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Alemseged Sisay


Staying Is An Age

Staying Is An Age

29 mins

Many people sympathized with him, and many people mistreated him. Days in this case, days spent wandering around. The opportunity for tonight's opportunity also found a place when the moon was shining on the boulevard, as he paused and sat on the side of the asphalt. It is nearing its place.

Murad, who has lived for a long time in this village, probably for more than three and four years, barks at him like he got a thief in the night.

“Turn away from here!! Take a look!!!!” … Like a dog!! He Whoops. The man from the cockpit begged him with a boisterous voice, "Please, allow me to ... don't worry, I need to sleep." Murad is still brave but still sounds like a dog which afraid to bite. “Turn around, I tell you this!! This is the workplace!! "... Murad, who seems to be thin, not too skinny, is a little too short for a short man. In the evening, the hunger-stricken, and the beggar begged for his voice. "Please, the man did approve for me… should I sleep in?”... Murad seems a little sad. “OK "… Murad agreed eventually.

 The place has no door, its roof allows water drops while the rain is coming, a few scraps over the wall have a hole, and when it has rain, it has a twig. The so-called river Jalessa has roaring with the rain. It passes behind the sleeping area. The village's mud road had dried up; the poor man came in with his boots. Murad looked at him suspiciously and asked, "You’re a grown man ... how are you going to beg at this age?" The man found an old broken mattress and asked him to sleep on him.

‹‹ The blonde!! … Just let me sleep tonight, I have so much story to tell you. ››…the Penurious man asked and said to Murad.

“I have to know who you are. This is a workplace ... there is something here, not to envy you. In this room as you see there is a mill. " Murad said to him.

 "What mill lives in this dirty room?" The Poor man asked if the man was on his side.

"There is a coal mill"

"A coal mill?"

 “Yes! Here fertilizer is being sent out spilling. It's a personal place. This is why I said this is work workplace. You'd better find another place to sleep. "

“Don't be so cruel in your manner. I said I have no place to stay!! And the young boy has let me to sleep here. “… The Penurious man said to Murad.

“Who is he?!! Who is going to let me out? "

"The man who allowed me to stay here ... I mean the young man.

"How do you know each other?" Murad asked.

“Fortunately… we found a scout and gave me permission. That's all. "

"How do you know? ... How did you get to know someone like yourself, like you?"

“He just got me by the way. When I told him what i wanted, he looked pity and allowed to me. I told him as I wanted shelter.” Said the penurious man.

“What happened when he deliberately asked you?” …. Murad asked him again.

"I was fired from my job and I was arrested at a time. I didn't think about. I told him why I was arrested for not done a crime. I did not commit, but my enemies have surrendered me with their accusations. Then I was cast out to the street. Then, he looked pity after he listen to mine story. He said that, if you need to stay until you get to work, you can. I said thank you to him when we departed at the dump. Here I come. “Said the poor man.

"What kind of work are you doing?"

“ I were a professional, of course I am a professional till now. "

"What profession?"

“ I did my best in both the field and the field I studied.

“Did you learn?"

“A little, yes ››

“How far are you going?”

“Master degree.”

“I do not understand.”

"I graduated with a Master's degree from the University of Addis Ababa years ago."

“So… why are you lying? Don't be embarrassed!! What kind of liar did you come upon?!! Say it!! Sleep on your lies for today!! ›› Murad said to him looked angry.

"What if I've done it?"

“A liar person will never do it here again!! Second degree…??? Do you lie down in the street with a blanket while pretending to have a Master's degree? ››

"I'm done!!” the poor man said carelessly.

‹‹ be quiet and sleep!! Don't be shy about claiming to be a street sweeper by Prime Minister!!? The liar!!” … as the man rested on his side, Murad abandoned him and left him.

After they replaced the past days, the poor and Murad began to talk things out, and they began to move around with the poor man, who was surrounded by garbage around the Charcoal stone mill room. Unless    it rains, they will only not wake up at night.

When Murad suddenly wakes up in the night and starts to grind coals, the noise of the mill and the dust pollution disturb him and the poor man leaves the sleeping area to get pure air. No sleeping, he obliges to pass the all the night unto morning with hobos around the streets or somewhere else. Sometimes if while the rain comes, floods makes the sleeping area as marsh, not allows at least to slumber out on the street. While they are in that doorless room, the rain drops from the roof, looking like a tear. Another discomfort is the fact that if they spend an entire day without food, even if they are hungry, the hunger pangs will bother their stomachs and they will lose their energy.

The poor person either writes or talks if he is with men. Otherwise his usual habit is to take nap or to sleep. He reads or thinks about anything, except when he is eating or sleeping. While he is alone, writing on piece of paper is his long time tradition.

Murad and the young poor man have two options to buy their food. In particular, Murad occasionally spends his money on some selected foods while he gets his salary from the investor on the coal mill. Murad is working by being the Mill Operator and sometimes repairs mobile phones, tape speakers and televisions to earn additional money.

 With the experience of repairing tape, radio, GPS, and cell phones, he will knows when they fail to operate normally. “ Murad, work for me !! Mine device is not working properly.” This is his customers’ voice while they come with their faulty devices. If he works, he will get a coin.

That poor man loves poetry very much. Poetry has been adapted with his sense since his juvenile age. Actually, he is a true Bard. He writes a poem on a piece of paper and he reads for himself, then puts it in his pocket. He wrote over 500 poems and all are collected in his dirty baggage around the verge of Jelesa Village near to Lamberet Bus Station. If he get working mobile apparatus, he awaken in the mid night or at any time to recite from his own poems then he used to listen all the recording of his voice just as covered in his old blanket, then he falls to sleep.

It has been a year since the poor man started to live with Murad and other penurious friends. He hasn't made a difference in his life. After being allowed to argue with Murad, he collected his missing academic credentials from the university again, collected his work experience, and applied to be recruited on  jobs. He reads job vacancy advertisements every week. One in five employers gives a chance to be put on recruitment test. The interval to be called is not less than within two months. Most employers are working in nepotisms culture to select job finders therefore they won’t call him to give equal opportunity.

In addition to the written and interview test, all of the challenges go beyond the written and interview test. The third test is the amazing ability to cast the first grader or to throw down the man who scored the higher. Which is the ability to bypass the first rank holder or from the cleaver one. This is done by passing the examiner, by changing the test result, by tricking , or by any illegal means of winning. Most of skilled illegal winners in these countries are politician and racial groups in this cause.  This qualification also includes national support from the government’s nepotistic leaders who are supported by thieves of exam records which are gathered from police and the companies’ security enforcers. Due to this, always Ethiopia is dependent on foreign country citizens’ knowledge and skills because most of her educated and cleaver personals have been failed by the tricks of laziest. Laziest in this country are leaders, managers, interviewers which are depending on the state of the institution. To this fact, the poor man has had no ability and support to pass the third type of exam.

This evening was a cold night. The security guard for the coal mill place barracks was smothering by fire. Woods are burning in front of it. The place is not far from the poor man’s sleeping area. He was sitting next to the little coal mill home. An old Panasonic tape which can play radio broadcasts across the river from FM radio stations. The poor man is sitting near to Beyumma. Beyuma is the security person of that barracks and he pulled an old Brocken wood bucket down and burned it. He wraps his arms and warms them with the fire. "Have you eaten dinner?" He asked.

“ No.” the poor man replied.

 “… Near to that fence. You have the best residual food which is gathered and thrown from Ararat hotel. I put it in a festal. Eat it. ” Beyumma told to him.

 “Is it clean?” The poor man asked.

 "It's cool, and we all ate it right. Fish, Chicken, Truffle, Eggs, Pizzas, Best Dried Roasted Potatoes…, all are in the festal. Wealthy people’s residuals are to us if they can satisfy with their meal.” He said, just as sitting on the old grimy Sofa which did throw in the garbage area. Beyumma took it and used to sit on it. The bachelor, educated and the poor man got up and picked up the residual food from the trash near to the fence. He brought it to burning fire and started to cut the meat by making as wire long with knife. “Don't you eat merely, you seem cautious for your meal.?” Beyumma said to him while he cuts the meats to roast on the burning wood fire.

“ You say I am being cautious. If I get sick, who can buy to me a single medicine?”…. the poor man spoke to him. If I had not heated this fire, where would you have to warm it? Let I tell you one veracity, .”

“What is it my friend?” the poor man asked.

Still now you are finding to get a job. Finding your job turned out to be dream bread? ” he said to him sadly.

 "That's how it is hard for me. They are burying me.” The poor man said looked in pity and roasting the meat on the burning fire. The time is to wend to 11:P.M., the moon and stars look a friend to these two poor from aloft.

"You are right. There is someone who gave a penalty to your enemies. You are always living by being as a goal keeper. with his fault and crime he plays on your field. Also, he acts as a referee on his created bad game. He gave penalty to your enemies, and they hit the target to score not a goal but adversities of goals. You have a powerful enemy until you to die by poverty, he is in the position not to be tracked down. Why did you hurt the government so much? ” … Beyumma asked him after he did tell from his inherent thought. The poor man responds by sliding some of the meat on the metal road which is above the burning flame. He knows how to eat it and cuts into a piece.

 “What do I know? They just twisted me. They closed their doors on me.” Said the poor man.

 “An  author that I knew said that it would be hard for us to get up once if we fell in this city.”

 “As you know, when I go to register for a job, I used to go with proper impression. I dress as I have, to resemble with other professionals. Why they killed me always after I passed the written exam by scoring the higher point and after been interviewed? ” he spoke and started to eat the meat from the roasted one. 

  But Beyuma looked him as he tricked by his enemies; he didn’t see him as foolish or lazy person because he knows curiously how Ethiopian are bad to each other to let down cleavers from their own native citizens. Then he started to warn him. “Listen to me! if you have minded listening not to hear me. As you have gotten an information and as you have learn from our country histories, Ethiopia was a good country that our Lord loved her and she is a land of his promise. Now that story or spiritual belief is looking false; she is a place that her nation nationalities to bit each other. May be in the civilized countries cleavers are motivated to do more with motivation but now and since I knew history Ethiopia has had bad children who always need to dominate the higher scorers. She is mother of tricky and jealous people on minorities. She teaches how to steal rights, histories, and good habits from minority’s cleavers but not teaches how to learn from them.

All the good histories and brevity; patriotisms and learning capabilities of the past generations are robbed by the northern people, and now, the central peoples are struggling to snitch their history back from the northern and to evade by false hood the southern. Believe me if, you are cleaver from minorities tribe, they might suspend and fight you without yours knowledge about their enmity. Particularly, the northwestern, and the northeastern peoples, and the central Amhara tribes and the Oromo tribes are very envious on any cleaver person from southern Ethiopia. You have to be conscious.” …. Beyumma said to that penurious person and the penurious person listened him well. Then talked latter after Beyumma. “They stole mine written result and gave to another person; they registered me on many job applications and not called me yet; they drove the car that I dreamed ,and they ate the food that God previously prepared for me; by tricking; they deliberately discounted mine recruitment examination after they saw me on the interview day. All were goofiest!! They asked me how much I earned a salary previously to give a valuable point of interview result; is it knowledge? They asked me how I learned mine education and how I grew up since mine birth day, is it a knowledge? But mine citizens ship is enough to be selected after the correct examination; the interview was well if it would been from the knowledge of mine education and the practice of mine experience. The other issues were legal. Why they ask me about my educational attainment, experience, and childhood to juvenile story? The better is rather to check with themselves and to wend to police stations to check about me and my documents. But they challenge you by raising irrelevant questions on interview only just to make you failed while you were passed.” Said that penurious person. Then Beyumma replied that, “then what?! What are you going to do? And what are you expecting!! Are you just going to give up for other adversities? Are you a foolish boy? What do you expect then?!! ,…. You are a man!! Stand for your right now. Don’t be fearful.” 

 “What shall I do?” The poor man asked him back.

 “Will you like to tell you this? Get to know him…. Wake up on your enemies!! You are a man?!! … Coward!! ” He said seriously.”You are right." The poor man said the advice of Beyumma’s well hearty.” What the fuck man!! ... coward !! " Beyumma said it again. The fire is burning. The cold wind enters to his body by passing the old blanket in that night.  


The day-to-day delivery of residual foods from Ararat Hotel and other local hotels has stalled to two days. He has not eaten enough food since that night except the one bread of yesterday’s morning. Therefore to survive that hunger he decided to work with other boulevard boys to collect garbage from food selling mini hotels for food but not for money. He started labor work to fulfill for his daily meal but this is only for his relief from hunger. Additionally he carries  on and carrying commodities from taxis and buses with teenagers and young laborers.

There are many people who have no guarantees to work even for a security job, but the poor man differs. He does not seem to be able to grant him bail even if he has relatives who know him. Carrying on and carrying commodities from taxis and buses with teenagers and young people has left him constantly to lead his life clumsily. Sometimes he is messenger to taxi drivers and helpers while they need to smoke cigarettes. Some times as a baby boy, the five-and-ten-year-old, he collects money from the story of his life, they gave to him for cigarette one or two birr or more than that after they hear about his real story from his mouth by being kind and pity. Mostly he collects waste materials from the door of traders and dumps it to the garbage collection place. This is the worst job which is everyone hates to do it. Always he is not nit, with grimy and worn-out clothes. Sometimes with naked foot if his worn-out sandal shoe is disappeared.

Another night is to come. The cold weather gets stronger and he shall clings to his neck with old clothes and as the usual he is getting up close to the blazing fire. He snatched the leftovers of the little meat that he had just finished on that night. He did put it on the fire and Beyumma was there in this night also.  

"Give me a cigarette ?"… the poor man asked after he sat down behind him. The fire is blazing.

“I do not have.” Beyumma replied.

"Please? I want to smoke?"

“Just turn away from me!! I told you not to give a scrap of cigarette!! … I do not have!!” he said to him, puff in the smock of the cigarette alone.

As the poor man lingering his hand to his tattered pants pocket, he found two coins of birr and looked happy. It's almost five o'clock in the night that mean 23:00. "Let me get back to the shops," he said.

“What shop is open at this time?” Beyumma asked him

“I need to buy a cigarette ...?”

"Go and try ... But be the kind of person as you are, hurt, depress, and hang your enemies, don’t fear to kill! Don’t live by being a beggar always if all are cruel to you. Do as they have done and doing on you!! Don’t live with captivity." … Buyumma warned him as an adviser.

‹‹ Oh!! You never understood me but you are right now! ” said the Penurious person and went out to find cigarette in that night.

"What a fool?!!" Beyumma told himself.

Almost all shops near to Lamberet bus station village are closed. The poor man noticed that one of the shops was open, and he went there and asked for the shopkeeper, who offered him two cents for the seemingly unhappy sleep. The storekeeper gave him two cigarettes. And returned back to his door-less, window- less, and wall-less cottage. Then supine on the laid used packed materials, pulling his torn blanket from the place it was located. Then he took one of the cigarettes out of his pocket and started smoking and the smoke seem to escape via his nostril as a fog.

Murad and two others are not in sleeping. Usually, when there is Murad, the sixty-watt light bulb that sheds the darkness of the place is on the top of Murad’s place and under the ugly roof. Murad is trying to maintain an old tape recorder. He looks as he has not informed about the current audio players technology and the poor man suddenly laughed while he saw Murads’ activity. “In the days of virtual memory and beyond Integrated Circuit, why are you sacrificing to maintain this useless tape recording?” The poor man asked him just looking mocking by his activity. Then Murad replied … “somebody may buy it after I maintain it”… the poor man chuckled again and said that, “does the buyer have old magnetic booming cassettes by this time? If he has, he may be a man of the old to exhibit the past technology. Ha ha ha ha …” he chuckled again. He is stripped off over his waist and working on putting the old and mattress. “Where is my pillow?” One of the roommates asked the poor man.

“I didn’t see it?”… The poor man replied. “As you see I slept on this shabby mattress and used packed materials. My pillow is this stone. “The poor man said to him. There are two additional stones around them. . Murad was silent while both mitigate. This friend has been together for almost a year without agreeing with many critics.

 After the appointment of Abiy Ahmed as the prime minster of the country, the name of Abiy Ahmed becomes more prominent in the life and every story telling of Murad. He is the type of a person who blames and accuses the TPLF ( the Tigrian People Liberation Front) . But the poor man does not like to hurt anyone, even when the TPLF and the regime brought him to this kind of hard poverty. He has recorded in his mind the people who have stumbled upon each of his actions. He is looking forward to the day when his soul will be exterminated from the earth by their soul, not their political thoughts. The poor man has the attitude that "the person fights you for long time may fight you after death until you get in hell. The Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front ( EPRDF), since it came to power after removing the Dergue Military government , this poor man had had not comforted with all manner of his country leaders. He said many times that as he loved EPRDF but due to the party’s greediest and racial manner, all the northern people members who formed and incubated the party hesitated him to give a chance of at least an employment and he had worked with his personal expert power.

Now this expert power is also becoming useless in this third world country because these peoples are not creature of new technology but they are users so they use after buying the product of developed countries. Then they don’t want more the so called expert power to accomplish work; they simply gather from their similar tribe with force or tricking or any illegal actions and invade one or more government structures to robe and to look as professionals. They don’t want to hear any grievances based on the working rule and always they put themselves on the right position as they are right.

The prime Minster is also not elected in accordance with the constitution but he put on the position with tricking the indulged people as he voted with the hands of the parliament after the proper election undergone all over the country. The ruling party or his government has not competed yet fro parliamentary election but he casted out with unfair mechanism with his supporters to be a prime minster. The deputy hasn’t existed yet. He suspended with them. They only did party leader election but not country leader election. This is the tragedy! The poor man poverty has come just like this tricking activity. The government supporters fought him not to do work until his first night sleep on someone porch. The current government is doing like the past government

Murad gave him a sudden question, and it disrupted the silence of the night. "Is that not your thing?"

The poor man was silent. Murad continued, "Why don't you look for them and look for a job?"

“When I think of them, they change their character like a chameleon. I can't be a chameleon as they continually change their behavior to falsify raw truths.” The poor man said to Murad.

“Why don’t you live as they said to you?" Murad asked him.

“ I am I, and they are They!! How a real person changes his character to resemble other. Why he always live by losing his real nature and by accepting their whether there manner is wrong, illegal or right or not? ” the poor man said.

“Until you win them, you shall resemble them. Then they will resemble you.” Murad said to him.

“Your saying is better while it is working. If you want to resemble them, they assume as you are spying them. They won’t embrace you until they know you. They used to study yours ethnic background and your intelligent to work with you, it is not you to resemble them first. Don’t you know that this people bad behavior?” the poor man said to Murad.

"Well, what's better to you and to this country?" Murad asked him.

“ I am not confident who expects to better change with enhanced performance of a person in this country. I am not enthuse to better improvement of personal success in this country unless I am equipped with other tricking, fighting, and illegal manner. Formerly, I was the man who believe that success is only cached with right deeds. But in practice it is not as I dreamed. I shall to gather group power beyond expertise power to do and to lead better life; once I stand on better position it is not me who suffers to sustain on the cached dream but it will be mine wealth and strategies to worry about it. I will be emancipated with the power of money.” Said by being hopelessly to Murad.

“What about your country?” Murad asked him. And the penurious man looked furious around his face. . Then said, “Everything was fake!!! The love of country, the love of this land, the story of patriotism, everything was fake!! This country is not mine since now!!!!”

“Be even!! Be cool, don’t be aggravated like this,” Murad said, looked half – hearted man. His heart tries to resemble with the majority of Ethiopian people and his tongue tries to treat him. The penurious man continued his talk. “And what does it matter to me? My times have passed away! Don't bother me my country!! Please see me as yours skilled in ploy Citizens! Please see me as your mischievous leaders! Please see me as yours killer soldiers!! Leave me the darkness!! Please leave me the darkness!! Come mine bright day!!! I want to be as others if others are not as me! I want to be illegal as others done on me!! Please? Please allow to me??!!!” he beseeches his country spirit.

“ Be breezy, you will reach in future.” Murad said to him.

“ when and where?” the penurious man asked him.

“ To your dreamed living area in near future. ” 

“ Ha!! Ha! You are the one to be send to heaven in near place.”

“ If everybody haven’t resembled you , your place is in heaven or in hell.”

“So, when is your plan to kill me?”

“ I am not the one who planned to kill you, but your adversity and haggling are digging the land to bury you.” Murad said to him.

“Hmmm!! So what shall I do?” … the penurious man asked.

“Be brave! Don’t sleep always in all nights, play as your enemies are playing on you, use yours nights to revenge yours enemies, and yours nights will be changed to bright days; therefore, your eyes will get light and you can see well, and you can own what they took from you previously. Play as they play on you. You cannot catch the past time once it had had your lost chances. But you can try to catch the future time if you try again.” Murad told to him as Beyumma told to him previously, and suddenly pulled out a piece of paper from that dirty area and asked, "Do you miss this book? This is a book of prophecy by Sheikh Hussein Jibril.” Said and began to read it from his book and from the page he had chosen. “Let me tell you what will happen after the next Prime Minister release of his position. The book says… There will be a war going on through Somalia. The fight will be with Muslims and Christians then the Ethiopian Christians will have be surrendered with the power of Muslims and Allah, then there will be no Christians and all the Muslims government support to build the new Islamic Ethiopian Government…..It is written.” He said.

"Don't talk about something that is not possible."

“ They said they were guided by the Spirit of Allah.”

"Then !!?" The poor man asked.

 "They will come to Addis Ababa.”

“ And then !!? ” the poor man asked him again and asked again “How Can you be a Somali  in the middle of the country? ” asked with laughing and giggling.

“What’s wrong ... If it is a prophecy, it is by the permission of Allah. Then we will have an Islamic state.” Murad said with pleasure. 

“Do you want a country governed by Shariah? Don't bother; if it is to come from the Jesus you will see Miss Ethiopia with Sharia law and governors. She may get Muslim husband, I mean the Prime Minster; who knows she will marry Sharia’s law as this book says. God has been tired of hearing innocent citizen’s grievances since many years. … ” The poor man said looked hopelessly. When he searched for his cigarette to find out what was left of him, Murad tied the broken parts of one cigarette and held it close to the fireplace to lighten it from the ember of the coal which was on the floor.

His two nostrils looked like surrounded with a swarm of smoke; and his eyes stared at Murad. "And what do you think?" Murad asked, pulling out the old tape and dismantling its circuit board wires one by one.

"I am already dead before the prophecy is fulfilled. Even as a country, without the Sharia system, I have been rejected by a very conservative Christian citizens. If the prediction you say is fulfilled ... are you supposed to be dead before I die or crucify me? ”The poor man asked,

“How did you think that?”

"I think it because it’s easy to think." The poor man answered.

 “Listen to me ... Listen to me. If you can't do something right now, you will end up eating residual foods from the Ararat Hotel; and when the prophecy is done, you will be the one who will cut off the fingers and hands if you will steal in the future. And many thief Ministers and government leaders will be injured on their hands because they will lose their fingers for the nepotism they done on you and on peoples like you. ” Said Murad .

“ Then ? what will next to happen?”… The poor man asked him again.

“ You will not eat from these trashes any obsolete foods, You shall not wait the residual foods from wealthy peoples, you will start to prepare your own by the will of Allah.” Murad said.

“ O! Brethren, from where the coming government will feeds me? The population is growing and the lands are becoming fragments to give more production of foods. The environment is becoming changing and suffocating because of our laziness. Islamic countries were wealthy because of their fuel. It is not working here.”   Said the poor man. And the poor man continued his talk “When you begin to try something and fall, others will not fear you and wish to take away your rights one day because of your low capability to defend for yourselves.”

“ I told you this before.”

“Yeah, you did tell me. The prophecy is false, but your advice is gold. It is best advice for anyone to use it!!” He praised him.

 “... So the new earth and paradise are there. They have passed away. I don’t expect new Paradise and earth to live on it again. This is the new earth. The new paradise is also in hidden place that only God knows its place. We, humans can destruct this new earth or nurture it.” Said the poor man.

“ So, are you not to expect revelation ?” Murad asked.

“ No revelation again. All are passed. I'm starting to fight and in near time I will stab my enemies' intestine with knife or sword.  I'll live with fighting until I'm killed. It is time now to kill and robe as they did on me. ” The poor man said, puffing the cigarette.

“ It's better than the life that you are living now. Be hero! Be brave! Be cruel!” Murad advised him. And added another. “How many times have you been killed on your job? Resisting not to do job is like fighting you as war front.”… He laughed and told him. The poor man was silent at this time. He took with nostalgia and been in nostalgia while he reminisced about his up and downs. And said that, “ Is there any office where I have not registered on its job vacancy advertisement in this town ? " asked him selve but Murad replied to him.” No,” and assured to him. The poor man couldn't talk any more. He started sleeping.


 It's almost 4 o'clock in the morning. The poor get together with others and eating obsolete foods from the collected place and trashes. It's been a year since Mubarak has been his friend in this village. He came quickly to the poor and called out, “ hey!! Somebody is calling you over my phone. Did you give to anyone my phone number?” ..Mubarak asked him as holding the phone.

“Yeah my friend. I did give to many recruiters while I apply on job vacancies. Your phone number is written on my CV but no one is called me to recruitment exam yet.” The poor man replied to Mubarek.

“ Take this and say hallo. Somebody is over the phone to talk with you.” …. The poor man took the phone apparatus ad said “ Hallo,” 

After the person in the phone had confirmed his name beforehand, he said that “You had a writing exam and interview for a senior expert job position in the last month.”

“Yes, sir.” The poor man replied.

 “You scored the higher point and you are selected to be hired. Please come as soon as possible by tomorrow. ” The caller calibrated him and closed the phone. After years of failing to work in the field of his graduation, the poor man was seen blinking. Transition from despair to desperation, then to undead hope.

"What is it?" Mubarak asked him.

"I am to get a job after three years of suffering."

"It's very interesting. …. It seems like their cruelty was to over… Congratulations anyway. ”… Mubarek hearty congratulation followed to him

“Thanks you.” Everybody remembers the years of the poor man who wasted his life in adversity. Then, the poor man appeared from the grimy place and explained his happiness to his vagabond friends. Murad was there and he  knew that the poor man loves  dry and roasted potatoes, therefore he gathered all roasted potatoes to their lunch and dinner and come to that poor sleeping place. The poor man was there looked shined and changed his grimy clothes with washed clothes by the river water. “You look good today. What is new news?” Murad asked him just as he held the roasted potatoes in vast container. “I am happy today, I am to work now. One company confirmed to hire me. Thank you lord.” Said the poor man. “Everybody became happy while they hear this news from the dominated person.

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