was 6:30 PM by then. She thought of making herself some coffee and went to the kitchen. She seemed tired and frustrated. Her face is so pale as if she wanted an elixir of cheerfulness and positivity in her life.

She anyhow dragged herself towards the kitchen and poured boiling water into the cup. While she lifted the ankles to reach the coffee jar on the upper shelf, her gaze captured the outside sky.

She rushed out into the balcony. To her surprise the weather had changed suddenly, making the clear shining sky full of clouds.

She could see the setting sun sneaking between the foamy clouds. She looked up and kept looking up. Brought her cup of coffee and sat in the chair beside the fence.

Her hands cupping the cup were extended out of the balcony railing. She appeared to be in some kind of sad, deep thought.


A drop falls on her hands.

She sobs.

Tip! Tip!

Few more drops in the cup mixing with the coffee.

She cries.


She cries more.

The cool breeze starts to blow...

And her contorted face is getting softer and better just like rains wash the skin of dusty hot Earth and makes it green again.


She is smiling now.


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