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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Shweta Vikas Khoday

Comedy Others


Shweta Vikas Khoday

Comedy Others

Plight Of The Fight

Plight Of The Fight

3 mins

"I will take you to the court..." said furious Mr. Ramchandra.

"As if I am scared of you, get lost", vexed Mr. Rahimullah.

Unfortunately, these two, not so neighbourly neighbours had frequent brawl every now and then. Their families too were involved in this earlier. They helped them find the most foul invectives to greet the other but they called it quits after staying next to each other for ten long years. But the infallible, never say die attitude of the two gentlemen never made them give up on each other. They continued to fight with all their spirit and might.

One day as Mr. Rahimullah, got home, he gave a black polythene to his wife and said, "make my favourite chicken biryani today..."

Mr. Ramchandra, who was outside in this veranda said in utter disgust, "I don't understand why people have to kill animals to fill their never filling stomachs.." 

To which Mr.Rahimullah replied, "there's nothing for you to understand in this, you look into your business."


Another day while Mr.Rahimullah was offering prayers he heard a dog bark continuously. He finished his prayers and offered the dog some bread.

Mr. Ramchandra was watering his plants outside at the same time.

Mr. Rahimullah tauntingly said, "I don't understand why people have to waste litres of milk on idols but don't have the heart to feed a hungry animal."

Mr. Ramchandra had not given up a single battle of words till date, then how could he remain quiet now.

He at once remarked, "how would you know the significance of offering milk, as all the time you relish those dishes you eat after murdering innocent animals."

"I agree to having non vegetarian food but that does not make me any less a human being.' said Mr.Rahimullah defending himself.

"What you are less of, I know very well. Keep your mouth shut and Get lost" exclaimed Mr.Ramchandra.

And the legacy of hostile confrontations, shower of various weapons of war like flower pots, garbage, utensils continued.

This daily dose of taunting and arguments was much enjoyed by two street dogs. They always caught up when these two gentlemen were in war of words and enjoyed their verbal and physical expression of utter wrath.

They were lucky, as whenever things were being thrown over by the opponents, they were meticulously caught by the dogs.

They even got to eat bones, vegetables; catch sticks and balls, that were cordially thrown over from each side. Much to the benefit of the dogs who got their fill almost every day, the fight continued. Other street dogs were envying them for they were dwelling in all comfort. The two dogs had colonised the area and never allowed other dogs to come in.

At times, when there was peace for a while, the dogs tricked the two gentlemen into a nasty scuffle. This they did by either placing a bone in pure vegetarian Mr.Ramchandra's house, or by throwing Mr. Ramchandra's garbage in Mr.Rahimullah's house. After this, one can imagine the war bugle which might have gone by.

This ensured good supply of daily essentials for the two dogs to survive in utter luxury for next few days. When supplies were exhausted they played the same game over and over again. The dogs had a gala time. 

On a night, one of the dogs questioned, "hey!! can we really depend on them for our supplies throughout."

Another dog replied in full assurance, "not only us, even our next generation will survive here with ease. If a country's quarrel can allow invaders to stay and rule for centuries, then quarrel between two houses can definitely feed us sumptuously for life. Infact, I feel we'll soon begin to rule them. Now go, fetch that bone, it's time to play divide and rule..."

And it continued as it did....

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