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Lust, Love & Finer Emotions

Lust, Love & Finer Emotions

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Kamesh was a traveler. By profession a journalist devoted to travelogues and travel experiences. He had been to many exotic locations, but none as beautiful as these verdant forest lands of Kerala. He was there for a story on tribals who still inhabit the tropical forests in the state. The story took him to the forests leading to the Ayyapa shrine where the river Pamba flows.

It was here he chanced to meet the tribal girl, and just fell in love with her. Her sensuality enamored and aroused him. He could take easy advantage of her guileless innocence and despite some reservations on her part, he could finally have her. Things would not have been complicated had she not been married to a powerful local chieftain. When he came to know of the sacrilege, the chieftain cried for his blood.

Kamesh fled the scene and returned to Delhi, to the safety of his hometown. But he could never forget the girl. Meanwhile, the angry chieftain vowed to all and sundry that he would avenge the misdeed. The girl, his wife, was summarily tried by a court and sentenced to a life of destitution. The chieftain’s honor had been wounded beyond repair and he had lost his lovely wife to her infidelity. 

It took the chieftain a few calls to activate a few powerful connections to track Kamesh down to his Delhi office and home, and a flight to reach Delhi to teach him a lesson. The same channel which helped the Chieftain track him, also tipped Kamesh off, as a friendly gesture to a journalist. 

Kamesh was in a quandary. How far could he run and for how long? A confrontation was on the cards, and he feared the worst consequences for himself. He spoke to a few influential friends but they refused to intervene. After a great deal of worrying, he finally contacted a lady friend whom he knew by an earlier passionate association. This lady friend was a professional seductress.

Kamesh had hit upon a simple plan. He asked his lady friend to use her guile and charm to seduce the chieftain. The lady found the proposition preposterous. She could lose her life if he found out that she was working for Kamesh. She found no reason to get involved in such a messy affair. Kamesh pleaded with her. He offered money sufficient to make her job worthwhile. And finally, she bit the bait.

Kamesh employed a few of his trusted assistants to track the chieftain in the town. He found out that he was put up at a hotel. The lady began stalking him and with some bit of luck, she managed a seat at a restaurant where the chieftain was having drinks and dinner. She could see that he was quite agitated as he spoke in his native language with his friends. Twice he caught her eyes but hardly held the gaze. She was on the verge of giving up the wait when one of the persons at his table came up to her and asked her whether she was waiting for someone.

One thing led to the other and soon she was talking to the chieftain. He did not understand English or Hindi. Liquor had already made him relaxed. With the aid of his friend, he conversed with her. He was telling her that she was beautiful and reminded him of his wife. She wanted to know more about his wife but found him not so forthcoming about her. She could feel his eyes roving all over her, but with a lot of discretion. She made his job comfortable by showing off bits and pieces of flesh. The assistant was salivating.

The chieftain got emotional after a while. He was in Delhi on important business, a matter of honor. He was in pursuit of his tormentor, he confessed. And soon, the story came out. To her utter surprise, the strong emotions brought tears in his eyes. She quickly pulled out her kerchief. Silently, she took his hands in hers in sympathy. He wished to leave. She offered to drop him wherever he wanted and he accepted it quietly. They drove to his room. Once inside, he broke down again and put his head in her Such a situation was not expected and the seductress was taken aback. She ruffled his hair and consoled him. She was beginning to feel genuine sympathy for him, and anger for what Kamesh had done to him.

The chief finished sobbing and was profusely apologetic about it. He had become emotional on seeing her as she reminded him of his wife. He wished his wife had not done such a treacherous thing to him. She had gained nothing out of it but they lost everything. He had loved his wife more than anyone, more than he loved himself.

The Seductress was melting. She felt a new respect for the man in distress, genuine distress. She looked at him with new eyes and found him attractive. He could not have been more than thirty-five, tall, well built, more wheatish than brown. She could see his muscles rippling beneath his shirt and the thick hair on his chest and legs. His thick mustache complemented his evident manhood. She felt a stirring in her, never felt before. She had laid and had been laid by many men, all for money, never for love. Men with frustrations, men in lust, impotent men wishing to have unquestioning sex...she had seen them all. She had done wild things with men who paid her more than what she had asked for.

Here was a different scenario, one she had never encountered before, and she was finding it difficult to understand and manage. Were the roles being reversed on her? It did not seem to her that the chieftain was sexually interested in her. On the contrary, she now seemed to be filling up with desire, maybe even lust for this emotional hulk. She put her hand where his shirt parted to show the hair on his chest. As she gently runs her hand into the thick jungle of his chest she felt aroused. And she was feeling good all over. She began exploring beyond and her skin began to tingle. Wise men say that love lies beyond the skin while Lust is skin deep. History is replete with the depiction of the erotic as a divine act. Khajuraho, many places where sculptors had weaved eroticism beyond our vulgar imaginations.

Come to think of it, the pleasure of love is something that goes beyond the passion of the flesh. Religious and spiritual practices are aimed to make us powerful enough to rise above the gross and reach the subtle plains of existence. Many wise men of yore had said the same about physical love Well, philosophy apart, the seductress was ignorant of all this except the fact that she was overpowered with a newfound feeling in her. And she was feeling pleasure not imagined by her earlier. And the chieftain? What did he feel about it?

The chieftain had stopped wailing and was watching the lady with utter fascination. What was she up to? It was quite evident that she was getting aroused. She was hardly aware of him, her eyes were closed and she was doing all this for herself, not for him. Our chieftain was a tribal by birth. His ancestors had lived a different life, one that had no trappings of present human sophistication. He had heard stories of how men and women in the tribe conducted themselves, unaware of institutions like society and marriage. Menfolk were not used to the feeling of jealousy and possessiveness. The children born of mating grew up and were looked after by the entire tribe. The chieftain was responsible for the welfare of all and provided for all alike.  

As he watched the lady getting more and more involved, trying to merge herself with him, he thought fondly of his wife. He had done a terrible mistake. He was mistaken, he felt, in thinking that his wife had dishonored him and his tribe. This was not how his forefathers would have thought. He had done great injustice to his wife and it was now his duty to rectify his mistake. He would go back and reclaim her, restore her honor and place in the tribe. He knew other tribal brothers and sisters would disagree with him. He was the chieftain, and he would convince them that this is how forefathers would have handled the situation.

But the man who had violated her was not his tribe. He was a demon and he had done what he had done out of corrupt lust. He had no love for her or his tribe. And thus he was an enemy. As the chieftain, It was his solemn duty to punish the enemy, and he swore by his forefathers that he would mete out appropriate punishment to the demon. The seductress woman would help him in getting the devil, he was sure. He lifted her face gently and kissed her on her lips. She did not open her eyes. She was looking beautiful and he gently unrobed her to see what she looked like. And then they both made love.

The seductress was awake and in his arms. He was kissing her forehead, thinking about how he could ask for her help to slay the demon. The seductress was crying, and he could not understand why. Had he done something wrong? Had he hurt her emotions, got her into some sort of trouble.

The seductress confessed to the chieftain. She had been sent by the demon to seduce him and pack him off. Instead, she had fallen in love and he had given her what she got from no other man. How treacherous she had been? How can she make amends?

Ayyappa! What games do you play? The chieftain recalled the folklore about how Lord Ayyappa was born. And he smiled to himself. Legend has it that Lord Shiva had violated a girl of his tribe in the heat of passion. The girl was married to one of his forefathers, a tribal chieftain. The chieftain went on a long penance and prayer and sought powers from Gods to avenge the sacrilege of Shiva. After years, he got what he wanted and set out to Mount Kailash. The guilty Lord, knowing he did not have the power to stop the chieftain, sought Lord Vishnu’s help. Legend says that Lord Vishnu turned himself into a beautiful seductress and seduced the chieftain and succeeded in calming his rage. When Lord Shiva went out to find what had happened, he met the seductress and got enamored by her, and mated her. The seductress was none other than Lord Vishnu. The child born of this unusual, but divine mating was none other than Lord Ayyappa, who then ruled the jungles of Kerala, over tigers and beasts and all others.

It seemed to the chieftain, our present one, that the Lord was replaying his Leela. He laughed as he looked at the seductress. Had he just mated with Lord Vishnu? The lady looked puzzled.

Divine game or not, he had to avenge Kamesh’s misdeed. He knew Kamesh was no Lord Shiva. He spoke to the seductress and told her his objective. He also told her that she now must come with him to his tribe and live as his wife. She was one with him now, but if she chose, she can refuse to help him or even go with him. It was her choice. The seductress felt strangely cleansed and purged of all her sins. A new sense of purpose had dawned on her otherwise wasted life. This man before her had changed her life forever.

The punishment was meted out to Kamesh. She had gone to him with the good news that the mission assigned to her had been accomplished. He was ecstatic. He could not believe it could end so quickly and without any violence. The stupid chieftain had actually fallen for this seductress! Now he was free! He took out the scotch and toasted the victory. Then he had sex with the seductress. The seductress was above him in the bed. She had brought with her a pair of sharp new scissors. She reached for her handbag and took it out. And before the befuddled mind of Kamesh could even register what was happening, she caught hold of his testicles and chopped them off, in one quick movement. She collected the bloody dismembered balls and put them in a small zip pouch she had specially carried with her. She went to the washroom, cleaned up and left. 

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