Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".
Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Kodeeswari Thinakaran

Children Drama


Kodeeswari Thinakaran

Children Drama

Shyama's Dream

Shyama's Dream

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May I invite our next recipient Mrs. Shyama, the Managing Director of Sakshi Garments, one of the most famous exporters in our city.

We welcome you, Mam and request you to share your successful journey with us.

Thank you so much for the introduction.

My name is Shyama and I’m from a middle-class family. I’m a degree holder.

I feel immense pleasure to share my successful journey with you all.

My father was a clerk in an office. My mother was a home maker. I have a younger sister. She is a very loving and caring sibling. My parents were a little strict and never allowed us to play outside with other children.

My mother always said that girls should be at home and their place is the kitchen.

We studied in a govt. school near our village. At school, we were very naughty, at the same time, we concentrated on our studies too. We participated in all the competitions conducted in our school but our parents never allowed us to participate outside our school.

Both of us were all- rounder. We participated in essay writing, drawing, sports, cultural activities, etc. Our teachers supported us. But, our parents were not happy with our achievements. We felt little upset. So, we used to appreciate each other. We got so many medals, certificates, shields, etc.

I was studying in 10th std. Girls in our village were not allowed to continue their higher education after 10th std. They would be sent to tailoring class or find a groom and get them marry. It was very pathetic that a girl, who dreamt of continuing her education, would get shattered by these old fashioned people.

I, too, came across the same situation. But, I fought with my father and continued my higher education. I passed my 12th std with good marks. After my result, I was made to join a tailoring class. My parents started searching for groom. A good middle – class family came with the proposal of their son. The groom was working as an accountant in an office. His parents were narrow – minded and expected me to be at home.

My dream was to become an entrepreneur and fight for women in villages. I expressed my wish to my husband. First, he hesitated on thinking about his parents. Later, he accepted.

Years went on, I gave birth to a girl child. As I was busy in taking care of my little one, I forgot about my dream.

One day, my husband came to me and asked, “Do you wish to study?”

Without any hesitation, I accepted his request. My in-laws didn’t accept it. He convinced them. Half-heartedly, they allowed me to pursue my higher studies.

I joined a fashion designing college as I had an experience in tailoring and interest in drawing. I participated in Inter-collegiate competitions and won many prizes. My husband felt very happy on my success. Gradually, my in-laws started encouraging me. This appreciation triggered me to do something big beyond my studies.

I completed my college education with flying colours. Then, one day, I asked my husband about starting a garments business. I asked him for a loan to start my business. He accepted and arranged a loan for my business.

On an auspicious day, I started my business with the blessings of all. My parents also felt very happy on my growth. I gave job, especially for the destitute and physically challenged people. They should live in this world, with dignity. I arranged vehicle to pick up them. Slowly, my business started shooting up.

My family encouraged me to open up two more branches. I opened branches and one of my branches was taken care of by my sister.

I went abroad to attend seminars on fashion designing. Initially, I was travelling to other countries regarding my business. Then, I started conducting seminars and workshops in India itself. I got good comments on my workshops. Many women joined my company.

The reason behind all my success is my husband.

There is a saying, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.

In my life, its vice-versa,

“Behind every successful woman, there is a man”.

The man may be a – father, son, brother, husband or friend.

I am very delighted and would like to receive this award from the man who is behind my success.

We request Mr. Nikhil, the man behind Mrs. Shyama’s successful journey, to say a few words.

“Women deserve a chance to exhibit their talents. Don’t shut them in kitchen or home. They can do miracles in this world. Never suppress their abilities and emotions. Encourage them”.

We thank both of you. We feel so motivated to see such an inspiring couple.


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