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Prapti Gireesh Balaganur



Prapti Gireesh Balaganur




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It was a rainy day, the weather outside was cool. Raindrops on the window glass of our house was a sort of love bites. Early morning all in our home were enjoying tea. I was still on my bed. Cold feet under warm blanket felt to be at this state. It was a Sunday. Soon I heard my mother calling me. I just woke up, did all my routine and came out with a fresh face, I them greeted grandmother, mother and father. Enjoyed my breakfast and started to play the puzzles. Soon I could feel some pain at my feet, when looked at found an ant on my feet. I hit it hard. Surprisingly, I saw a line of an ants at the corner of my room. I started hitting them one by one. I killed 6-7 ants. Hearing my hitting sound, my grandmother peeped in my room and asked.

Grandmother: Dear, what was the sound about?

Me: Nothing grandma, I am giving ants sugar to eat. I think my grandmother sensed that I am lying. She asked me to open my palm. I couldn’t escape but be caught. Seeing dead ants in my palm she felt sad. She called me and we both sat on the bed.

Grandmother: Why did you kill the ant?

Me: It was disturbing me by biting me grandma.

Grandmother: You could have cleared them than killing them.

Me: This is our house and my room, why should the ant enter here

Grandmother: See dear, ant has built its house in our room, it doesn’t know whose place is this, “Every living this on this earth has a right to live”

Grandmother thought of explaining me further. She asked me, if there was a demon who would eat a human being, would you be happy to see him

Me: Of course!! No grandma

Grandmother: then in that case ant looks you like a demon as you harmed them. Better let them live happily

Me: (Sad face) Understood grandma, I am sorry for my act today. I promise that henceforth will not harm any living things, but insects be careful with time and see that I do not cause any harm to them

Grandmother: (patting my back) proud of you dear….

I just ran to the kitchen to get some sugar for feeding ants now. Once I fed the ants with sugar my grandmother also insisted me to share this message with my friends too but I had a doubt in my mind, thought to get this checked with my grandma 

Me: Grandma, we are vegetarians, many of my friends are not, they need the meat for their food, is this not unfair?

Grandmother: I agree, this is unfair but not one living thing on this planet exists without harming the other and this is the lifecycle however, we being humans can always reduce harming others. Nowadays people are making changes to their lifestyle, going vegan is also helping them to better their health. Endorsed by the vegetarian society, events are held 

across the world to illustrate the recipes of the veggie food. National vegetarian week in 2018 was celebrated between May 14 to 20 which highlighted the benefits and pleasure of meat free diet

Me: Thanks grandmother, now I am clear with all the doubts. Henceforth I understand that “Every living this on this earth has a right to live”


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