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Alemseged Sisay


Raised From The Tomb

Raised From The Tomb

6 mins

The morning sunlight permeated to the bedrooms via the opened window, passing the curtain. Her face was not covered by the blanket while she awakens from that sweet dream. While she opened her starry eyes slowly, the rays of the fond sun infiltrated her before she gasped and took the fresh air deeply. Suddenly her bedroom door sounded a buzzing sound while her sister opened it. Usually, at that time, this young girl wishes to see her boyfriend come in and hue her, then to do the morning sweet sex before eating and drinking victuals. “Why did you come here? I don’t want to see you at this time.” She said to her sister; but her sister purposely went close to her and sat at the verge of her bed, and said that “I want to tell you all things, it is a fantasy, O! my God.” … the heart of her sister looked captivated to listen to the news and asked her ” what is it? What happened?”

“All things were in my dream, I had thought and acted with zombies in my dream. Wow! All prophecies of bad luck to our world has passed away. I observed all.” She said.

“What?! Did you observe about the apocalypse?” she asked.

“Yea, I was dead in my sleep.”

“Ok, then?”

“ I saw when I awaken from death, filled with energy to destruct the tomb, I sensed as my broken skeletons collected from the soil to rejoin again, all termites did vomit and returned all flesh of mine; and my body built itself again.” Suddenly her sister vomited while she heard her narration.

“What happened my dear sister, is it an appropriate history to make you uncomfortable?”

“Just talk, I am hearing you, oh my God, how termites returned your fleshes?” she asked her in return.

“I don’t know but as I remember, all termites were seen vomiting in front of my bare body and what they did vomit were my taken organs which had been soiled for long years after my death.”

“Okay, then?”

“Then I rebuilt again, I felt empowered and strong, then started to push the roof of the ossuary, then I could fragment the wall of the tomb and risen up from the burial place; then I saw many people running by dreading me.”

“Oh, zombie. Oh my God.” Her sister started to fear and fled from her bedroom.

“Where are you going now! Sit down! I want to finish the story!” her sister warned her. And in the other one fear is getting to be high.

“Ok, you were a zombie.”

“Yeah, all people, they did try to escape from me and others. They all were worried and saying ' O Lord, the apocalypse is now, zombies are here to eat us.' But I remember, I was kind to be in touch with them and to be their best friend. I wanted affection, but they started to fight me and other zombies, too. O! how many bullets pierced my body? I couldn’t count.” Then she looked concentrated on her sister’s face by being silent. Unfortunately, her sister was obsessed by her narration, her mind was controlled by some unknown spirits of this universe. Her behaviour started to deviate from the normal to demonic one. Her sister continued narrating the passed dream of her with observing her sister’s face in scrutiny.

“O! that was hard and a challenging event in my life. Then I started to defend myself from the repetition of gun fires on my body, my right-side arm was dismantled by the rocket from me, I was so angry when I lost my arm; however, with patience I took it from the ground again to maintain my hand, I could recover it.

Then I saw you among those people who did fight me on the street. I called you because I was happy when I did see my sister in that situation. “ Kia!!!! Kia,…” I called you repeatedly, but you did run when you did see me. Ohhhhhh! That was so terrifying night, I want to ask you now, why you betrayed your own sister when I called you?” She brought a question to Kia and waited to listen to what she would say to her.

“Even though you were my sister in that last night, you were dead, and as my assumption, I fear zombies because they could eat me.” Said Kia to her sister.

“How you suspect your sister?”

“ I don’t want to believe a dead person.”

“ I was alive again. I wanted shelter, clothes, food, family love, and many more. Why you hated me in that war night?”

“ O! don’t make me bothered. What happened next?” Kia asked.

“Okay, let me tell you. Everywhere were wars; zombies fight to survive and people trying to win over us but they couldn’t. The first time I did a cruel thing was after you run from me and hated me, and refused to say me how are you?”

“ Hmm.”

“Then a Soldier came to me, fired as he could, he finished bullets, and won him to ate around his neck, drunk his blood, and let him die. I remember, after a few minutes, he became a zombie after recovering his soul again. Then we became best friends to kill our enemies.”

“What about me?” Kia asked her.

“Then we continued to search for you. The bad news is you came up with other military soldiers equipped with guns to shoot me. Wow! You looked so strange and as beloved Hollywood actress; but I was angry when I saw you like that. Then I said to my zombie friend ‘look at her, she was my sister and now she came on me to kill me. What you think?”

He replied that “we shall kill and surrender her to include her with us.” And I agreed with his idea to fight your troop. I had two Cleavers on my hands to slain your friends. And the war began. O! I couldn’t resist to win over you. You were a very trained commando. We did fight. We could kill most of your side soldiers and sucked their blood. Finally, I and you remained in that darken and horrific square. You finished your bullets, remained naught on your hand. I collected all energies from the spirit I bestowed. To kill you I shout once.

“Why you did shout?”

“I didn’t know, but the reason might be my kindness for you. And I did shout once ‘ Ooooooohhh, I am killing my sister now!!! I did shout and run with high energy to cut your neck, and you looked me with fear, while my axe reached at your neck to cut you, I suddenly awaken from my dream swallowed with fear. O my God.”

“Wow, this is cool, thank you for narrating your dream to me.”

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