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Shweta Vikas Khoday


it's all about me

it's all about me

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Why should it not it only those who think about others all the time entitled to be called the goody good people??

Since when did thinking about oneself become an act of sin....

All inspirational books talk about giving....the act of always and always keeping hands open to give.....

But what about giving yourself.... opening up arms towards one's own requirements. Afterall, only when we are happy from within,  can we keep people around us happy.

Yes, we can be cautious about not hurting anyone in the process of self satisfaction.

But certainly..... one's own mental peace and happiness is really of paramount importance.

If we look into the life of Gautam Buddha, in the process of finding niravana he somewhere had to be unfair to his wife and child. He definitely did not justify being a good husband and a father.

But the world knows him for the higher knowledge and wisdom that is far and beyond this material existence.

If Gautama Buddha had given up on his search for the absolute truth thinking about the responsibility he owed..then definitely the world would have lost a precious marvel 

But the lesson to learn here is.. 

to believe in our inner matter what......

We have all the right to place our needs and desires ahead of others and this makes us nothing less of a good human we are being honest to ourselves......

Live and love yourself....

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