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An Inexplicable Lethargy

An Inexplicable Lethargy

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Beautiful orange hues lit up the sky gradually signaling dawn. Amita was enthralled by the picturesque beauty of the rising sun set against the backdrop of a hazy blue horizon. Sipping a cup of tea, she sat on the verandah overlooking the frothy white waves lashing against the seashore. A wave of inexplicable lethargy overcame her. She did not want to leave this setting and go back to her mundane chores of the day. She had an appointment with an office colleague who wanted to discuss some details of a forthcoming project. Generally she would have been enthusiastic about such discussions, but after yesterday’s visit to the doctor, she was not in a mood.

Not that her visit to the doctor had been eventful. It had just been a routine visit, which after her recent tryst with dengue, had been necessitated. The doctor had confirmed that she had fully recovered and she could join her duties anytime. But somehow this morning she felt as if she should take one more day off. She regretted having told her colleagues at the office that she would report back today. She dragged herself up from the chair and carried her empty cup to the kitchen basin.

“What’s the matter?” asked Sudhir concerned at the slow pace with which she walked.

“Nothing,” she answered. “I just don’t feel like going to the office today.”

“Take a day off, Amita,” he said. “Anyway, you are rejoining after almost two weeks. One more day will not make much of a difference.”

“But what about the appointment that I have with Deepak today?” she asked.

“Just ring him up and tell him that you will meet him tomorrow instead. Anything can wait. Your health is most important.”

Amita wanted to hug him. She was waiting for someone to tell her to take leave, and Sudhir just did so. It helped that theirs was a family concern and Sudhir was her husband, Boss-cum-Partner.

 She took out her cell and dialed Deepak’s number, while sinking lazily on her seat in the verandah again. 

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