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The Kite

The Kite

2 mins 328 2 mins 328

The stall in the market had kites of various shapes on display. Karan looked on wistfully as a few ladies were buying fancy kites for their children. He knew he could not afford to buy one, nor could he ask his mother to buy a kite for him, as they were struggling to make ends meet after the untimely demise of his father some years back. His mother worked as a domestic help in a few houses and somehow they were managing their day to day expenses. To spend a few precious rupees on a kite would be a sacrilege. But Karan was just a child. He wanted to desperately fly a kite. He kept looking longingly at the kites on display.

Anurag had finished his work for the day and was returning home, when he saw the kite stall at the market. He went and inspected them to find a good one for his son who would be waiting for him at home. He selected a bright red fish shaped kite with a long tail. Just then his eyes fell on the little boy staring wistfully at the kites.

“Hey!” he called.

Karan was startled. ‘Was the man calling him?’

“Yes, you, little boy,” said Anurag looking at Karan. “What’s your name?”

“Karan,” replied Karan.

“Karan, do you know to fly a kite?” asked Anurag.

Karan nodded in affirmation.

 “Then, would you like to try flying this one for me?”

Karan was gaping in astonishment. Then he nodded.

Anurag gave him the kite and Karan excitedly tried flying it. The kite rose up beautifully in the breeze. Then he handed it back to Anurag.

Anurag was watching the excitement on the boy’s face. A smile played on Anurag’s lips. ‘Niraj, my son, would have displayed the same excitement. This poor boy looked like he wanted the kite but could not buy. Why not buy two and give one to Karan?’ he thought.  

Taking out money from his wallet, he asked the stall owner for two kites and handed over one to Karan.

Karan was hesitant. But Anurag told him, “You are the same age as my Niraj. Think of it as a gift from an uncle and enjoy yourself.”

Karan happily accepted the kite. He was over the moon with joy.

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