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Shweta Vikas Khoday

Drama Inspirational

Tryst With Happiness.....

Tryst With Happiness.....

5 mins

The swift gushing winds through the train's window and nonstop flies flying around, gave Mr.Dixit a tough time. He was travelling to meet his highly learnt professor friend Mr.Narayan. Mr.Dixit got down the train agitatedly, caught a tanga and rode off to his friend's house.

On the way, as he encountered the village market and buzzing crowd he felt even more annoyed. Mr.Dixit was a professor and was generally of calm nature but the recent turn of events, like his mother's death, his son going abroad for a living had left him in utter dismay. He was losing meaning to life and his means.


With manoeuvring thoughts, he arrived at his destination, where he was welcomed by his friend and his family. After exchanging pleasantries, they had a sumptuous meal and retired to bed. 

Mr.Dixit loved his afternoon nap and would never compromise it for anything. And that day he needed it the most after a hectic train journey. Just then a pleasant but not so pleasant to Mr.Dixit, a humming tone woke him up. Annoyed Mr.Dixit wanted to call out to the person but being his friend's house he controlled himself, but he couldn't take it anymore when it came for the second time.He at once got up and looked for the source of the voice. As he got into the backyard, there he found this house help Govind, washing utensils and engrossed within himself, humming....

Mr.Dixit saw him from a distance, but did not stop him. Something made Mr.Dixit to just let it go. He got back, closed his ears and slept. 

In the evening Mr.Dixit was having a talk with Mr.Narayan in the balcony outside, over a cup of tea. Govind was cleaning the cow shed which was right infront. Mr. Dixit noticed Govind again and asked his friend about Govind's whereabouts. 

"Oh! He comes from the next village. He married off his three daughters. His son works in the city but hardly comes to see him. After losing his wife to cancer he came here in search of work and I happened to keep him with me ever since." explained Mr.Narayan. 

Mr.Dixit was a little puzzled, he questioned, "he's old enough to lead a life of comfort, I wonder how he's managing with all this."

"destiny my friend, destiny, it doesn't spare anyone.." huffed Mr.Narayan.

They then continued with their topic of discussion.

That night Mr.Dixit was having a walk through the garden before retiring to bed, when he stumbled upon Govind again. This time they spoke.

"Ram Ram sahib", greeted Govind. "Ram Ram", Mr.Dixit said smiling and continued, "I heard your story from my friend, feels sad for you, even at this age, you stress yourself and work so much." 

Govind replied calmly, "Yes sahib, its true, life is hard. But I also feel that physical labour is far better than mental."

"What do you mean?" questioned Mr.Dixit.

"Sahib, I am an old, poverty struck person, but what I have noticed is no person is devoid of issues. Rich is worried about more riches, parents about settling their kids, moneylenders to get in more profit, people in business to get more revenue. You say, you feel sorry for me but you must feel equally sorry for all these people, as they too are stressed yet have to live with uncertainty. Can the rich predict their future?? Definitely not, even poor can't, then how can only rich be content and happy.

 To be honest, I am not stressed sir, I am happy with my work, with my small quarter, and my routine. Suppose I were rich, I would have had more stress to deal with, which my riches would bring. You know sahib, when I sleep at night, I have no worries about tomorrow, then how can I be poor. I am poor in terms of money I possess but I am wealthy in terms of my possessions. I have enough to be happy. Human wants have no end, then why fall into the deep bottomless pit of wants. It is wise to remain afloat by shedding the burden of endless wants and becoming lighter." exclaimed Govind. 

"You are saying all this because your destiny doesn't favour you Govind." argued Mr.Dixit.

"Sahib, destiny is not for those who use their hands to read future but for those who use the hand to bear with the uncertain destiny, " Govind negated.

Mr. Dixit was petrified by Govind's reply. He stood dumbfold. That night Mr.Dixit was pondering over his thoughts. He thought to himself, "my mother left me as it was her time to leave, my son has his life to make, how can I decide things for others, while my own future is unknown to me." Mr.Dixit wept for a while, that made him feel relaxed. Soon, all his questions were answered. But what surprised him was the means by which he got his answers. A servant, who had never entered a place of education, had imparted to professor Dixit, a lesson of lifetime. 

Next day,Mr Dixit packed his back and was ready to leave, his friend Mr.Narayan asked him to stay for a few more days to which Mr.Dixit replied, "I had come here to seek 

answers to my questions, my wavering mind was constantly disturbing me. My friend, I was assuming that knowledge alone can bring me peace, but little did I know, what experience can teach, is way more efficacious. Iam leaving in great contentment. Thanks.

Mr.Dixit saw Govind from distance who was as usual humming and carrying out his routine without any grief or greed. He was just himself...

Mr.Dixit bid good bye to all and left for the station. Back on the train, the swift gushing winds now seemed soothing and the nonstop flying flies were no botheration to Mr.Dixit.

He had understood very well, we have little control over what happens to us from outside but we have full control of what must happen to us from inside. Contentment and happiness is a state of mind, train your mind and they shall be yours....


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