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The noon beam was no match to those beamers I faced. But still survived those and kept smashing.

Fine noon in May. Those were the days where kiddo logged for this month. Though parents lock us inside we managed somehow to sneak out of the house. We loved it as it's the longest of days without the thoughts of homework and assessments.


The holidays aren't complete without gully cricket.

But the hurdles we come across is beauty. From arranging bat and ball to having a peaceful agreement with the neighbors was the toughest peaceful agreement than the Indo-Pak.

 Still managed to conduct an international match.

Manny started the run-up and I was facing.

The ball had left the hand I try to see the ball..eye spotted a cycle approach.

The half volley pitched and bounced and it's on the way to my head. Everyone saw the ball approaching my head but I saw the postman at the door of my house.

In a moment as he presses the came and hit me hard and both taken my life for a moment and ripped me into pieces. The pain by the ball was nothing Infront the letter at my home.

Yeah. it's the post from the school and inside was my 8th-grade result.


It's hard to survive in a typical Indian fam..and I was one in. Anyway, after a few moments, I gathered all the pieces and went home. I saw a complete lion kingdom. My eyes searched that post, it was the torn envelope that my eye was able to spot.

Suddenly a big tight hug from the back with heavy screaming "you made it bunny". Suddenly heavy joy sprouted from me and was taking everything advantage.

"A few moments later"

Suddenly I heard a voice "till now you have managed somehow but from now on you should work hard" coz the "all pass" is valid only till 8th not more than that...


After hearing these the sprouted joy got buried deep down. The floods on the eyes spontaneously breaking those doors. A strong thunderstruck on the heart. Suddenly everyone tried to console me and asked the reason. That was the first meeting with "my whole life is lie" moment.

I said everyone cheated me and pushed me hard.

After hearing these everyone got more puzzled. And I continued to sob and tried to open up to them. Finally, I told them "why don't you informed me about all pass till 8th?"..I was very afraid and many negative thoughts bad been living in my head these days...


As I continued speaking everyone laughed hard as if I am showing them a chaplain show...

I was wondered what the hell at that time...

But now reminiscing those days makes my face widen. Not only that day but it's more beautiful along with that vacation.


If a thing I miss of now being adult..." it's ONLY THOSE MAY DAYS"

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