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Samuel Dsouza

Comedy Romance Classics


Samuel Dsouza

Comedy Romance Classics

Soul Mate

Soul Mate

2 mins 247 2 mins 247

…I would do anything to have the perfect love like my character which I have, come to love, she is thankful, loveable, surrender herself to her love completely. If her partner hurt her, she whisper her pain to him in quietness of her mind and he understands the stupidity and apologise to her by holding close into his arm in which she love snuggles too. They have come to learn and understand each other flaws and strengths, learnt how to work with them, and enhance each other qualities with one and another.

       He knows she is his rock, and in weakness, he comes to her to calm his nerve and help him think straight, so she would lead him on his path of realization and finding himself again, and she lean on him for any support and guidance in time he always there with her. The bond beyond love which not measured, weigh, or calculated in any form neither it is like your partnership, it seems like selfless giving to each other. One analogy to remove money from the bank you have to invest a lot time, energy and unconditional giving on yourself.

There are times when life cooks up a storm, but they bend in strong winds and lay low like small grass and trees, or be a mountain with like Old Oak tree that have collected generations of time line with roots so deep spread like web all underground. Every night when they go to bed, she like to sleep close to his listening to his heartbeat, though the snoring is like thunder holding on him tight, so if death come she can hang on to him and if it his turn she got him tightly in grasp.

Every few have this kind of bond, like couple that are paired for life for when God might have asked them what you wish, to have every moment of love shared with someone special for all eternity

Oh! Love hear my call, my cry

Don’t hide from me in my dreams; I just seen for a while

When in flesh and bones thou to me you come,

So you and I can be two but in reality we are one.

Let sit on the beach, to hear sea talk

The breeze that blows as our Lord takes a walk

Bless our union with life and more

The flames of love within our hearts; our face glows

Thank you, for you being a part of me,

Thank you to accept my surrender willingly

I am yours more than now and every more

Our love is gift enkindle within our souls…


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