The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW
The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

the_unopened_ diaries_

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the_unopened_ diaries_

Classics Inspirational Others

New Vision

New Vision

4 mins

Dear diary,

 My pen and words got changed for the first-time.


As I was scheduled to deliver a guest lecture at Republic school, I reached there by time.

I was welcomed and honored by merry pupil band. As we were moving forward to the stage, I heard a hissing sound and murmuring.

Slightly I turned and noticed the master of ceremony and co-host were discussing "It would be great if the young generation receives a useful speech cause that can change their thoughts rather than the same yearly repetitive of our pre-1947"...

 For a moment I was frozen as my notes had only pre era. As we were sitting and watching the programs, I thought about those words I heard.

I felt it is important to address the "need of now " than the pre era.

As I was thinking about this..,


"Now I request our man of the hour to deliver a few words for the younger generation..." as I heard those I came to the podium and kept my slip over it...

But from nowhere a voice came from me and I delivered the following...

New India !!!

Incredible India!...

People were rejoicing enthusiastically on sending English out of our homeland...

Years went on along with the days.

Now it's been 74 years of independence. But is this a safe and independent land in which we are living?. The nation has been covered entirely with women's harassment and chauvinism.

Being a secular nation with a pleading "All are my brothers and sisters" is this the outcome?. 

Is this how we protect, support, and harass our kins? Is this #freeindia?

To be clear the independence we got has only brought the change of governing body by eliminating them from our land.

Is changing the governing body is really independent? , then we can celebrate as many as we need on the election outcome day.

 Let's understand the real independence is when we acknowledge "we are harassment-free country" and safest place to lead a life.

The current scenario makes it hard to think of that fruitful and real independence. The saddest thing is that a girl is living at the edge of her life until she reaches her home safely after work.

There to some typical case exist where she fears her blood cannibals. At least they should be the ones who guard her but vice versa happens. 

Though many advanced technologies have emerged, still in Many parts of our land parents consider a girl as a burden to their family and abolish her in the womb. If it's a restricted one, why the mother of the fetus exists?.

They realize this act as a sin, only when at wither age when they left as an orphan.

We are living in an adverse situation where she can't even buy her basics openly. No matter how much pain she undergoes,she shouldn't/can't even ask her brother to buy the essentials. That's the exact situation our country is. The restrictions in which she spends her life is more than the restrictions on Indo-Pak.

A country with 193 million houses only a very few(not even 10%)where they allow their girl to pursue her dreams. Eventually, it was the glory sprout of our nation that acknowledged legends like Saina Nehwal, Hima das and so on. The saddest thing is only a handful of people came out of this.

Many patriots fought hard to save the country from Britans and manage ourselves securely. They didn't leave their lives for the present condition of the nation. If this situation survives, even more, it would be a shameful act that we dedicate to them for they being a patriot.

 Everyone should understand we've to go forward for real freedom. At least the younger generation should understand this struggle and try to shatter these barriers. So that from their era we'll be a safe country. I firmly believe that's when we get real independence. One day sooner it'll come when people understand each other.

One day we'll make our land secure nation... we'll be a harassment #freeindia. That day we can proudly tell "WE LIVE IN A INDEPENDENT COUNTRY"...


Now I wish the sprouts get nurtured well and bring an eco generation than being left only with applause...

Love you ... See you later...

Yours truly...

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