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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Ring In The New Year In Style

Ring In The New Year In Style

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The wardrobe was wide open. Stacks of clothes were neatly piled on each shelf. There were a few precious evening gowns hung on display too. But Leena just could not decide on the attire for the New Year party. The mauve long skirt with a laced off-shoulder cream top seemed too casual for the occasion. Maybe she could wear the deep red heavy cotton Kurti with a designer flair and unique cuts. ‘Yes! That would be the most appropriate one. Maybe I can team it with the gold and ruby dangling earrings, a single ruby pendant and appropriate high heels,’ she thought.

Her husband was all ready to go when he found her still debating on what to wear.

“Come on Leena,” he remarked. “Make your choice fast and get going. It is already late.”

“Okay, Okay!” she replied. Having chosen the attire, it took her a good fifteen minutes to dress up.

Akshay was getting impatient. As usual, he could not understand why it took so much more time for ladies to get dressed, while men could get ready in a jiffy.

Just then Leena came out of the room.

Akshay gaped in admiration. ‘A style icon, that’s what she is, a vision in red,’ he thought.

An exclusive red and gold crisscross woven handbag slung on her shoulder had completed the outfit.

With the confidence of being appropriately dressed for the occasion, she walked along on her husband’s arm.

They were late but then that’s what partying is all about. They reached just in time for the dance that preceded the final countdown to the New Year. As she swept the dance floor held close in Akshay’s loving arms, she drew admiring glances from many in the Hall.

The balloons, fireworks and glistening graffiti at the stroke of midnight signaled the dawn of a new year. The lovely, young couple joined the celebrations with their friends to usher in the New Year in style.

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